Mid-Autumn Festival Eve

Late at night, with a slightly cool autumn wind, in the morning sunshine on the grass and leaves that glittering dew, every time this season comes, the mood is particularly comfortable, such a season makes people feel no depression. I remember when I was a child in my hometown, this season is the autumn harvest in the north, peanuts are ripe in this season. I remember that when I was very young, I often followed my father to collect peanuts in the peanut fields on the hillside. I remember that I did not go to school at that time, there was no pressure, it was simple, I didn’t want to worry about anything. In the morning, before the sun had risen, my father would get up early and work on the ground. I ran to the trolley early and waited for my father. My father pushed me up the hill with the trolley. I felt that there were many dreams in the wooden trolley. I dreamed of picking wild fruits on the hill. I dreamed of catching crickets on the mountain. On the winding mountain road, I only felt my father walking forward step by step. The pace is so steady. Half the way, you will see the sun. The warm sunshine shines on my face, leaving a pinch of sweat on the tip of my nose.
When I arrived at my peanut field, I always couldn’t tell the boundaries of my own. My father always compared with me before he worked. There was a big stone from here to there. Every time I told you in detail, I was afraid I would forget it. Then my father always habitually took out the cigarette bag that had been hanging on his waist, rolled up a cigarette and took a deep breath. When he saw the cigarette smoke coming out of his father’s mouth, he felt that it tasted good. In my memory, it was the father’s taste, which gave me a sense of steadfastness.
There are many treasures on the mountain. In my eyes, wild flowers, strange-shaped small rocks, all kinds of insects I collect, I will take them home. My favorite thing is to catch a scorpion, because it is too cunning to catch it for half a day, and it also bites my little hand, it is always in the Bush from inside to and fro, the color and leaves, not recognizable, there are many thorns on the bush, I simply can not catch it quickly. When I can’t catch it, I will pester my father and let him catch it with me.
I would also sit on the rocks on the top of the mountain and watch my father working. I would eat all kinds of wild fruits in my mouth. At that time, I never thought about how tired my father’s hard work was. By noon my mother would bring us warm meals on her shoulders. My mother was very weak, and my heavy father would never let her do it. My father and I were sitting in the field eating together, and from time to time I would run around the mountains with my mother’s baked cake to catch up with a flying grasshopper and come back panting. My father always looked at me with reproachful eyes, disrelishing me for not having a good meal and feeling really happy at that time. There are many walnut trees on the mountain, so I went to pick walnuts, climbed to the top of the tree, could not come down, cried for my father, and then stepped on his shoulder to dare to come down.
Every season, I always feel that there are too many peanuts in the field. After dinner in the evening, because I was afraid that the peanuts would be lost, I would follow my father and take the quilt to sleep in the field. Father propped up a small shed with plastic film, and we laid quilts in it.
When the sun goes down, there will be a lot of insects flying in the sky with lights. At that time, they don’t know what it is. They run and chase after it. After they catch it, they ask their father what it is. Later, they know that it is a firefly. Autumn night air is very fresh, the sky is very high and clear. I can see many stars with my head up. I feel tired with my neck when I hold my head up for a long time. I just walk on the grass, fold a wild chrysanthemum, hold it in my mouth, a fresh taste, and count the stars. The sky is so beautiful. At this time, the moon is half round. At that time, I always felt that there was a grandpa on the moon. The moon is changing every day. Maybe the grandpa on the moon is playing tricks. In a few days, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be called August 15th in my hometown. What I hope most is that the Mid-Autumn Festival will eat mooncakes made by my mother herself. Mother would fry and crush the new peanuts and the walnuts I picked, then put on brown sugar, peanut oil and moon cake fillings, make moon cakes with wooden mooncake models, one by one, printed on them, mother would be very careful to put the moon cakes in the cooking pot branded, one by one, or it would be pasty, mother’s hands are very rough, and not afraid of scalding. At this time, I will be happy to wait for the first moon cake to come out. Mother’s mooncakes are very fragrant but slightly greasy, so I won’t eat them unless I can eat two.
Mother always cooks several dishes in the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. Father always remembers to buy soda for me in the shop. When I drink soda, my father drinks liquor. I feel that liquor is not good at all. At that time, there was no TV at home. After dinner, I would listen to my mother’s story about Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Then I fell asleep unconsciously.
In a twinkling of an eye, I have been married, and my father and mother are much older. Yesterday, my father called me. I said that I would go home to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with you. My father said that you were not very busy there? Don’t come back when you are busy. I know my father is afraid of delaying my work. I really want to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with you. I discuss with my girlfriend in the evening and bring my parents together to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival. They said they had become accustomed to living in their hometown and felt uncomfortable in the city.
Every season that miss will be very strong, along with the upcoming round of the Mid-Autumn Festival full moon, to my parents at home say happy Mid-Autumn Festival, wish you two old people good health, children miss you in the distance!

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