Doctors in Lanzhou die

A female doctor in Gansu Provincial People’s hospital was killed in an attack. The suspect was a patient who had been treated at the hospital.
On October 22, surging news learned from Weiyuan Road police station of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province that a female doctor of Gansu people’s hospital was killed at about 10:00 on October 22. The suspect is under police control. The case is in process.
At 14:27, the official microblog of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province issued a police information bulletin on the criminal case. According to the report, the suspect Yang Mou (male, 54 years old, born in Lanzhou City) killed the doctor Feng Mou (female, 42 years old, born in Lanzhou City) in the anorectal Department of Gansu Provincial People’s hospital with a knife. Although he was rescued with all his strength, Feng died.
After the incident, the suspect Yang was controlled by the public security organ, the report said. According to the preliminary investigation, Yang had been treated in the provincial people’s Hospital for rectal cancer, and Feng was the doctor in charge. At present, the case is under further investigation.
At the same time, the circular said, “we deeply deplore the violent attack and unfortunate killing of a medical worker who saves lives and helps the wounded at work. The public security organ will resolutely crack down on criminal acts in accordance with the law, further strengthen safety measures together with the hospital, jointly maintain the public order of the hospital, and practically guarantee the safety of medical personnel. “
A staff member of the Publicity Office of Gansu Provincial Health and Health Commission told surging news that on the morning of the 22nd, the staff of Gansu Provincial Health and Health Commission had visited the scene of the incident and the specific situation was under investigation. Surging news has repeatedly called the relevant departments of Gansu people’s Hospital, but no effective response has been received.
According to the official website of the people’s Hospital of Gansu Province, the hospital is a comprehensive national class III first-class hospital affiliated to the people’s Government of Gansu Province, which integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and preventive health care, and is one of the top 100 demonstration hospitals for people to rest assured. In addition to the headquarters, there are three branches: Xiyuan District, Honggu branch and Xinqu branch.
Surging news noted that in 2018, a patient injury occurred in the first hospital area of Gansu Provincial People’s hospital.
According to the official microblog of Honggu branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau on September 15, 2018, an incident of stabbing a doctor with a knife occurred in Honggu branch of Gansu people’s Hospital on the afternoon of September 14. The head and face of the patient was injured by a knife and Zhang. After treatment, Zhang’s life was not in danger. The suspect pan has been detained.