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He is a good man. He runs in front day by day, and we grow up with him.

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    I remember when I was 13 years old in junior high school, so I naively thought that all my classmates were 13 years old. But in fact, some students are 16 years old, while others are 11 years old. I really felt strange at that time, but I got used to it after a long time. In fact, we all have a pure heart. In this way, after a long time of familiarity, I became entangled with my current partners.
    Junior high school days are different from primary school, which is somewhat fresh and curious. When I first started junior high school, I was an ignorant child, but now I am half an adult. I have to be amazed and grow up, and the days make me grow up slowly unconsciously. Thoughts change more and more, the desire for independence more and more, so I changed, become mature. But it is very childish. Sometimes looking at those innocent and happy children, I will be very envious, envy them can still have a real pure heart. But we can’t, because we are too busy, busy with teachers, parents and that report card. Whether it’s pressure from family or school, we can’t breathe. We grow slowly in this environment.
    Urged by the day, we learned to make pleasure out of bitterness. When we tease the teacher and make jokes in class, we laugh loudly and loudly, as if we were breathing. Teachers often laugh with us. Sometimes the teacher will be very angry, the result is often left behind by the teacher. When class is over, we will fight together. Apart from being dangerous, it is also a good pastime. Usually boys and girls, and then the bullied girl will go after the boy desperately, often at the end of class, no one will say anything, as long as there is no accident, usually stand by and cheer. This is the most interesting activity after class. Like all the students, we also have some small organizations like Black Wind Village, Little Detective Agency, which are our secret organizations. After class, the students gathered in groups to chat. Sometimes people play ball in the back of the classroom, and the teacher has been scattered recently. We also like school, hate major subjects, like physical education classes, lectures, errands, sleeping, passing notes, cheating in exams, like all students, we keep repeating yesterday’s days.
    But we grew up and matured under the leadership of this day, saying goodbye to the ignorance and childishness of the past, our door shouted: “I am me!” with our tender voice. Desire freedom! Desire is not bound, but when we repeatedly rebel against the present day, our door found that in fact we are so useless. We can’t resist the day at all. Only silent acceptance is the only way. So we became good and sensible, and then adults said that we grew up, and we really grew up. In the end, we obeyed fate and let the servant of the fate of the day break our wings.
    We know life forever, but the price is our innocence.
    Days like this let us grow up, mature. Now, instead of chasing the day, we are keeping pace with him…

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