Foreign Uncles Write Chinese Expressions of Bai Gongli

On September 4, Lou Ye’s new film “Lanxin Grand Theatre” was presented at the Venice Film Festival with Gong Li as its leading actor. At the scene, some foreign uncles sought Gong Li’s signature, and wrote Chinese “Gong Li!” on the card. I waited for you for three hours in the sun!” It also draws a heart-shaped white sculpture.
In addition, Lou Ye announced at the release meeting that the film will be released in mainland China on December 7. December 7 was the day of Pearl Harbor, the outbreak of the Pacific War, and the last day of the plot.
It is reported that “Lanxin Grand Theatre” by Gong Li, Zhao Youting, Zhang Songwen, Huang Xiangli, Wang Chuanjun, Tom Lasziha, Pascal Grigori, Oda Cherang, Nakajima Bu and other performances, tells about 1941 Shanghai, an actress in the new stage play, but also for the allies to collect secret information, in the discovery of Japan. She refused to share the information after planning to attack Pearl Harbor. The film was also included in the main competition unit of the Venice Film Festival.


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