27.8 billion masks exported

According to customs statistics, from March 1 to April 30, a total of 71.2 billion yuan worth of major anti epidemic materials were inspected and released across the country. The novel coronavirus detection kit includes 27 billion 800 million respirators, 130 million protective clothing, 73 million 410 thousand new human coronavirus detection kits, 12 million 570 thousand infrared thermometers, 49 thousand and 100 ventilator, 124 thousand patient monitor, 43 million 630 thousand goggles, 854 million surgical gloves.
Since April, China’s export of epidemic prevention materials has shown a significant growth trend. The average daily export volume has increased from about 1 billion yuan in the first ten days to more than 3 billion yuan in the near future, and has been growing more than three times in a month. The export of China’s epidemic prevention materials has provided support and guarantee for the international community to jointly fight against the epidemic, which embodies the responsibility of China’s responsible big country.
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Hua Chunying said China has provided more than 2.4 billion masks to the United States
As the U.S. continues to restrict the export of medical materials, the main sources of materials from China continue to be shipped to the U.S. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying tweeted on April 23: “as of April 20, China has provided the U.S. with more than 2.46 billion masks, which means that each American can get seven masks. In addition, nearly 5000 ventilators and many other materials were provided. Hopefully it will save more lives. “