The woman thought that 14.336 million people patted Bentley, resulting in 14.36 million transactions.

On-line bidding for vehicles, originally thought to buy a car for 1.436 million yuan, but due to their own mistakes, it was concluded with 14.36 million hammers, including commission, the bidder ultimately had to pay more than 15 million yuan.
This wonderful thing happened in Guangxi. Now bidders have destroyed their bids and are facing the dilemma of withholding a deposit of 300,000 yuan.
Second-hand Bentley jumped to more than 14 million yuan.
Or because of “skating”
The online auction took place in Beijing on August 5 this year. The object of the auction was a second-hand Bentley car. The starting price of the car was 860,000 yuan. The Nanning Customs commissioned Guangxi Public Auction Company Limited for auction.
The car was filmed from 8 a.m. on August 5 and ended at 21 a.m. on that day, with a total of 159 bids recorded.
Why would a brand new Bentley not exceed 6 million yuan be bidded to more than 14 million yuan? The reporter inquired about the car’s bidding records and found that the 139th bid for the car was “1403000 yuan”, and the 140th bid was “14300000” by another bidder.
Some second-hand car dealers who have bid for cars on the Internet for many times speculate that the bidder for the 140th bid should want to bid for 1430000, possibly adding an extra 0 to the hand-skating bid. As a result, the bidding price of the vehicles has been raised from 1.433 million yuan to 14.3 million yuan.
Strangely enough, after the price hiked to 14.3 million yuan, several subsequent bidders did not find that the car finally closed at 14.36 million yuan.
Bidders have to pay more than 15 million yuan!
According to reports, the car was auctioned twice. The first auction started at about 151,000 yuan. As a result, the car went on sale. On August 5, it was the second auction.
The “bidding instructions” for the vehicle have made it clear that the auction commission is not included in the starting and closing price of the auction. Besides the transaction price, the buyer also has to pay the auction commission at 5% of the transaction price.
In this way, the bidder will also have to pay a commission of 718,000 yuan and a total of 15,578,000 yuan.
The reporter inquired and learned that Article 39 of the Auction Law stipulates that the buyer should pay the price of the auction target in accordance with the agreement, and if he fails to pay the price in accordance with the agreement, he shall be liable for breach of contract.
If the auction target is re-auctioned, the original buyer shall pay the commission payable by himself and the trustee in the first auction. If the price of a second auction is lower than the original auction price, the original buyer shall make up the difference.
The bidder has destroyed the bid
A deposit of 300,000 yuan will go down the drain.
It is understood that the sky-high bidder is a woman surnamed Li from Guangdong, and she is not the 140 th bidder to raise the car price from 1.43 million to 14.3 million. At present, Ms. Li has destroyed the film, and her deposit of 300,000 yuan will not be refunded.
According to the person concerned who was entrusted with the auction of the car, Ms. Li has sued the court of a city in Nanning on the grounds of “major mistakes in the auction process”.


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