Biography of Bookworms

When I was young, my sister always took me by the hand and took me to the bookstore. At that time, I was very young. My parents worked in the daytime, and my family was bored. My sister had to take care of me and wanted to read books. So we all桑拿广州 walked by in the rain and sunshine without exception. We never complained about each other when we were sneezing and sneezing in the dark.
At that time, the book brought me sisterhood. Once on the way to the bookstore, a few rain-threatening messengers dripped on my nose and grey dizzy on the bluestone road. I took an umbrella out of my bag and held it straight with my little hands. I had to look at the road when I was on the bumpy road to avoid the umbrella blocking my sister’s sight. Although my hands are getting stiff, I think it’s a tacit understanding between my sister and me. I don’t need words to decorate what I have done for her. The uncle who was walking in front of me looked at me and said to the uncle next to me gently that the girl was really sensible. My sister and I looked at each other and smiled.
But like Yingzi who steals notes, people who often patronize but never buy a book always feel embarrassed. Every time the shop assistant asks me what book to buy, I just say I’ll read it first. The shop assistant always looked at me with a disdainful eye and pointed at me as if he understood something. And I will hide in a remote place like a bookworm, hiding from those forces, I have no way, who call me just a person who can not afford to buy but has a reverence for books. At that time, the book brought me comfort.
I’ve always wondered how good it would be if I had a library. I could read books at home, and I could hurt other animals like a man is a higher animal without looking at me with the eyes of monkeys’buttocks in the zoo.
Last year I really saw the library, but I went there not to read books, but to participate in the Oral English Market Competition. It’s situated in a place that’s not particularly noisy, but it’s very convenient and makes me feel very friendly. Although it occupies a very large area, it feels bad without luxury decoration. Stepping up the stairs, I saw the rows of books. I felt that the sea of books was beating the waves to greet me. Taking advantage of the gap in the competition, I picked up a book and read it. Because of the quiet and the call of knowledge, I forgot to wander in the sea of books and almost forgot the game. The competition is in the multimedia room on the first floor. The library is really well equipped. After the competition, I walked around the library quietly, lighting was comfortable, and the distance between the bookcase and the bookcase was just enough for two people to pass. The books on the cabinet are full of beautiful and orderly, all marked with categories, beside each row there is 深圳桑拿网a soft stool, and beside each floor window there are tables, chairs and even sofas. Occasionally, mothers read stories in their ears for young children. The quiet atmosphere makes everyone consciously keep friendly and convenient with others. I often stayed alone from noon to evening. At that time, the book gave me knowledge, I harvested many of the most memorable things in my life.
Gu Cheng is warm as a fairy tale poem, Simon Rong’s tasty prose, Gatsby’s sad fate in Fitzgerald’s works 广州桑拿and Alice Monroe’s warm and touching prose are deeply lingering in my mind.
I am a bookworm, chewing on the knowledge in the sea of books and learning a lot – and the library is the shortcut.

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