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Life is slowly in the opening and ending of countless times. As time goes by, many things have already drifted with the wind, and many things can no longer find the feeling of the year. And my childhood, also slowly disappeared in this time feast, I can no longer find the carefree of the year, no longer the innocence and happiness of the year.

In my impression, my childhood seems to have done two things, one is to dig the fruit of the “hook grass”, and the other is to fight “hook grass.” Although there are only two pictures left in my impression, these two pictures, these two seemingly naive behaviors have accompanied me throughout my childhood.

At that time, I didn’t know the so-called “hooking grass” and the fruit. I only know that “hooking grass” is a good thing for fighting skills, and also a good way to test the character.

At that time, I always ran downstairs in my spare time, and I planted it in the green bushes in order to find the strong and powerful “hook grass”. Every time I choose the game’s hook, I always carefully peel off its outer stem, for fear of accidentally dismissing my “first place”. Peeling the grass is like a big head. The long filaments underneath are not particularly good, but this is a slender white line, but it has an amazing pull.

The two thin lines are intertwined. It seems that from the very beginning, I have fixed my heart to be the king. We are pulling each other in the opposite direction. They are also intertwined more closely. Under the pull again and again, one party finally falls. The head, while the winner is with his king to continue the next round of competition. We repeat this and repeat the same action, but we don’t feel bored at all. Only now, I can no longer find the feeling of the year, no longer the happiness of the year, no worries of the year.

We also like to dig up the fruit of the “hook grass” and wash it. It was also a great pleasure for us. But not everyone’s luck can be so good, not all the “hook grass” under the button-sized fruit. So we started the carpet search, it is necessary to find the first fruit, and it is necessary to find enough. I only remember that time, our laughter was very cheerful, very hearty, from which only the innocence of childhood and the joy of seeking, rather than the smile of today.

After the search, we started our “trying to eat” trip, because the amount of searching is not much, so we didn’t eat much, but every time we put the fruit in our mouth, we will all face each other. Smile up. Perhaps it is because this is the result of our mutual search, or our naive resonance in the past, or the friendship that belongs to us is gradually solid in each other’s heart, no matter what, then we are all happy, both It is naive. And these, now no longer, can no longer be found, and my childhood, can no longer go back.

Life is like a stumbling trip. When we have passed the ignorant, innocent, always bumping childhood, we have grown up, and our childhood can’t go back. I miss this period very much, but I also know that the past has passed, and it is no use to recollect it. Instead of reminiscing about the past, it is better to look to the future. Don’t let us indulge in the past and miss the future. A great time. Childhood, beautiful, my future will be more beautiful. Since there is no naive happiness in childhood, then I would rather have the confidence and pride of the future.

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