Silent Father Love-Dad

Today is Mother’s Day, but I want to say something to my father, hiding in my heart for a long time, but still have no courage to say it, can only be written in this way!
Dear dad, I really love you!
Dad, as a man, you have multiple identities: you are a son, a husband, a teacher, of course, for me, you are my good father.
Dad, you have a lot of nasty shortcomings. As a son, you are impatient; as a husband, you lack responsibility; as a teacher, you are not dedicated enough. But as a father, no one can be better than you. This is the so-called imperfect person, everyone has some shortcomings, and shining points!
Dad, you are so lazy that you can’t even eat cold food directly in the microwave oven because you like to lie there and brush your cell phone after dinner, go to bed without changing your coat, and keep the same posture wrapped in quilt until you watch TV as usual in the wilderness. However, you will always be happy to ask me if I want to cook another dish because I praise the delicacy of one of your dishes; you will shout at the moment when my mother let me brush the dishes: you don’t brush, put it there for me to brush; you will pick me up at 10 p.m. in the cold winter season and pick me up on time in the bitter cold wind. Dad, you love face very much. Sometimes you have a little vanity. However, you will ask acquaintances to change classes for the sake of poor grades. You will also ask the chef for a piece to bring back for my mother and me because you think the egg cakes in the unit canteen are delicious. Dad, you’re very impatient and often impatient. However, every time you call me or video you always have to wait until I press the end, no matter what I say to you, you feel interesting, a smiling expression.
Dad, all over the world, you are the one who loves me most, tolerates me and even spoils me without principles. That’s why I became a very perverse and uncertain person. I’m always puzzled because a little thing gets angry with you. When I’m bored, I’m always pestering you for no reason, no matter what you’re doing, and when I play with you, I’ll hit you lightly. But you never get angry with me about it. You always grin and rub where it hurts and blame me me, “You little boy, it’s too six!”
Dad, from childhood to adulthood, you can’t see me suffering, you can’t see me suffering, you can’t see me being wronged, you can’t wait to move all the good things in the world to me. Dad, I understand that you have really done everything you can to provide me with the best life. You have poured all your heart and love into me.
Dad, I envy people who are smart and can achieve good results without much effort in learning; I envy people who are beautiful and look like scenery everywhere; I envy people who are rich in money, and too many things can be easily settled down with money, but, Dad, I never envy others who have a good father, because I know that I know very well that in this world, No. There will be a good father who loves my children more than you do. All the people in the world love me less than one tenth as much as you love me. No matter what decision I make, you always stand on my side unconditionally. What you want most is my health and happiness. For all my requests, your answer will always be: OK, OK, go and buy!
Dad, I want to apologize to you for what I said and did to hurt you. Most of the time, I don’t think about what I say or do without thinking about it. It doesn’t hurt people to say what I say. Dad, I remember once I lost my temper with you and regretted apologizing to you afterwards. But you consoled me with great indiscretion: “Oh, little boy, what’s this?” On that day, I complained about life without gratitude to you, but you apologized to me. You said that you ignored my feelings and always thought I was a child, but you stressed that let me not doubt the love of my parents. You always love me and support me.
Dad, before I really do not understand, do not understand you understand, always by their own nature. Dad, from now on, I will try to look at the problem from your point of view. I won’t just blame you and restrain you without discerning the facts.
Dad, sometimes you forget a lot, and you talk to me and my mother so much that you never want to shut up, whether we are bored or not. Mother said: your father will definitely be Alzheimer’s later, when the time is boring! Dad, I don’t know if you’ll ever be more forgetful or if you’ll ever be really Alzheimer’s. But I assure you and myself that I will always accompany you, care for you, be considerate of you, be tolerant of you, and love you without any shaking or change.
Dad, you look so good. My classmates will secretly tell me how handsome your dad is when they see you. Dad, you are humorous, generous and tolerant. You are an activist who loves life. You don’t complain, and you don’t like to hold on to your mistakes. You are so versatile that you sing very well. You are kind to everyone and always forgive others for their shortcomings. Dad, I’m really proud of you.
Dad, I hope you can take active exercise in the future. Don’t try to find an excuse to slip back every time you go out of the house. I really hope you can keep healthy and energetic. Dad, I hope you can regain your hobbies, such as music and chess, instead of holding your mobile phone all day like a junior high school student. Dad, I hope you can stand in a fair position and give advice on my decision in the future. Don’t blindly accommodate me, but let me see the truth of life with your life experience.
Dad, finally, I want to say to you, I really love you very much, love you very much, in my heart, you are a super dad, and proud of you! Thank you for accompanying me, attaching importance to me and loving me from childhood to adulthood! You are the best, the best and the best dad!
Dad, I hope you! Happy every day! Work is important, but also pay attention to rest, do not stay up late every time, so mother will be angry! Although I can’t say these words, I wrote them out. When I summon up my courage, I will let you see. At the same time, I will try to make myself your proudest daughter. I won’t let you worry about my grades and other things. I will also strive to grow up, will not be as naive as before, will not let you remind me every time that it is cold to wear more clothes, eat not picky! I love you, Dad!

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