Tree elder brother

When I was young, one day, some children and I were catching butterflies in the countryside and running. We suddenly ran into a forest that we had never seen before. At the same time, the butterflies also flew away. While the other children were feeling a little disappointed, I was deeply fascinated by the clean and messy woods.
Because the trees in the woods are arranged in an orderly way, when the wind blows, all the leaves rustle, as if from a pure natural rhythm, the woods go east and west, the trunks are brown, and there are green spots in the brown. Only one of the trees is slightly thicker, and the rest of the trees are still young and young. So, out of curiosity, I left the other children and walked alone to the slightly stout tree in the woods.
“Brother Tree, are you the leader here? Why are you so strong and strong?” I said softly, with curiosity, touching the brown tree trunk with green dots with small hands.
When the tree listened, it seemed to shake its head with the wind, and then the green dots seemed to burst into a slight smile. It seemed to tell me that this little sister, I am not a leader, but a common tree. As for why it grows a little different, it may be that I have better patience in general, so I absorb more sunshine, air and water than other small trees. Enough is enough.
Although I was too young to go to elementary school, and had no deep thinking ability, my brother muttered to me, relying only on a child’s instinct, intuition told me everything.
Since then, every time I come here to play with my friends, I have to come to this small forest and have a wonderful conversation with my brother. Until I am tired, thirsty and hungry in this small forest, I am too tired to leave reluctantly.
Later, when I grew up and went to school, I could only use my vacation time to go to the woods occasionally. I would report to my brother tree about my recent situation. I would say, “Brother tree, I’m going to school now. You know, our school is beautiful, the students are much older, the teachers are very good, I study hard, and the final exam is the first one.”
Every time my tree brother hears this, he is as usual, swaying with the wind, praising me, bragging about me, who knows, but I only know that no matter what I say to him, as long as I tell him what I think, I feel relaxed all over. For a long time, the tree brother is in my heart, both like my brother and my brother. Like my friend. I couldn’t live without the trouble of telling my mind to my brother tree. In the dark, I also felt that he was calling me from a distant place. Because I have the problem of talking with Dashu, so many children accompanying me grow up to be somewhat incomprehensible, and some directly say that I have the problem.
So, at first, there were some children from neighbouring families willing to accompany me to the grove, but as I grew older and older, the trees grew taller and stronger. Finally, no one would like to accompany me to the grove to see my brother.
I had to go alone, and I was determined that I had grown up and did not need the company of others. So I insisted on visiting my tree brother in my spare time.
Every time I went, I was happy and excited, but until one day, when I found that I had suffered the setback of people’s legend for the first time in my life journey, I no longer wanted to go anywhere, no longer want to go into the house, no longer want to integrate into the outside world, I found myself changed, become inferior, lonely and incredible.
I don’t want to go to see Brother Tree anymore. To be exact, Brother Tree is gradually forgotten in my memory, because my heart has been occupied by endless so-called troubles of life, and I can’t tolerate the innocence and stories of the past.
Later, with the continuous change of years, my mind matured. With the help of my relatives and my own feelings, I finally gradually came out of the valley of life, gradually feeling the warmth of the spring breeze, the hot summer, the cold autumn, the cruelty of winter. I know that life is like this, there are peaks and valleys, and everyone’s life is ups and downs. I have an epiphany…
At this time, I suddenly remembered the tree elder brother who had been waiting for me. Is he still there? This is the first thought after Enlightenment and the first thing I want to see. I walked out of my house and ran along the bending river.
However, in that place where I had been playing since childhood, I did not find the figure of Brother Tree. I cried, tears dim, Brother Tree, where are you, I call affectionately. Because I was greeted by bare roots everywhere, the tree elder brother was cut off body, do not know where to go?
Years later, the original site of Shu Brother has become a large villa, the woods have disappeared, Shu Brother has made great contributions to mankind, I am proud of the growth of Shu Brother! At the same time, I am proud of my journey these years!

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