Liu qiangdong donates materials to Britain

Pingwest, April 2: Liu and Jingdong announced today that they will donate 5 million masks, 50 invasive respirators, more than 600000 protective clothing, goggles, medical gloves and other medical materials to the United Kingdom, which has a serious epidemic in Europe and a large number of overseas Chinese and international students, through the China Charity Federation. The first batch of materials will arrive in the United Kingdom on April 7.
These materials will be sent to the British government and local hospitals with the assistance of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the China Charity Federation, the Chinese overseas public welfare foundation, the British General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese community center in London, the British Embassy in China and the NHS. Among them, overseas Chinese and overseas students in the UK can receive masks for free through JD app from 10:00 on April 10 to 12:00 on April 12, UK time.