Li Randi’s Chinese opera test

Li Randi challenges the gold in the wilderness in the final exam of the middle drama. He has a shrewd personality and a wild style of action. Li Randi has mastered it very well and made great progress. Of course, the most important thing is that Li Randi is thin! The gold itself is full of wildness and has the temptation of rebellious women. Especially when he forces Jiao Daxing to say “drown your mother”, he raises his hand and throws his foot. His eyes are small and his body is small It’s amazing to watch! Your mother and your daughter-in-law fall into the water, who can you save? The end of the term is coming! Li landi’s character, personality and pungent style are shown on the scene of the Chinese drama examination. In the whole 30 episodes of the TV drama, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng are not dissatisfied with many CP fans in a kissing drama.
Later, netizens revealed that Li landi held Zhang Xincheng from behind in the elevator, and the suspected love affair was exposed! Zhang Xincheng and Li landi were photographed for an intimate date, and the suspected love affair was exposed, but after the news was exposed, the woman’s agent said that it was just a good relationship, not a relationship, but because of the intimate behavior of the two people, it was still hard for everyone to believe. If it was just a good relationship, it would be too exaggerated It’s such a good relationship, and as a public figure, I should pay great attention to it. Even some netizens speculated that the two were in love. Although Li landi denied the love, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng also took part in “I am an actor” one after another. The performance of the two people in the program was also excellent, and the two people have always met in the entertainment circle.