There are hundreds of plastic cans of different sizes on the thick wooden shelf which accompanied my father for 20 years. There are all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine in it. Dad’s father has been a doctor since he was in his forties, and he has been in the business for nearly thirty years.
Ancient Chinese medicine roots are the favorite of mice. They can always “help” us move this medicine to another place, open the old wooden drawer on the shelf, and always catch other medicines that do not belong to here.
Later, I had a cat at home. From the first time to now, there are only about a dozen cats. I remember a big civet cat bought from a cat dealer. It was black all over and its paw mat was black. When I first saw it, I came home from elementary school. It sleeps in a circle, wearing a red rope around its neck, and is not afraid of life at all.
But then it peed on my parents’blanket, so that I dared not take it out later. It still smelled like that when I washed it, until now I still have a shadow in my heart. Even once, later I peed in bed. I had no choice but to let go. It was less than half a year from the day it came to my house to the day it was released.
It seems that after a while, my uncle came back from another family with a three-colored cat. For the first time, he gave birth to a yellow cat. For the second time, he gave birth to six kittens with different fur colors. But it was winter. Too many kittens were not nourished enough in the mother’s body, and only half of them survived. But because these three cats are so skillful, my mother asked Grandpa to tell Grandma that nobody wanted to adopt them, so she could only release them and other cats, including the first yellow cat, leaving only a small, black and long cat.
The cat has also been kept for a long time, bad health is always bad breath, every time I want to lie down to kiss my relatives were fumigated. Later disappeared, I guess it was to go out to take herbal medicine. I heard that cats would go to the place where weeds grow outside when they were sick. This is true. There are always cats to eat some medicine residues in my family.
I remember a cat named me “Beautiful Flower”, which came from my elementary school teacher, a fierce woman, almost every student in the class had been beaten, and I had been beaten. The cat was ugly, but because the fat on its hips was always stuck in the vertical slit of the plastic chair, I still remember it vividly. This cat was found when my mother and I were wandering in the street. At that time, there were several kittens in his family. They wanted to carry a pure white one back, but it was too dirty and was abandoned by my mother.
At that time, when other cats were playing, only one of them was buried in there, slightly fatter than the kitten of the same age. Mother thought about it and took it home. When I got home, my mother wiped my lower body and nose with a wet towel. Then I found out by accident that the cat liked to play with water very much. It always crouched in a basin full of water and pulled its calves. It was a bit like the breed of flat-headed cat.
Unfortunately, it also disappeared later, less than a year. Every cat lost me will be sad for a long time, miss for a long time, looking at a few cat hair sticking to clothes I will be inexplicably sad.
Now this fat orange is by far the longest-kept cat, six years ago, is also one of my most emotional. Many times when he was dying of illness, he was revived. He was fed with ginseng water, Angong Niuhuang pills and other supplements, and his price was not low. It is a mixture of Persian cat and Chinese cat. Its fur color tends to be Chinese cat, but it’s very beautiful. It’s butterfly pattern.
More than fifty of its cats have been adopted and are very popular. The cat has an odd temper and hates children. Anyone who looks at it may get a fat beating, but that’s all right. It won’t be bullied by the bear. It’s me that has the strongest relationship with it. The whole family has been despised and scratched by it. Besides me, every meal must be fed by me or my dad.
Before I raised this fat orange, I kept many cats in my family, but they probably didn’t make it. After a long time, they either disappeared or were freed everywhere. When a fat black first came to our house, he was packed in an iron cage. He was so fierce that he was stuck to death that he was climbed upstairs by mice when he slept on the stairs.
Later, it was lost for a period of time. My family brought back a very small white cat from somewhere else. It was a pitiful little cat. It was always on people’s legs to stop crying, let it go, and cried out to be hugged. Later, Pang Hei came back, and when he saw the little thing, he always roared at it. At first, the little white cat tried to please it, but it was always beaten. Later, Pang Hei wanted to please it, but he was frightened by it.
White cat has been diluted, pull us can not bear, plus fat black back, had to give it back to the original owner. At first I didn’t want to, but my family tricked me into sending it away quietly. Later, Pang Hei did not want to catch mice. In fact, he never caught mice. Take a laissez-faire attitude.
The mice carried a handful of medicine here and there. They couldn’t bear it any more. They had to let it go. Later, there were several cats that could not catch mice. In a fit of pique, my family finally stopped raising cats for a while.

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