Admit to being married

For the emotional life of Hu, it has always been blank. Coupled with the decline of fame and popularity over the years, we have also ignored the emotional state of Qi. Recently, his wife w
Admit to being married
When they disclose their marriage information, their wives do not want to appear in the mirror. In recent years, because of the popularity of “I am a singer”, he has been sucking up many of his singing skills. At the age of 53, he has been in a low profile for nearly 30 years. He was very low-key in his emotional situation. He once admitted to the media that he had a girlfriend. He had a secret life to his family. Recently, he was told that he had married his “dry sister” Lin Hong ya, who had been in contact with him for 20 years, 3 years ago. And two people also had a son studying in middle school.
She said she was not used to being Mrs. Lin, but she was very upset. It can be seen that the reason why he is not public is to respect his wife’s opinion, and to make his wife an ordinary person, and his life will not be affected. I have to say that the reason why he is not public is his love for his wife.
In July 6, 1966, she was born in China, China’s male singer, music producer, DJ, “cocktail singer” inventor, and “ONE take” music advocate.
In 1991, Li Ji made a debut with the combination of “the best guest”. In the same year, the first album, “admit mistakes”, was sold by millions. “You guest” was disbanded in 1995. In 1997, Terry Lin returned to the [5] of the singing world. He launched his personal representative work, “scattered bar”, “tears of Monalisa” and “single love song”.
In 2000, Xuanyin Music Co., Ltd. was set up as an independent musician to advocate returning to the essence of music. In 2005, it released a full range of simulated recordings of “Love Song” and “Voyage of the Original Sound” for the pursuit of musical quality. In 2008, it began to promote the concept of “ONE take” singing and bid farewell to the recording studio, and successively launched live recording albums “Scratch Over 2” and “One take”.
From 2013 to 2016, there were 11 “ONEtake Terry Lin 1314 world tours”. In August 2017, the “2017 ONEtake2.0 ONEtake2.0 Tour” was launched. By the end of 2016, 24 albums had been released and 7 were awarded the Golden Melody Awards.