About 100 people gathered in Xiaogan Stadium

[Hubei Daily: draw inferences from one instance and take multiple measures to ensure supply and price stability] on the evening of March 12, in response to the price problems reflected by the residents, the municipal Party committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee to arrange and deploy the community prevention and control and market supply guarantee services again, and further increase the efforts to ensure supply and price stability.
The city decided to increase the main body of the guaranteed supply market, reduce the price of main living materials through the introduction of competition mechanism, and the government subsidized the main body of the guaranteed supply market to reduce its operating cost. In addition, the city set up a special working class to purchase a batch of love dishes from the production base, directly for urban and rural residents.
At about 19:30 p.m. on March 12, the residents of Haishan community gathered in the basketball court of the community due to material supply problems, causing social concern.
Through investigation, there are 3689 households and 8012 people in Haishan community. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Haishan District implemented the closed management, and simultaneously promoted the unified purchasing and distribution service of daily necessities for residents, which was organized by the community and implemented by the property. It was strictly prohibited for others to sell the daily necessities without permission. On March 12, Cheng, the owner, in the name of love food, contacted businesses to sell vegetables in the community, which was stopped by the community property and called the police. When the prevention and control patrol team rushed to the scene for disposal, the residents of the community were surrounded. After the incident, the relevant leaders of the city shall rush to the scene for disposal. 20: 00, the cell returns to normal.