An unforgettable thing

When I was young, I almost forgot to clean, but the only thing that made me feel thrilled and impressed.

That morning, I went to the park with a few friends. There is a small pond in the park, weeds around the pond, and some wildflowers that are not named. There are many huge stones in the shallow waters. There is a cloister and a small pavilion not far from the pond. I boarded a boulder and found a comfortable place to lie down. A golden sun sprinkled on me, warm.

Suddenly, I saw a water lily in the pond. The color was green and the sun was covered with a golden gauze. Daddy, my heart gave birth to the idea of ​​picking up the water lily. It’s just that I can’t swim. What should I do? I look around and look for a longer stick or branch. At this time, I saw a thin but strong branch not far from the shore. I took a look at the light and ran to the shore and crouched down to get the branch. However, it seems that the hand is too short, and I still haven’t got it for a long time. I tilted my body forward again, thinking that I could get it, but my fingertips accidentally touched it and pushed it a little further. I plan to move forward a bit, but I don’t expect it to be unstable. I planted it in the pond.

I only heard a “plop”, I have already fallen into the water. I was a little worried, and there was a chaos in my head. I didn’t respond at all. I didn’t wake up until the moment I entered the water. It’s too late to call for help. I threw my limbs in the water and wanted to make myself surface. After a few tens of seconds, I floated out of the water, but after a while, I fell into the water again. I refused to give up the struggle, but I don’t know why. I have already taken a few mouthfuls of water, and then I will be killed before I drown. I tried to suffocate, but I always ended up failing. After a while, it has not reached the end, how deep is this water? A trace of fear permeates the heart. The bitter chill made my body stiffen and my body temperature slowly dropped. The water surface is getting farther and farther away from me, the light around it is getting darker and darker, but I can’t move. Can I just wait to die? At this moment, I find that life is so fragile. I am still young, and there are still many things that I have not done. I am not willing to die like this. According to this situation, it seems that no one has found me falling into the pond. My consciousness is gradually blurred, my eyelids are heavy, and it seems that I will close at any time, and then I will sleep peacefully. I know that I am on the verge of death. If no one comes to save me, then there is only one dead end. I have always been strong, not letting myself close my eyes, but I am tired after all, and slowly closed my eyes. In this regard, sleep!

Suddenly, a pair of warm and powerful hands grabbed me back from the hands of the god of death. I blinked and saw that it was the father of a friend of my peers. I am grateful to him. The feeling of the rest of the robbery is born, almost, if it is a little later, I will die of Huangquan!

After going through this, I realized that life is so precious. Nowadays, whenever I see water, the drowning event will come to my mind. I tried to forget it, but it seems to be in my heart.

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