Three Passes in Snow

Today is Sunday. I’m going to sketch class at 7:30 in the morning. “Jingling bell!” A bell rang. I woke up from my sleep, opened my eyes and got up in a daze. “Look at what time it is!” mum shouted. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to look at it disapprovingly. “Ah!” I really didn’t know. I was shocked at the sight: the clock had already pointed to 7 o’clock, but the minute hand was still moving forward. “No way!” I issued a first-class war order, barely finished breakfast, and went downstairs to prepare for departure.
First Pass: Highlighting the Enclosure
As soon as I went downstairs, I was ready to get on the bus and go to class. Unexpectedly, Dad introduced a bicycle instead of the usual battery car. I was surprised, so I asked Dad why. Originally, it snowed today. Battery cars were difficult to drive, so they had to use bicycles instead. “Alas, the speed is halved!” I sighed and hurried to the Children’s Palace.
But as soon as I went out, I was blinded: on the road and the street, even the cars parked by the roadside were covered with a blank layer of snow, and it seemed that there were thousands of troops blocking our army. I sat in the back of my dad, and as soon as the car moved, I felt shaky. In order to lose weight, we had to put the spare poncho back home, but the car still swayed around like a swing. But in order to be in a hurry, we should not take into account the 3721, light loaded battle, just like the U. S. military light Hummer rampage. After about five minutes of rushing, we arrived at the Siemens restaurant. But there are many snowy cranes, and the streets are full of cars on both sides. There is a tendency for ghosts to keep doors open. From time to time, a heavy truck barely squeezed through the middle of the street, as if “a man is in charge, but a man can’t drive”. As the saying goes, I don’t go to hell. Who goes to hell? In order to be in a hurry, I made up my mind to rush into the dangerous area with my father in the Hummer. But I haven’t rushed a few steps yet. Two big trucks, as if they had been lying in ambush for a long time, came crashing in two directions as if they were going to crash us into meat pies. In this time of crisis, I am in a state of crisis, driving with my father “Hummer” onto the sidewalk, highlighting the encirclement.
Second Pass: Gunfire Bullet Rain
As soon as the siege broke out and we still had no breath, we seemed to be on the war-torn battlefield in Iraq. Iraqi anti-American forces fired Soviet RPG7 multi-purpose anti-tank rockets at our Hummer. Without a raincoat, we tasted the consequences of this move: the snow was falling heavier and heavier, pounding on us all the time. At first, I was covered with snowflakes, and soon more and more, with white spots on my back, as if I were wearing a white dress. Soon after, the Hummer with its thin armor was beaten through thousands of holes, and my father and I were snowflakes. But the terrorists did not stop, and fired two large-caliber RPG-26 rockets, two larger snowflakes to my father and me. It hit us right in the eye. Dad and I went to rub our eyes. At this moment, the wheels skidded, and took my father and I to 180 degrees in the street, as if dancing ballet, almost destroyed the car, frightened me and my father out of a cold sweat. After the rain of bullets and bullets, my father and I seem to be Zhuge Liang’s grasshopper when he returned home full of arrows. His body is densely stuffed with arrows, which seems to be a stinging ball.
Third Pass: Red Light
After two passes, Dad drove full horsepower and rushed to the Children’s Palace to make up for the time he had left behind. Unexpectedly, a general descended from the sky and stood in front of us. That was the red light. At first, I didn’t care. I waited. But when I saw my classmates enter the Children’s Palace one by one, my mood changed from a little care to a little care, and from a little care to a lot of care. I don’t think so. I won’t be able to grab a good position any later. Walking fast in seconds, as if spanking my ass, urging me to go quickly. I am like an ant on a hot pot, in a hurry.
Finally, the green light appeared. I ran past the green light and rushed into the Children’s Palace.

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