Cherish the love you have

Cherish, an eternal topic, cherish time, cherish life, cherish… I want to cherish the love I have.
Black and white hair, deep but bright eyes, tall nose, wrinkled forehead… I turned over my photo with my grandmother and looked at her kind and gentle smile. Sweet and sad memories flooded into my heart.
When I was a child, my parents sent me to my grandmother’s home in the countryside for work reasons. I was in a heaven of freedom and happiness. Running with friends on the ridge, playing with butterflies in the orchard and playing with poultry in the yard. I was naughty, either breaking the pot or trampling on the crops, but my grandmother didn’t scold me and always gave me a gentle and amiable laugh. Whether in the morning, noon, or evening, my grandmother made me the most delicious and nutritious meal. In the morning, my grandmother milked me fresh milk, or made me lean porridge with preserved eggs; at noon and evening, my grandmother always changed patterns to make me good food, I always eat a face of satisfaction and happiness, my grandmother saw me so happy, also showed a kind smile, in the light, particularly mild.
Grandma cooks delicious food, and I want to learn. But Grandma always smiled and said to me, “Wanlin is still young, and when she grows up, she will make a better meal than Grandma.” But I always pestered my grandmother, who had no choice but to let me watch her do it. When appropriate, let me help her get something.
“Wanlin, get some salt for Grandma.”
“Good!” I sniffed into the kitchen locker and turned it upside down and found a small bottle of white powder. Um… Salt is like that. I showed it to my grandmother happily.
Grandma looked at the small bottle with white powder in my hand, looked around, opened it, smelled it, and then laughed, “Is this salt?”
“Yes.” My solemn answer.
Later, Grandma laughed so hard that she couldn’t stand up. I was a little angry: “This is salt!”
Wanlin, this is the sugar you use to drink soy milk. It’s not the salt we use for cooking!” Grandma had a spoiled smile on her face.
I pouted my lips and nodded, seemingly unintelligible.
Grandma likes to go to the garden in her spare time. I also like a fart bug. Grandma took a big straw hat, I took a small straw hat; Grandma planted flowers, I also planted flowers, Grandma pulled grass, I also pulled grass. At that time, I would not carry the seedlings. I would not plant them properly. Instead, the seedlings were broken. I was afraid that my grandmother would scold me, so I buried the seedlings in the soil, which was regarded as a “burial” for them. But I do not give in, or a vigorous load, a vigorous plug, a vigorous break, I kept burying the broken seedlings in the soil, Grandma looked back at me, laughed: “Just a little bit of patience, how can you plug in?” Grandma’s old cocoon-covered hand wrapped around my hand, slowly inserted into the soil, Grandma’s hand is clear and cold, but I feel very warm. The seedlings are intact, standing proudly in the soil and exuding vitality. I cheered and my grandmother laughed happily.
With the passage of time, I grew up slowly, and my grandmother’s wrinkles became deeper and deeper. I used to indulge in my grandmother’s gentle laughter, indulge in her warmth, indulge in her favor, and take her favor for granted. As I grew up, I was not as lovable as I was when I was a child. It was very playful. My grandmother often taught me, but I ignored my grandmother’s earnest instruction and love. I thought it was right.
Until one day, Grandma and I were eating in the restaurant, I was absent-minded to look up at Grandma, but I did not expect that I stayed, Grandma’s breathing more and more heavy, urgent, paler and paler, and finally gave me a deep look, the corners of the mouth barely pulled a curvature, even fainted on the ground. I was so frightened that I called my parents.
In the terrible silence of the hospital corridor, suddenly came my bursts of choking, the “in-operation” brand suddenly lit up, and my heart suddenly fell to the bottom. Why did Grandma not laugh? Why is her face pale? I looked at my parents’gloomy face, and I understood what the foreshadows were. My heart was like a hole in the ice, and I felt sorry for my grandmother.
Suddenly the lights went out and my eyes flashed, but my heart broke into powder when I saw the doctor’s gloomy face like that of my parents.
On the white bed lay the pale grandmother, who slowly opened her eyes. Her first sentence was, “Has Wanlin eaten yet?”
“Um.” Hearing Grandma’s words, my heart was painful for a moment, and my heart was full of flavors. Suddenly, the past flashed into my mind like a movie. When I was hungry, my grandmother cooked meals for me; when I was bored, I thought of my grandmother playing with me; when I made mistakes, I thought of my grandmother’s earnest teachings to me; when I thought of my grandmother’s laughter, everything… Also think of, I shouted at my grandmother, love for her, I turned a blind eye, deaf, grandmother is love for me, and I? Did you repay her? Did she get nothing but a bump in the face? When I returned to my childhood, I was full of deep love for my grandmother, and… Endless apologies and guilt… For a moment, only for a moment, I had tears on my face.
I went over and grabbed my grandmother’s old cocoon-covered hand. “Wan Lin, you must not be sad when Grandma is gone in the future. People always have to be born, old, sick and dead. You should study hard and be a useful person. Stop being so playful… Listen to your parents, stop being capricious and talk back… Know, you know?” Grandma held my hand, and I nodded. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her pale face. She was still gentle, kind and warm, but my heart withered little by little until the freezing point.
The hands slowly loosened and Grandma closed her eyes, but there was still a kind smile on her face.
I want to cry, but think of Grandma’s dying words, yes, Grandma does not like me to cry, I barely bend my lips, but my laughter is ugly, unprecedented ugly. Finally, I still couldn’t help but burst into tears…
Grandma, I miss you, I miss the food you cooked, I miss you playing with me, I miss your warm smile, I miss everything about you… Grandma, I feel guilty. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t yell at you. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t talk back to you. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t turn a blind eye to your love. When you were alive, I neglected your love. When I really lost it, I regretted it. I learned to cherish your love, cherish possession, never forget each other, and do and cherish it.

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