Overseas students return home to hard break community

Today (March 19) morning, there was a hot news on the microblog that “overseas students return to the hard break community in Hangzhou”.
According to netizens, a 16-year-old American girl returned to Hangzhou from wendingyuan community in Hangzhou without isolation test. Her father said she could go back to the community without centralized isolation. The security guard insisted on the principle of no entry, and there was a dispute and conflict between the two sides.
This morning, the reporter verified the situation with wendingyuan community, Xihu District.
According to Shi, the Secretary of the community, the situation of the American female student returning to Hangzhou has been figured out by the community in advance. Last night around 7 o’clock, the car of the West Lake District CDC, carrying the international student, was stopped when he arrived at the gate post of the community.
“The first reaction of security and owners when they see workers in protective clothing transporting people returning from the United States is to deny them access.”
According to the principle, the United States is a high-risk area and the female student should be segregated in a centralized way, Shi said. At that time, the community staff at the scene repeatedly confirmed that the circulation sheet provided by the CDC really agreed that the female student should be isolated at home. At the same time, the community asked for instructions from the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the West Lake District to confirm that the female student was living in a special situation and agreed to be isolated at home.
“After the confirmation of these processes, our community received them.” As for the dispute on the spot, “it may be that there are flaws in the connection”.
“We have been in strict control for two months and will never let up at this time.” At present, the international student has been isolated at home and the community will strictly implement management measures, said Shi.
The reporter then called the West Lake District CDC, and a staff member said that in response to the situation of female students in wendingyuan, the West Lake District would make an official response.