Poisoning of 100 people in Vietnam shoes factory

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, at least 110 employees in Taiwan funded shoe factories in northern Vietnam have been poisoned in a row recently. They have vomiting and coma symptoms and need to be sent to a doctor for treatment. Vietnam’s military has sent chemical guards, but the cause of the accident is unknown.
The accident occurred in Lishi County, Yongfu Province, about 70 kilometers northwest of Hanoi, Vietnam’s Qianfeng Daily reported Tuesday.
The Taiwan enterprise named Lixin Lishi Co., Ltd. employs about 4200 employees in the local area, specializing in the production of leather shoes and other products. From the 14th to the 18th, 110 local employees were poisoned and had to be sent to a doctor for treatment.
On the 21st, Lishi leather shoes company, about 1km away from the factory, also suffered from collective poisoning. Several poisoned people also suffered from coma, vomiting and fainting. The two companies belong to the same boss and use the same equipment, machines and raw materials.
After the incident, the local government has asked two factories to shut down and sent police and other units to investigate the accident.
Yongfu provincial government held a press conference on the 23rd, local officials said the patients had recovered. The police’s investigation failed to find out the cause and has been handed over to the Vietnamese military chemical defense forces for further inspection and evaluation.
In October, golden victory, a Hong Kong shoe factory in Nanding Province, also suffered collective poisoning, causing nearly 200 people to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. After investigation by the military chemical defense forces, it was found that some chemical raw materials for shoemaking contained organic ingredients, which melted and evaporated into the air. After inhalation, the employees fainted and were poisoned.