Resignation of the Russian government

According to CCTV news, Medvedev said that the constitutional amendment and other contents mentioned by President Putin in his state of the Union address will have a significant impact on the balance of power and the administrative, legislative and judicial fields after being discussed and approved. Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation should give the president the opportunity to make all necessary decisions. In this case, Medvedev believes that the current government of the Russian Federation should resign in accordance with Article 117 of the constitution of the Russian Federation.
Russian satellite network reported that Putin expressed his gratitude to the members of the government for their joint efforts, “although not everything has been resolved.”.
Russian satellite network said Putin then nominated Medvedev as vice president of the Russian Federation Security Council, in charge of national defense and security.
Agence France Presse just released the news.
Before Medvedev announced the resignation of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued this year’s state of the Union address in the State Duma.

Cut a flat head for 1500 yuan

A few days ago, Mr. Zhan in Hangzhou went to the Armani shop to have a haircut. As a result, a flat head cost him more than 1500 yuan. Mr. Zhan said that it was still discounted. The original price was 1888 yuan. Mr. Zhan took out his photos of the previous period and compared them with the current ones. He spent 30 yuan on the flat head, slightly longer than the 1500 yuan this time. Other differences were not obvious. But why does Mr. Zhan spend so much money on this flat head?
Things have to start a few days ago. At that time, he went to the beauty salon of Armani Xuan Hangzhou Wangjiang shop to have a haircut. For his own requirements, he said four words: let it be. But I didn’t expect that after “let it be” finished, the haircut turned into a perm. Mr. Zhan couldn’t tell what kind of potion he was using. The final bill showed that three potions were used for shaving and two for washing hair. The total cost was 1888.
Mr. Zhan originally had a 20 yuan haircut three times discount card. On the recommendation of the clerk, he added 2500 yuan to apply for a membership card. In this way, he can get a discount. It is understood that Mr. Zhan actually paid 3200 yuan for his haircut, added 2500 yuan to his membership card and bought more than 700 yuan of liquid medicine. According to Armani Xuan’s explanation, the cost of haircut, membership card and potion can be swiped, which need to be paid extra. In this way, Mr. Zhan paid 1500 yuan for the haircut.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhan thought that the money had been spent unjustly. He was fooled by the barber shop. So, is this mandatory consumption in barbershop? Did you ask Mr. Zhan for permission before perming your hair or using the potion? Manager Zhao of amanihuan gave an explanation. Mr. Zhao said that these potions protect the scalp, and Mr. Zhan agreed when they were applied. But when the reporter asked to see the price list, manager Zhao refused. The two sides couldn’t settle the dispute. Manager Zhao said that at that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his hair and apply the liquid medicine. But Mr. Zhan said he had made it clear that he didn’t need a perm, but the potion went on his head in a muddle.
After negotiation, manager Zhao said he had suffered a loss and refunded Mr Zhan 2500 yuan.

14 year abacus beads in ear

14 year abacus beads in ear
Yu Ming, a 24-year-old (pseudonym), dug his ears with an ear spoon and found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear. After he went to the Department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, the doctor took out an abacus bead hidden in his right ear. Yu Ming recalled that the abacus bead should have been “hidden” in the ear canal for 14 years.
On the night of January 2, Yu Ming (pseudonym), 24, pulled out his ears with an ear spoon after taking a bath at home. He found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear that could not be pulled out. He asked his family to help him look at it and found that a dark yellow hard object was faintly visible in his ear.
In the morning of the next day, Yu Ming came to the outpatient department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University. According to Yu Ming’s self-report and preliminary examination of his right ear, the doctor suggested that Yu Ming should have further otoscopy examination to make sure the hard object was removed.
Zhou Fang, head of Otolaryngology and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, said that according to the image seen under otoscope, doctors found a dark yellow round foreign body in the right deep of the right external auditory meatus, and there was yellow brown cylindrical scab adhesion around the foreign body, showing obvious inflammation.

US aircraft carrier approaching Iran

In the early morning of January 3, the U.S. military dispatched MQ-9 drones and launched four Hellfire missiles. On the mobile Road near Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, it killed major general Sulaimani, the top commander of Iran’s Holy City Brigade, major general mohandes, the deputy commander of the armed people’s mobilization organization of Shiite militias in Iraq, and more than ten members of the organization.
On the evening of January 5, Iran’s top leaders held an emergency national security meeting to discuss how to retaliate against the United States. At the end of the meeting, Iran officially announced its full withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. In the future, the number of centrifuges used for uranium enrichment in Iran, the abundance and production of uranium enrichment will no longer be limited.
In response to possible retaliatory attacks by Iran, the U.S. aircraft carrier is on high alert. The Truman, which has just arrived in the Gulf of Oman, has taken off several f / A-18 Hornets in an emergency manner to prevent attacks from Iran. Recently, the senior commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has publicly threatened that 35 US targets in the Middle East are within the scope of Iran’s attack. Trump also immediately issued a warning that if the Americans were injured, or if American targets were attacked, they would attack 52 important Iranian targets. And there are a lot of weapons that the United States deployed on the ground before, and the war is on the verge.
On the evening of January 4 local time, Iraqi security authorities issued a statement saying that several areas in Iraq were attacked by rockets and mortars, including the Celebration Square in the green area of Baghdad, the jadriya on the South Bank of the Tigris River and the Balad Air Force Base in Salah DIN province. Specifically, one Katyusha rocket landed in the “green zone” of Baghdad City, and three mortar shells hit the Iraqi military warehouse at the baylad Air Force Base on the night of the 4th. Three of the soldiers were injured and the runway of the airport was damaged by mortars that attacked Ballard air force base. Iraqi security forces are investigating these incidents.
According to the report on January 6, Russian media said that President trump of the United States informed the Congress through Twitter on January 5 local time that if Iran launched an attack, the United States would fight back comprehensively and quickly.
Russian satellite news agency reported on January 6 that trump wrote on Twitter: “these posts will serve as a notice to the U.S. Congress. If Iran launches an attack on any U.S. individual or target, the U.S. will quickly and comprehensively fight back, and may take an disproportionate way.”. This kind of legal statement is not necessary, but it has been issued! “
According to reports, US military drones killed Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s “Holy City Brigade” on January 3, leading to a sharp rise in US Iranian tensions.
Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has vowed to avenge Sulaimani. U.S. President trump has previously said that if the Americans are attacked, they will carry out a “quick and powerful attack” on 52 Iranian targets.
The international community calls on the United States and Iran to exercise restraint.
I believe that no matter who we are, we don’t want to see a bad scene happen. I hope trump can wake up soon and return a peace to the world!

C Luo’s first cap in 2020

CCTV news: at 22:00 on January 6, Beijing time (15:00 local time in Italy), the 18th round of Serie A began three matches, and Juventus won Cagliari 4-0 at home. In the first half of the day. In the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first Portuguese player to perform a hat trick in Serie A, and the second player to perform a hat trick in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. in addition, Cristiano Ronaldo also helped substitute Higuain to break the goal and di Barra to make a point.
In the first 12 minutes, Ronaldo’s breakthrough in the middle was knocked down by Joao Pedro, and the free kick from 30 meters in front of the goal hit the wall. Ramsey volleyed 12 meters in front of the goal and missed the right post. Debra’s right stopper, Ramsey’s right cross in the penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo’s volley was blocked.
Ewing almost broke in the 35th minute, pianicki left corner, demilla small restricted area edge header hit the beam!
Cagliari shot right in the first half. Four minutes from the second half, Ronaldo broke the deadlock! He cut off the cross in the backcourt, burst into the right side of the penalty area, crossed goalkeeper Olsen, and then shot into the net at a small angle, 1-0. It was his first Serie A goal in five consecutive rounds and his goal in five major European leagues for 18 consecutive natural years. Among the other active players, Huajin and Pizarro are the only players who have scored in the five major European leagues for 18 consecutive years.
Ewing 67 minutes to expand the score, dibala right into the restricted area was knocked down by Rogge, penalty! C rowing knife, 2 to 0.
Dibala was replaced by Higuain; Ramsey by Douglas Costa. Juve then two more cities! In the 81st minute, Cristiano Cristiano left from the backcourt, Higuain left cut into the forbidden area 13 meters from the door and shot low into the net, 3-0.
Just one minute later, Douglas Costa hit back and scored. The left foot of the Ronaldo penalty area was 6 meters away from the door and stabbed into the near corner, 4-0. He is the player who has scored the most hat tricks in the five major European leagues since January 2008 (36 times wearing hat), and Messi is the second player in 34 times wearing hat. This is also the first time that Ronaldo has scored at least three goals and assisted at least once in a single match since Real Madrid’s match with Verona on March 18, 2018. After he became Sanchez, he was the second player to score a hat trick in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. At the end of the game, Juve won 4-0.

The oldest old man in the world

Overseas, Jan. 2 – Tanaka, who has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest man, celebrated her 117th birthday on Jan. 2.
Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903 in a family of nine brothers and sisters in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Kyodo News Agency reported Tuesday. At the age of 19, she married a man who ran a rice cake shop and had many children.
Tanaka loved to write when she was a child. At her second daughter-in-law’s home in Kawasaki, she kept notebooks and notes of the old man’s memories, records of wars, diseases, and family gatherings and departures.
From these memories, Tanaka not only wrote the painful past, but also recorded the positive side of life, including her life course from Meiji era to Linghe era in Japan, a total of five times.
In September 2019, Tanaka, aged 116 and 66 days, was recognized as the world’s oldest old and the world’s oldest woman.
Tanaka, who currently lives in Fukuoka, Japan, loves to play chess on weekdays. He usually gets up at 6 a.m. every day to learn mathematics and practice calligraphy, Japanese media reported earlier.
According to a survey released by the Ministry of health, labor and welfare in 2018, the number of Japanese centenarians and above has exceeded 69000. According to the prediction of the National Institute of social security and population issues, by 2023, the number of centenarians in Japan may exceed 100000.

Lawyer Ghosn’s response

Carlos Ghosn, a lawyer hired by Nissan’s former chairman in Japan, said Tuesday that they had no idea of the client’s escape plan until they saw the news.
One of the lawyers said he could not use any of the three passports to leave Japan or enter Lebanon under another name, adding that the move was “inexcusable”.
Earlier foreign media reported that Ghosn had left Japan and arrived in Lebanon, and it was unclear how he left while the Japanese court’s travel ban was still in effect.
Ghosn later admitted that he had arrived in Lebanon, saying it was done “to escape injustice and political persecution.”

Right to peace and privacy

On March 23, the 15th session of the 13th National People’s Congress deliberated on the drafts of various parts of the civil code, in which the draft of the right to personality improved the definition of privacy and incorporated “peace of private life” into the right to privacy. The fourth draft revised the definition of privacy as follows: privacy is the quiet private life of natural persons and the private space, private activities and private information that are not known to others.
Refusing to harass is the “just need” of the Internet Age
This means that the right of tranquility, together with private space, activities and information, has become an important connotation of the right of privacy. For a long time, the right of tranquility has been a theoretical concept and has not been formally written into legislation.
With the economic development, especially the development of network technology, the right of tranquility has been paid more and more attention by legislators. It was first written into the decision on strengthening the protection of network information by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in 2012. Article 7 of the decision establishes the right of citizens to refuse commercial advertisements on fixed phones, mobile phones and e-mail. Refusing commercial advertisement is the basic right of citizens to maintain the peace of life, and also the effective extension of privacy law in the protection system of personality right.
Before this, the community convention of a certain network platform also regards the right of tranquility as the basic right of users. In this Convention, the behavior of infringing the user’s cyberspace tranquility, such as private letter harassment, commercial advertisement, frequent @ and so on, is clearly regarded as a category of infringing the right of tranquility, and the obligee can shield it through technical means, of course, it can also be handled according to the contract reporting platform.
It can be seen that the situation of the application of the right of tranquility includes not only the offline real society, but also the online virtual community. From the legislative performance of the existing draft civil code, the right of tranquility is not formally separated from the right to privacy system, but determined by expanding the interpretation of the right to privacy.
There are two main considerations: first, the right of privacy is enough to cover the protection of the right of tranquility, and the connotation and extension of the two rights overlap more, and the right of privacy can absorb the right of tranquility; second, the infringement of the right of tranquility is mostly based on the infringement of personal information, for example, advertising and information harassment can only be carried out on the premise of obtaining citizens’ telephone, mailbox, user name, etc., and personal information is implicit The right of tranquility and the right of privacy are related to each other.
“Tranquility” enters the law and controls the receiving of information
Bringing the right of tranquility into the legal protection system of privacy plays an important and positive role in the development of the legal system of personality right in China. In the future, the application space of the right of tranquility is very large, and both online and offline may become an important hand in safeguarding the right of citizens to live in tranquility.
First, online and offline business publicity needs to strictly abide by the basic principles of the right to tranquility. Not to be disturbed is the core component of the right of tranquility. Internet advertising is not unable to be sent, but based on the basic principle of “prior consent” or “prohibition or stop”. At the same time, the form of advertisement sending must conform to the principle of the right of tranquility. Such “dog skin plaster” like pop ups, stickers and other advertising forms need to be well managed.
Second, there is a new hand for safeguarding rights in the peaceful life of the neighborhood. In addition to calling the police, citizens can also appeal to the court according to the provisions of the right of tranquility in the civil code for the legal liability of the infringer, including stopping the infringement and removing the nuisance.
Third, online “anti harassment” and other technical prevention and control measures will be better and better. According to the principle of the right of tranquility, the social platform should further modify the rules of the platform, return the user’s control over information reception to the user, and protect their rights by setting their own blackout, forbidding comments, etc.
Fourth, the right to tranquility will give more space to social public figures. Celebrities such as artists and online celebrities belong to the public, and their right to privacy, portrait and other personality rights should be derogated to some extent. However, if the public figure does not involve the public interest, the right of undisturbed and peaceful life should be respected. Therefore, the right of peace is more conducive to the peaceful life of public figures.
The right of peace and the right of privacy do not coincide completely
Although the right of tranquility and the right of privacy have a great overlap, we should also see that there are different aspects of application between the two sides. In the future development of personality right law, the right of tranquility may be independent and become a specific personality right.
First of all, the right of tranquility is more applicable than the right of privacy. For example, in the neighborhood, the dog barks at night for a long time downstairs to disturb the residents. According to the draft, the dog barks at night to disturb the residents can be regarded as violating the peace of life. If a lawsuit is filed with the court, the basis of the right of claim is determined to be that the right of peace is more appropriate than the right of privacy.
Secondly, the right of network tranquility is the right to block harassment. For example, in social platforms, there are @ behaviors of others, including harassment and other violations. However, this behavior does not need to know the user’s privacy information, as long as the name of the public account can be obtained, which is not a violation of personal information. If according to the draft, users need to apply the right of privacy to protect their rights, such an appropriate law is really questionable.
Finally, there are many kinds of online commercial advertisements, a large part of which are made in the way of infringing the user’s right of tranquility. For example, pop-up ads, welt ads, embedded ads, and so on. Some of these ads are sent with the consent of users, or meet the needs of network economic practice, but the way of sending them is disgusting or even disgusting. Therefore, the advertising law and other laws and regulations regard “one key close” as one of the basic rights of users of special advertisements. “One key off” is user peace

Ma Yun cashes out 4 billion yuan a year

Today, Hurun Research Institute released the list of the top 30 entrepreneurs in 2019. This list calculates the cash out amount of entrepreneurs listed from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, so as to rank them. No tax is deducted from the amount of cash out.
In the past year, 30 Mainland entrepreneurs have cashed in 91.85 billion yuan, 10% more than last year, the highest amount of cash in the past year.
It is worth noting that in the science and technology circle, since July last year, the Ma Yun family has cashed in 4 billion yuan by reducing part of the equity of Alibaba, a US listed company, and tied sixth with he henjian and he Jianfeng’s father and son in the top 30.
Ding Lei received a dividend of 1.3 billion yuan from Netease, a US listed company.
Ma Yun cashed in 4 billion yuan a year, and 30 Mainland entrepreneurs cashed in 91.85 billion yuan
Amount and method of cash out by entrepreneurs

  1. Cash out amount of Wang Wenxue: 13.1 billion yuan
    Since July last year, Wang has accumulated 13.1 billion yuan by transferring shares of Huaxia happiness and St Hongsheng, a listed company. Wang Wenxue ranks 55th on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 48.5 billion yuan.
  2. Cash out amount of Xu Jiayin: 11.5 billion yuan
    In September last year, the Hong Kong listed company Evergrande under Xu Jiayin issued relevant dividends in 2016 and 2017, and Xu Jiayin received dividends totaling 11.5 billion yuan. Xu Jiayin ranks the third place in the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 210 billion yuan.
  3. Yang Huiyan’s family cash out: 8.9 billion yuan
    From July last year to now, Yang Huiyan has accumulated 8.9 billion yuan from the stock dividends of country garden, a Hong Kong listed company. Yang Huiyan’s family ranks fifth on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 175 billion yuan.
  4. Cash out of Caikui family: 4.55 billion yuan
    At the beginning of this year, Cai Kui reduced his holding of shares of Longhu group, a Hong Kong listed company, to realize cash arbitrage. In addition, the dividend from Longhu group in the past year has accumulated 4.55 billion yuan in cash. Cai Kui’s family ranks 51st on the 2009 Lexus Hurun rich list with a fortune of 50 billion yuan.