Chengdu Xinguan kit approved

(novel coronavirus pneumonia), the “Chengdu made” new crown virus nucleic acid test kit has been approved for 200 thousand people per day.
Chengdu, March 3 novel coronavirus (Wang Peng) reporter from 3 Chengdu, the high-tech zone of Chengdu, the new coronavirus nucleic acid test kit developed by Mike bio research company was approved recently, and received the “medical device registration certificate” issued by the State Administration of drug supervision.
It is reported that novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescence PCR method) of Mike is also used to detect three genes of ORF1ab/E/N in 2019-nCoV, which can be used for the detection of nasopharyngeal swabs and sputum, and can achieve 96 tests within 2 hours, greatly reducing the screening time.
“The approved kit has high accuracy. It adopts orf1ab / E / N and single internal standard detection to ensure the accuracy of detection and avoid the missed detection of new coronavirus to a greater extent.” Long TengXiang, director of biological research and development of Mike, said that internal standard will be added to each test reagent to prevent false negative test results. In addition, the reagent can be equipped with full-automatic nucleic acid extractor and fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument to realize test automation, improve test speed and protect the safety of front-line staff.
Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus diagnostic kit novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit is available at present. Mike has also launched a new coronavirus IgG and IgM antibody test kit (chemiluminescence method) and a new coronavirus IgG/IgM antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method). The two products are currently being tested clinically, Yu Kang, director of biological marketing at 200 thousand. Medium. “Three products will novel coronavirus pneumonia, which will meet the clinical needs for accurate identification, rapid screening and quick and flexible screening of the new crown pneumonia, so as to meet the needs of different application scenarios in the current prevention and control work.”
Menace from the rear area, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control technology research group of Chengdu high tech Zone is organized to support the “one enterprise and one strategy”. It is also necessary to coordinate the shortage of materials and funds and solve the problem of “worries in the process of R & D and production”.