Hubei people watch dramas for free March 6 news: yesterday, the State Administration of radio and television announced the launch of “Hubei people watch for free” online audio-visual public welfare exhibition.
The State Administration of radio and television said that since March 5, it will organize 7 Internet TV platforms, 6 key network audio-visual websites and Hubei IPTV sub platforms to carry out a one month “Hubei people’s free viewing” network audio-visual public welfare exhibition and broadcast activities, with more than 5000 quality online audio-visual programs participating in the exhibition and broadcast, of which more than 500 will be organized The films, TV series, online TV series, cartoons and documentaries originally paid for members are free for Hubei people to watch in this activity.
Among them, there are 7 Internet TV platforms, including futuretv, Broadcom, Huashu media, Southern new media, mango TV Internet TV, guoguangfang, Yinhe Internet TV, and 6 key audio-visual websites, including mango TV, Tencent video, Youku, iqiyi, bilibilibili, byte beat, since March 5 From now on, a special area or special channel with unified logo logo will be set up in the prominent position on the homepage of this platform. As long as it is a user in Hubei, you can enjoy the free viewing right of the program in the special area.
At the same time, SARFT coordinates the above-mentioned network audio-visual platform to donate the broadcasting right of its own copyrighted programs to Hubei IPTV platform within a limited time. Hubei viewers can also watch these excellent network programs free of charge in the next month through the special zone opened by IPTV platform.