My teacher

When I first met Mr. Tang, it was at the beginning of the second year of junior high school that he was transferred to teach us mathematics. It is Bailu that is approaching the autumn equinox. The air is filled with a little taste of autumn dizziness. He stood on the platform with his hands behind him and his feet firmly on the ground. It was a face that was not very distinctive. The only thing that I remember about him from now on is the corner of his mouth. He never seems to laugh. His face is stretched like a beautiful old lady with a smiling face.
It should be the second math lesson. He talked about a difficult problem and asked, “Who can solve it?” For some reason, everyone was unwilling to raise their hands. Suddenly, he paused and called out my name. I stared in surprise, vaguely recalling who he had been looking for in the last few days for a list of math class representatives. I stood up a little shy, but I still finished the topic fluently. Everyone said that the teacher would only read my name. At that time, he refused to say no, but his heart opened a very desirable flower, red to the root of his ear. Although in less than a week, he can name everyone, I think, when each of us is read the name, it must be so happy and proud. Later, I learned that he had a roster with him. He often read it one by one when he was free. The sweaty list hides the strong love of Mr. Tang for us.
Later, I went to his office every noon to ask about his homework that day, sometimes some questions. When he saw us coming, he moved all his work away and explained it carefully and attentively. When I asked the first question, I was a little nervous. I was afraid that he would criticize me for not doing such a simple problem. Unexpectedly, he carefully helped me sort out my ideas and drew a sketch. After I understood it, he sent me the draft paper and asked me to write it again and show it to him. I nodded and saw his mouth rising a little. I couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Tang will laugh?” He laughed thoroughly, and his eyes were still very clear. “Where can I not laugh? I often laugh in the future.”
Everyone was very happy to say that Tang Lao was willing to laugh at last, and then I went to their exercise books and found that there were many red ink in the draft paper. It was such a care, added to the exercise books, was such a dedication, hidden in the transcript book. Now I still have to ask a question almost every day, glue those draft paper well, can not bear to lose, because that is our most valuable collection of a heart ah.
When the result of the monthly exam came down, because I had filled in the wrong English machine-readable card, when a man was in the corridor grieving, Mr. Tang came over. When he saw my eyes moist, he immediately asked me with concern what had happened. Somehow, I began to choke a little fiercely. When asked what a monthly exam is, he said, “There will be many more important exams in the future than this. If you lose your confidence because of this exam, isn’t it more important? The important thing is, as long as you sum up well, the next time you don’t make the same mistake again, it’s a good student, right?” He patted like his father. Pat my head, and pull out a sugar from the drawer for me. Finally, bitter tears turned into sweet smiles. I saw the love in his eyes, and the gentle corner of his mouth that rose gently.
I often asked him difficult questions when I learned that I was going to take part in the math competition. He was happy to say to me, “I always thought you were a child who didn’t work hard. I didn’t expect you to study so hard on your own. I’m so happy that you like math so much. As your math teacher, I’m very proud.” After that, I like math better. He is also more respected.
Perhaps he is not the most famous teacher, but his love for us, his focus on lectures, his love for mathematics, and his most enthusiastic encouragement when we lose heart make me believe that I can never forget his appearance in my life.
Here, allow me to say to you with my most sincere thanks: “Thank you, Mr. Tang!”

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