The unforgettable佛山洗浴中心可过夜 first time

In our journey of life, we will continue to experience many first times. The first experience, may be happy, may be sad, may be proud, may be lost, but must be accompanied by a sense of astringency, is an experience of opening significance.佛山洗浴一般多少钱 Just like a child who has just toddled, it is difficult but meaningful! How can there be a solid footstep behind without the first instability?
In my memory, there is a precious gem. It always shines, inspiring and spurring me. This is the first time that I have stepped on a small platform to 佛山洗浴哪家好be a “composition lecturer” for you.
That afternoon, I was very excited, because I became a “Composition Lecturer” and was a teacher for all my classmates and the school’s selected writing enthusiasts. When my classmate Xuan finished his lecture, it was my turn. Always nervous about preparing for class, I put three small blue notes on my arms and body, and hardened my scalp onto the stage. As soon as I stepped on the platform and walked to the desk, I felt more than a hundred eyes staring at me, like more than a hundred beams of light focusing on me, and I was going to be melted away by evaporation. 佛山洗浴中心可过夜The top of my head was suddenly covered with a thin layer of sweat, and I realized what Zhu Ziqing called “the trickle of the head”.
I am a little confused, nervous, suddenly in this more than 100 pairs of eyes, I saw the encouragement and expectations from Teacher Qu and my classmates. I immediately gave myself a boost, straightened up and felt much more at ease. I was a little bit confident and resumed my nature of joking. I said half jokingly, “I am also from Class 54. My name is Li Sixuan. If we compare our speech to dinner, Xuan’s speech is a gluttonous dinner, then my speech is a Chinese fast food, how about the students for a change?”The students under the stage immediately came to their spirits, straightened up and opened their eyes. As soon as I saw how well everyone cooperated, the initial stage fright faded a lot, and my feeling slowly came up. I said, “Now we are officially on the topic of today – some experience of writing a good composition.” I talked about it with a banter: “Writing is a process of thick accumulation and thin hair. The deeper the accumulation, the more brilliant the release will be.” Then I pointed to the three pieces of paper that I had pasted on my body and said, “In fact, I have summed up these experiences here: First, read more books, what a good book. Second, observe more and practise more. Third, attach importance to revising articles. I began to elaborate on these three points of experience one by one. In explaining each point of experience, I added two small bright spots: one is to find examples familiar to my classmates. For example, Lu Xun used bees to collect more flowers to make good honey, to illustrate that reading more books to write good articles; Sima Qian traveled the country, examined historical sites, interviewed historical materials, and finally wrote the famous “Historical Records” to illustrate “reading ten thousand volumes of books, traveling ten thousand miles.” Reason. The second is about personal feelings. Because I have three points of experience, so when I say it, everyone is more easily accepted.
Although it was the first time to be a “composition lecturer” on the stage in the whole school, I was not well prepared, and I was a little strange, but the students were so hard to cooperate with my interaction, I was very touched. Soon, 佛山洗浴会所668,I decided to add a part of “answering puzzles in students’compositions” to my speech. It’s a risky move, and nobody will ask. Maybe I can’t answer it, or I’ve answered it, but my opinion is wrong. Whatever the result, it’s a disgrace to me. But I went out and I’m willing to take risks in order to let my classmates get something. I said, “My speech is almost over, do you have any questions to ask?” Unexpectedly, the small hands raised in the audience were like small woods, and I selected five of them to ask questions. Every time, the students who did not choose seemed a little disappointed. At this time, I felt that the students were willing to communicate with me, and the students recognized my first speech.
It’s almost school time. I have to finish my questions. I felt a strange feeling in my heart: like relief, like endless intentions, like turbulent waves, like calm water, like a thousand miles to win, like endless aftertaste. This is my experience as a “composition lecturer”.

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