Bathe the little turtle

As soon as I saw the tortoise, I remembered a childhood anecdote that impressed me. In the scene, I couldn’t help but see the picture of the most innocent.

That was when I was five years old, my father bought me a cute little turtle. This little turtle is lively and moving, with a green and green shell on his back. The round head is inlaid with black pearls. Eyes, often slicking me. I am ecstatic, if I get the treasure, I will treat the little turtle as a darling, and I won’t touch it.

On this day, Mom and Dad are not at home. I hold the turtle to the kitchen and take some minced meat with a small hand to feed it. The little turtle eats happily. After I have fed it, I go to wash my hands. Suddenly, I smelled a stink, eh? I have already washed my hands, how can I smell? I couldn’t help but smell the smell of the nose with the nose. It turned out to be from the little turtle that had just had a meal. Why is the little turtle stinking, is it because it didn’t bathe? Correct! I should take a shower for the little turtle. The little turtle seemed to feel something pre-feeling, waving his limbs uneasily. I picked up the little turtle and whispered it and said, “Hey, I will bathe you, wash the fragrance!” While walking to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom, I picked up a mug, unscrewed the faucet, and slammed into a cup of cold water. Then I put the struggling little turtle into the water and grabbed my father’s toothbrush and went to the back of the turtle. Brushing, I still sing songs happily in my mouth: “Washing brush, washing brush!” Brush for a while, I thought, the little turtle should be as fragrant as the clothes that my mother took out from the washing machine? So I picked up the little turtle and sniffed the nose and smelled it, huh? How is the little turtle not fragrant? I was puzzled. Suddenly my eyes fell on the washing powder. Yes, my mother used the washing powder to wash the clothes. I should use the “wash turtle powder” to wash the turtles, and I took a bath. With hot water, the small turtle should also be washed with hot water. I quickly went around to find “washing turtle powder”, but I couldn’t find it for a long time, so I had to use shower gel. I poured a cup of hot water first, learned the mother’s appearance and tried the water temperature. I added a little cold water to pick up the little turtle that I wanted to escape. I squeezed a lot of shower gel and put it on the back. The little turtle screamed at once, like a toy that had been clocked, struggling desperately, trying to escape my “claw”. I don’t care. It’s just that the little turtle is too naughty. I don’t want to take a bath like me. I gently brush the shell and head of the turtle with my toothbrush. The little turtle closes her eyes, but it still moves. After a while, the little turtle finally became fragrant. I put the little turtle in the hot water. The little turtle suddenly opened his eyes and swung his limbs like crazy. He tried to run out and struggled. After five or six minutes, the little turtle gradually became weak, and the head and tail limbs were retracted into the shell. Innocently, I thought the little turtle was too comfortable. I ran to play happily and let it “enjoy” alone.

“Oh,” with the door open, two familiar faces appeared in front of me, I said to my mom and dad happily: “Mother and Dad! I just helped the turtle to take a hot bath, it is comfortable. “Ah?!” Mom and Dad screamed at the same time, surprised that the chin was falling to the floor, and then laughed and leaned forward, closed mouth, like two big bananas, mother took a smile and picked up The little tortoise, who almost died, said to me: “Xiaoyi, the turtle can’t take a bath, hot water will burn it.” I listened, “wow” and cried.

Although this childhood fun has been going on for a long time, every time I think about it, I will be laughed at by that time.

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