Friendship is like rain

There is no chivalrous spirit of shoulder-to-shoulder all day; there is no morality of “sharing happiness with others, sharing difficulties with others”; and there is no tacit understanding of affection. But he is my best friend. His love for me is like a timely rain in the drought; more is to sprinkle a cold rain in my proud 广州桑拿heart.
In that monthly exam, I got proud results. The total score was in the top three of the grade. This naturally makes me ecstatic. When I told this news to my relatives and friends, they all congratulated me on my achievements. When I smugly handed him the exam paper and proudly told him the rank of the proud man, instead of congratulating me like other people, he threw cold water on my head and said, “It’s nothing to be proud of, it’s just your luck. A lot of questions you shouldn’t have done wrong, too careless! If it hadn’t been for other people’s misplay, you would have slipped dozens of places! “His sharp words immediately ignited my anger in my heart:” Are you jealous of me if I did well in the exam?”You said the first thing, but why can’t you do it yourself? How good? I’m kind enough to share my joy of success with you, but you’re so sad to say that to me!”He ignored my refutation and burst out another harsh sentence:”I did it all for your own good! Don’t believe yourself! If you are so proud again, 桑拿广州you’ll be Waterloo next time!”I’ll never listen to it again. After pulling at the test paper, he left in a rage and scolded, “I don’t recognize you anymore, a wolf-hearted man!” He seemed to have said something in the back. But I didn’t hear it.
On the weekend, I flipped through the wrong papers at home and remembered his annoying words: “A lot of wrong questions are wrong!” When I looked at my wrong questions on the test paper, my head was shocked. Suddenly, I found that I had made some very simple questions wrong, and the mistakes were too far-fetched! _ I thought carefully: what he said was true! He pointed out my real shortcomings. I am so ashamed, I blame myself: How do you treat your friend like this? Friends are kind to give you advice, but you treat him so rudely! I am ashamed to think, and then I must apologize to him!
In the next few weeks, I took out all my test papers, carefully analyzed those mistakes, repeated them several times, carefully checked, I must show him: my grades are not “flash in the pan”! I want to be a real strong man!
Everything comes to him who waits. Soon, in the mid-term exam, I got good grades again. But instead of being complacent, I became modest. When someone asked me how my exam was going, I just passed it lightly and never mentioned it more. 深圳桑拿网Many people say that I have become modest and careful, in fact, all this is his credit.
I paid a special visit to my friend. As soon as he met, he apologized to me, “I’m sorry, I said too much last time, I’m sorry!” I sincerely said, “It’s not all your help! You helped me understand modesty! Thank you! By the way, this is my mid-term exam paper, please point out my mistakes as before!” “Really? I’m not polite! Haha!” We both punched each other, and we’ve made up as before, and there’s a long way to go for a cheerful laugh…
Now, I have already remembered my friend’s words, no longer complacent. Oh, my friend’s love is like rain, moistening me in drought, waking me up in the sun, silently reminding me in boredom…

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