Behind the eyes

I spent my childhood at my grandfather’s house.
Before I was eight years old, Grandpa was the one who loved me the most. He always holds me in his arms and tells me stories with laughter. In my impression, his laughter seemed to never stop at that time. His dry mouth was always in the most exaggerated arc. His yellow teeth were embedded in his dark red bed like close corn. His wrinkles were stacked on top of his forehead, reminding you of a ripple of water. The wrinkles are full of pleasure and sunshine.
In the summer when I was eight years old, some people came to my grandfather’s house to have dinner. Everyone went to the shade to enjoy themselves. I suddenly felt a chill 桑拿广州 in my neck. On touching, slippery and thin, I grabbed it and threw it out, shouting, “There’s a ghost, Grandpa saved me!” After seeing it clearly, my face turned red, just a leaf. Everyone laughed and said, “What can we do after being so timid? Grandpa can’t protect you for a lifetime.” “I don’t care.” I don’t think so. But I heard Grandpa’s sigh and saw Grandpa’s face like twisted hemp rope.
The next day, the temperature is unusually high, like a straight red stock market, a strong irremediable. I went with Grandpa to pick fruit. We climbed a tall fruit tree with a ladder. I happily picked a basket of fruits, just wanted to show my Grandpa my achievements, but nobody around, grandpa was under the tree, even the ladder fell on the ground. I held the trunk tightly with both hands, glanced at the ground, and closed my eyes busily. Wow, that’s too high. I looked pale with fear and shouted to Grandpa, “Grandpa, put up the ladder and let me down.” Grandpa was behind me. I turned around and saw that I was roaring in the tree. There was a slight worry in my eyes, but it soon disappeared. He didn’t seem to mean to save me. Just said lightly, “Come down on your own, don’t be afraid. When you come down, your hands will come down at the same speed as your feet. Your body is leaning against the trunk of the tree. Don’t look down.” I was so anxious that I had to do as Grandpa said. But think again: What’s wrong with Grandpa today? He didn’t even let me walk much before, for fear that 深圳桑拿网 I might fall. Today, let me climb a tree alone? I climbed half, careless, slippery foot, quickly slipped a section. I was so frightened that my heart was falling out. I turned my head and saw Grandpa’s outstretched hand shrink back quickly. Then I climbed down, but my feet kept shaking. Grandpa behind me encouraged me to say, “Don’t be nervous, relax and breathe deeply.” I could see Grandpa’s expectant eyes behind me. I finally landed. It was the first time I felt the joy of success. Grandpa laughed happily.
From then on, when I met with 广州桑拿 setbacks, I could always feel Grandpa’s kind, warm and encouraging eyes. So I don’t have to be afraid to do anything I want to do. Grandpa’s eyes, let me understand: living in the applause of others, the most easily lost themselves. Living in the care of others is the easiest way to weaken oneself. The sail is only a rag without the wave; the boat is only a rotten wood without the roar of the sea; and the steel can only be trapped in the stubborn stone without “tasting” the roast of the fire. Likewise, people who do not deal with things independently will never grow up under the wings of others.

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