One person is trapped in Quanzhou Hotel

Quanzhou Xinjia hotel building collapse accident continues to cause concern. On March 11, the reporter learned from the emergency management department of Fujian Province that one person was trapped in Quanzhou hotel. 70 people were rescued at the scene, and another one was in the process of rescue.
According to the Beijing News, at about 19:00 on March 7, Xinjia Hotel, South Ring Road, Changtai street, Licheng District, Quanzhou city collapsed. About 71 people were trapped in the accident and 9 escaped by themselves. The hotel is a novel coronavirus pneumonia observation center in Licheng District of Quanzhou. The building owner has been controlled by the public security department.
At about 13:00 on the 11th, a staff member of Fujian Provincial Emergency Management Department told reporters that at about 12:34, rescuers at the scene searched and rescued an adult female, who had no vital signs at the time of rescue.
According to the video on the scene, the rescuers carried the trapped person away from the rescue site. As of about 13:00, 70 people were rescued and 28 people died (26 of them had no vital signs when they were rescued and 2 died of invalid medical treatment), and another one was still in search and rescue, the staff said. On site search and rescue is still in progress.