India shot down its own aircraft

If the army has “world-famous”, then the accident rate of the air force is bound to be on the list. One of the most wordless is that in the tense time of the India Pakistan conflict, the air defense forces even shot down their own helicopters with missiles. Facing the awkward situation, he chose the “mire to change horses” and directly dismissed the former air force commander. However, the new air force commander did not want to give priority to the issue of the equipment of the air force, but rather gave him a tough talk.
In October 4th, according to Yonhap news agency, the new air force commander, badaurea, publicly acknowledged that during the air raid operation carried out by the air force, a helicopter was shot down by its own missile. After the incident, India’s former Air Force Commander Danoa was dismissed. According to the times report, the new air force commander, Bada al urya, took office after he took office and declared that the air force was ready to deal with any challenge (military threat).
According to Russia’s Tass News Agency reported on October 4th, the air defense force produced the shooting down of its own helicopter Oolong incident, killing 6 soldiers. Just the day before, the India air force had just organized an attack on Pakistan. Even so, the relevant departments of the air force did not have a sense of war. They not only failed to observe the wartime terms, but also violate the IFF system. At present, relevant reports have been submitted to the Court of Investigation, and a total of four Air Force officers have been sentenced.
Shortly after the air raid failed, the helicopter was shot down by its own missile. The investigation found that the operation of the IFF system was not standardized, which was the main reason for the tragedy. As a matter of fact, as early as 2018, the operation of IFF system existed in the air force. According to the media reported in 2018, a C130 of the air force crashed near the ceasefire line of India Pakistan Kashmir. After the accident investigation, it was found that the aircraft’s “identification system of foe and foe” had not been opened in accordance with the regulations.
Not long after the C130 crashed, the newly introduced Su-30 fighter plane also “unfortunately folded its wings”. According to media reports in June 2018, a 30 fighter plane crashed into Kashmir. Although the investigation focused mainly on the cause of the crash, it was found that the aircraft also had the problem that the IFF system was not opened as required. In view of the important role of the IFF system, after that, the air force specially stipulated that all fighters must open the IFF system according to the regulations. The incident that the missile could shoot down its own helicopter showed that during the tenure of Dowa, the air force still did not carry it out seriously.
However, Danoa, a former air force commander in India, did a lot of things during his tenure, and the air raid on Pakistan was dominated by him. According to India media reports, in the name of the so-called “Combating terrorist organizations”, he directed the India air force to carry out a sudden air strike on the Barakat area of Pakistan. The whole attack was planned, directed and carried out by him. But the attack was very unsuccessful, not only did not cause the actual loss of Pakistan, but also shot down two fighters and captured 1 pilots.
As a successor to DAA’s, Bada al Asia has a very brilliant career. The Air Force Commander, who joined the Army in 1980, is an ace pilot who has flown 26 different types of aircraft for up to 4250 hours. He served as district commander many times and accompanied Moody to visit the National War Monument. According to the “times” report, he said at the inauguration ceremony that the air force had been prepared before (the conflict between India and Pakistan), and that the next preparation (a future outbreak of conflict between India and Pakistan) has also been done. Any challenge, any threat can be met at any time!
When the new official takes up three fires, Bada al Ya wants to show that he is more unqualified than his predecessor and is brave enough to admit that his own missile shot down his own helicopter. However, in view of the current situation of the air force, the more urgent task should be to solve the problem of the maintenance of fighter equipment and the normalization of pilot training, rather than blindly speaking to others.