fly a kite

Yangchun March is a good season for flying kites. On this day, my father and I happily walked into the kite shop and prepared to buy a beautiful kite for a play.

Come to the store, drink, a lot of kites, colorful, beautiful.

And now the kites made by people have their own characteristics on the basis of beauty, among which the colors are red, yellow, green, purple, orange, etc., etc., for a time, it is really dazzling.

The style is also refurbished, with small swallow kites, butterfly kites, dragon-like kites, and kite-shaped kites. In short, kites of all styles have their own characteristics, all of which are made to life.

In a variety of kite styles, I picked and chose. In the end, I chose a swallow kite. I think that every day, I am flying in the messy wind with two black little scorpions, like the swallow’s dexterous wings, and I am a beautiful girl with a graceful personality and a cheerful personality, all day long. It is also like a little swallow flying in the sky. Therefore, I especially like the little swallow kite. When my father and I took the big kite in my hand, I really felt the feeling of putting it down.

After choosing a kite, we started to fly a kite. My father and I happily came to the People’s Street Square and handed the line to Dad’s hand. Fortunately, today’s windy and beautiful, it is suitable for flying a kite. .

So, Dad began to teach me to let go. I first listened carefully, learned how to put the line with my dad, how to take the line, and basically mastered some common sense of kite flying, I started running along with the pink little swallow. Gradually, with the breeze, the little swallows began to leave the ground, swaying a pair of wings, and began to take off under the big hands of Dad.

“Oh, fly, fly.” I was delighted to look at the scenery, and then I went further and further along with the kite’s route, and the kite took off faster and faster, getting higher and higher from the ground. Gradually, I think the kite is far away from me, because it has slowly shrunk in the sky, it flutters cheerfully, but I feel that my heart is somewhat lost. Dad sees me a little lonely little figure. Then, while flying a kite, he smiled: “The little swallow is flying higher and higher, how do you pick up a small mouth, do you see it flying so much, are you not happy?”

“Happy is happy, but I still hope that I can be with my little Swallows. Dad, if I can fly with the Little Swallow, it would be great.” I rushed to Dad, and at the moment, shouted out of me. Heartfelt.

“Haha.” Dad smiled, and then replied to me meaningfully: “Prostitute, as long as you study hard now, try to sharpen yourself in all aspects, one day, you will start a pair of hard wings, in the ideal sky Dad is free to fly, Dad believes in you.”

Dad’s words followed the wind and immediately passed to my ears. I was very happy after hearing it, and I was very excited. I seem to understand the depth of my father’s words. Although I can’t understand everything, I still have a heart. Dad nodded.

Yes, this time, looking up at the kite that has become a small point, I can’t help but think about it. The kite is always implicated by a clue. The clues are freely controlled and control the fate of the kite.

Therefore, I think of life, the journey of life, the road is slow, in fact, everyone’s destiny is in their hands, the kite is dragged by clues, fate is tied by themselves, and profoundly grasp the clues about fate in their hands, Let us fly into our ideal sky and fly higher and higher.

Let yourself be strong, as long as you are willing to work hard, believe in yourself, and believe that we can achieve our own ideals.

One day, I will travel to Xingyu…

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