Tests in the Wind and Rain

How can you see a rainbow without experiencing storms? – Notes
On Saturday, it finally arrived.
I don’t know how long I’ve been looking forward to this day. Today is the performance of the military training 广州桑拿 report. However, the rain in the sky is still falling, it seems that it is still a little heavy; the wind on the ground is still blowing, it seems that it is still a little cold. And the military training report performance did not leave because of the arrival of the storm.
The loud music sounded, and we stood on the playground, ready to go. “Stand at attention!” The officer roared — the performance began.
The headmaster came over and cried out affectionately: “Hello, schoolmates!” “Hello, schoolmates!” “Work hard!” “Win glory for the school!” We answered in chorus, clangorous and forceful. But I don’t know why, the louder the voice, the greater the rain and wind! Beads are sprinkled on my hair and shoulders. I can’t help shivering.
The parade finally began. With the slogan of the pacesetter, we followed the pacesetter to the runway. “Walk on foot!” I looked at the pacemaker’s steps and put the stress on my left foot. “Step by step!” “Left and right, left and right.” I kept silent in my 深圳桑拿网 mind and stared at the pacemaker’s footsteps for fear that I might go wrong and affect the whole class. “Step on!” I looked at the students on the right with my spare time and aligned with them. “Step by step!” I thought again. “Class One, Class One, Class One, Class Two!” We shouted slogans: “Class One, Class One, Unity Like Mountain, Singing Forward, Go Forward Bravely, One, Two, Three, Four!” A few seconds after the shout, the pacesetter said, “Look to the right!” “One, two!” I raised my thighs and pushed forward, although not very standard, but I did my best every time. Do a good job, not to drag the class behind. “Look ahead!” “One, two!” We murmured a refuel in our hearts, and quickly changed the positive step into the step. We walked all the way around the playground. I was nervous. I could feel the fiery look behind me. When we reached our designated place, we stopped to rest. I looked up at the blue sky. The pearls did not diminish at all, but grew bigger and bigger.
The wind blows mercilessly; the rain falls mercilessly. Every time the wind blows, my body gets cold; every time the rain falls on me, my clothes and hair get wet. In less than half an hour, I became a “Big Iceman” and there was no dripping water all over my body. My hair is dripping everywhere, but I dare not squeeze it out. I wonder if it’s all wet if it’s squeezed. As a matter of fact, I was already wet out.
Finally, the parade was over, and I took a long breath. The following is a square formation composed of several students in each class. Their fists are standard, but I don’t appreciate them because of the storm.
It’s cold and rainy. My hair is running straight, squeezing, like turning on the tap, and the water keeps flowing out. It’s nothing after a bath. I stood there shivering all over. It’s cold! I huddled with my classmates behind me. After a long time, there was no warmth. I just rubbed her back to back and it was a long time before it got a little hot. Later, more than a dozen of our classmates huddled together, gasping (maybe the only way to warm up) and parents 桑拿广州 who stood aside couldn’t see them any more, rushed to take umbrellas for their children, and took off their clothes and coats and put them on. But what about the children whose parents didn’t come? More than a dozen people turned into several people in an instant. There’s no way to squeeze them.
I believe that after this storm, the sky will have the most brilliant rainbow! Because, after the storm, there will be rainbow, which is the rainbow test for us!

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