Beauty comes from cherishing

Muxin said, “Life is nothing but desire and disgust.” Desire for the good things you don’t have, and gradually hate them when you get them. I think, “Variety is the source of happiness.” As long as everyone cherishes what he has, he will find something beautiful and have a sense of happiness.
Perhaps because distance produces beauty, people always think that other people’s things are better. As in the cartoon, when the vase is someone else’s, the person feels that the vase is really beautiful, but in his own hands is not satisfactory. In fact, it is human’s commonness. It always has beautiful illusions about things that have not been acquired, which leads to desire, criticism of things that have been possessed, and growing disgust.
In the article “Happiness on the other side of the mountain”, the children in the mountains admire the bright classroom of the children in the city, and the children in the city yearn for the fragrance of birds and flowers in nature. People always have the desire to pursue beauty, and it is this love of beauty that motivates us to love life and constantly pursue the beauty we have not yet possessed.
In fact, a comprehensive analysis and rational view can make us understand things more thoroughly. It’s also better to know what you really want, instead of bothering to pursue the bright surface of things themselves. If the people in the cartoon carefully analyze it, they will find that the works of art are not so exquisite, and they do not really like it. There is no need to take pains to get from a friend, he will have more mood to appreciate the real beauty. In Walden, Thoreau said, “What’s the meaning of my life if I sell mornings and afternoons to society like most people do?” If in life, we can also see through the emptiness of wealth and not to show off wealth, can also abandon the evil of power and not corruption, can also find the beauty of human nature without erecting the heart wall… Only by going deep into this world and breathing the air in the misty morning, as Calvino did, can we have a deeper understanding of this world and allow divinity to dominate our souls rather than our desires.
“You incite, I incite wisdom.” In such an increasingly irrational society, we should always keep rational thinking and pursue real beauty without being confused by appearances and pursuing aesthetics, not just a beautiful vase.
Face life with a cherished attitude, we can discover more beautiful, we can comprehend the true meaning of happiness. China in the Westernization always seems to feel that the western society is more democratic. Xiong Peiyun, a young scholar, praises the French people’s respect for history in The Country of Thought. However, I think that Chinese culture also has many things to be proud of, and we should find and cherish them. Gu Hongming said to the students in class, “Let you learn English poetry for the sake of your understanding of the peaceful and tolerant Chinese people to those countries with four barbarians.” As Chinese, we should realize the superiority of our own culture, cherish and develop them. As an ordinary person, we should also cherish every bit of life. Jin Shengtan said, “Cutting green and sinking watermelon on a vermilion plate in hot summer is not too fast.” It can be seen that as long as we cherish life, every drop is beautiful.
For example, people who get art in cartoons think it is not very beautiful. Many people are in Chinese society and are not satisfied with her. In fact, as long as we think more rationally and independently, to discover the beauty of society, to cherish such a harmonious society, she is still beautiful.
“Variety is the source of happiness.” As long as we cherish different selves, everyone is a fine work of art. As long as we cherish our unique society, she is also a fine work of art.

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