No infection in Chinese cities

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 293 cases novel coronavirus pneumonia in Korea at 4, 0-16, and 5621 cases confirmed in Korea. Of all the confirmed cases, the epidemiological survey of more than half of the infected persons pointed to the religious activities held in the Church of the new world in Daegu. When the Korean government asked the church to provide all personnel lists for investigation, the “Xintiandi” church was accused of concealing the truth through various means. 3, the Seoul municipal government said that the “new world” church’s practices were harmful to public interest, and said it would push forward the revocation of its corporate licences in accordance with the procedures.

Accelerating vaccine research and development

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was held at the Beijing municipal daily news conference last night. The thirty-sixth meeting of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing leading group on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia was held at the sixth meeting of the Beijing Capital Management and joint control coordination mechanism.
The meeting pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control is the most arduous, which requires us to continue to make arduous efforts and shoulder the responsibility. The more we face this situation, the more we must insist on seeking answers from science and technology and give full play to the role of commandos on the scientific and technological front. The urgent task is to try our best to save more patients’ lives, to strengthen the combination of drug, medical equipment research and development and clinical treatment, to effectively improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate. We will speed up the research and development of drugs, adhere to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and accelerate the promotion and application of effective drugs that have been developed and screened.
Accelerate the research and development of vaccines with various technical routes, promote the organic connection of vaccine research and development and industrialization chain, and support Zhongguancun enterprises to accelerate the research and development of vaccines, diagnostic reagents, therapeutic drugs and other anti epidemic products. Using artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies to carry out epidemiological and traceability investigation. We will mobilize all forces to do a good job in psychological counseling in an all-round way. We will strengthen the system and capacity-building for disease prevention and control and public health research. We will continue to carry out patriotic health campaigns, and work on improving living conditions, eating habits, social and mental health, and public health facilities.

Hubei No.12 NEW

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 318 cases from 0 to 24 in February 27, 2020, including 313 cases in Wuhan, 2 cases in Yichang, 1 cases in Jingmen, 1 cases in Xiaogan, 1 cases in Qianjiang, 0 cases in Huangshi, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Jingzhou, Ezhou, Ezhou, city, city, prefecture, Prefecture, and other provinces.
There were 41 new cases of disease and death in the province, including 28 in Wuhan, 4 in Huanggang, 3 in Shiyan, 1 in Xiangyang, 1 in Yichang, 1 in Jingzhou, 1 in Ezhou, 1 in Xiaogan, 1 in Suizhou, and 0 in Huangshi, Jingmen, Xianning, Enshi, Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang and Shennongjia.
There are 3203 newly discharged cases in the province, including 2498 in Wuhan, 173 in Xiaogan, 93 in Huanggang, 74 in Ezhou, 52 in Xiangyang, 47 in Suizhou, 46 in Jingzhou, 40 in Huangshi, 37 in Xianning, 33 in Yichang, 32 in Xiantao, 26 in Jingmen, 25 in Tianmen, 17 in Shiyan, 8 in Enshi, 2 in Qianjiang and 0 in Shennongjia forest area.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 65914 cases in Hubei at 24 hours in February 27, 2020. Among them, 48137 cases were in Wuhan, 3517 in Xiaogan, 2904 in Huanggang, 1579 in Jingzhou, 1307 in Ezhou, 1175 in Xiangyang, 1013 in Huangshi, 1175 in Yichang, 1175 in the Yichang, 1175 in the city, and in the case of the city. There were 6 cases, 251 cases in Enshi Prefecture, 198 cases in Qianjiang City and 11 cases in Shennongjia forest area.
26403 cases were cured and discharged, Among them: 15826 in Wuhan, 2041 in Huanggang, 1795 in Xiaogan, 913 in Jingzhou, 753 in Xiangyang, 740 in Suizhou, 685 in Ezhou, 653 in Huangshi, 644 in Xianning, 534 in Jingmen, 429 in Yichang, 389 in Shiyan, 388 in Xiantao, 332 in Tianmen, 172 in Enshi, 99 in Qianjiang and 10 in Shennongjia forest area.
There are 2682 cases of diseases and deaths in the province, including 2132 in Wuhan, 114 in Xiaogan, 114 in Huanggang, 46 in Jingzhou, 43 in Ezhou, 38 in Suizhou, 37 in Jingmen, 33 in Huangshi, 32 in Xiangyang, 31 in Yichang, 19 in Xiantao, 13 in Tianmen, 11 in Xianning, 9 in Qianjiang, 6 in Shiyan, 4 in Enshi and 0 in Shennongjia forest area.
At present, 32878 cases are still in hospital, including 6270 cases of severe illness and 1363 cases of critical illness, all of which have received isolation treatment in designated medical institutions. At present, there are 1989 suspected cases, 332 new cases on that day, 360 suspected cases were excluded on that day, and 1989 suspected cases were intensively isolated. A total of 262195 close contacts were followed up and 43122 were under medical observation.

Why five prisons are infected

On February 26, Xiong Xuanguo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of justice, responded to the questions of reporters from Nandu at the press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council and disclosed in detail the beginning and end of the spread of the prison epidemic.
When referring to how the prison epidemic spread, Xiong Xuanguo made the following disclosure for the first time: Wuhan women’s prison is less than 100 meters away from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, the same bus station for prison police to go to work and the patients to see a doctor in the Pulmonary Hospital, which may have led to the virus input before the full implementation of the closure.
The other three prisons, Rencheng prison in Shandong Province, Hanjin prison in Hubei Province and shilifeng prison in Zhejiang Province, all had contact history of the epidemic area concealed by the police.
According to reports, as of February 25, 555 cases have been confirmed in five prisons in Hubei, Zhejiang and Shandong Province, including 19 suspected cases and 4 severe cases. No criminal infection has occurred in prisons in other regions of the country. At present, 11 cases have been cured and another one has been cured.
On February 21, Shandong, Hubei and Zhejiang provinces successively held press conferences to report the situation. According to the criteria of each province, as of the 20th, 230 cases were confirmed in Wuhan women’s prison, 207 cases in Rencheng prison, 41 cases in Hanjin prison, 34 cases in shilifeng prison, Zhejiang Province, and 512 cases in four prisons. On February 22, the health and Health Commission of Zhejiang Province reported two newly confirmed cases in shilifeng prison, and 514 cases in four prisons.
The TSA noted that within the next three days, the relevant prisons did not disclose the latest situation.
Yesterday, the official WeChat official account of the central political and Law Commission, Changan sword, again disclosed the latest diagnostic data in Hubei prison, which further revealed the latest progress of prison epidemic.
It is reported that as of February 23, there were 323 confirmed cases in Hubei prison, compared with 271 confirmed cases disclosed by Hubei provincial government on February 21, with 52 new cases. In addition, Hubei juvenile penitentiary had a suspected case before. According to the information disclosed by Chang’an sword, the case has been confirmed.
According to preliminary statistics, by February 23, more than 500 cases had been confirmed in five prisons nationwide. It is worth mentioning that on February 24, the health and Health Commission of Hubei Province announced that according to the epidemic regulations, the prison epidemic situation was incorporated into the statistics of Wuhan city and other places, and no longer listed separately.
After the outbreak of the prison epidemic, the Ministry of justice sent 28 supervision groups to carry out on-the-spot supervision, while the investigation group of the central political and legal commission went to Rencheng prison in Shandong Province to investigate the situation comprehensively. The field inspection has the latest results. At the meeting, Xiong Xuanguo introduced in detail the beginning and end of the prison epidemic.
It is understood that Wuhan women’s prison is the most seriously affected prison among the five prisons. As of February 23, 279 people have been confirmed in Wuhan women’s prison.
Xiong Xuanguo said that the prison is less than 100 meters away from Wuhan lung hospital. The same bus station is for the police to go to work and the lung hospital patients to see doctors, which may have caused virus input before the full implementation of the closure.
According to the public information, Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital is located at No. 28, Baofeng Road, Qiaokou District, while Wuhan women’s prison in Hubei Province is located at No. 97, Baofeng first road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan city. The actual distance between the two places is only 64 meters, and it can be reached by walking for one minute. There are many bus stations near Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, but there is no single station near Wuhan women’s prison.
The bureau also noted that Wuhan women’s prison is located in the medical resources gathering area, about 1.2km away, that is, the main hospital area of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, and then 1.3km along Jiefang Avenue, that is, the Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology.
Public reports show that novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first three hospitals in Wuhan closer to the 5 women’s hospital. The hospitals are located at the center of the storm, the Southern China seafood market.
According to Xiong Xuanguo, in addition to Wuhan women’s prison and Hubei juvenile penitentiary, the other three prisons involved in the outbreak, Shandong Rencheng prison, Hubei Shayang prison and Zhejiang shilifeng prison, have concealed the contact history after the police contacted the personnel in the epidemic area of Hubei, resulting in incomplete isolation and spread of the epidemic.
Previously, eight people, including Xie Weijun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Department of justice of Shandong Province, Secretary of the Party committee and the first political commissar of the provincial prison administration, were dismissed due to the ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Rencheng prison of Shandong Province. On February 23, Wu Lei was appointed as the new secretary and director of the Party committee of Shandong provincial prison administration. He once publicly informed that on the afternoon of February 12, a police officer on duty in Rencheng prison was isolated and admitted to the hospital for treatment due to cough. On the evening of February 13, he was diagnosed. At 18:00 p.m. on the same day, another standby police officer was also diagnosed as a confirmed case.
According to the media, the two policemen were roommates when they were closed during the period of epidemic prevention and control. One of the policemen had a way to return to his hometown in Wuhan, and it was not sure who infected first.
Hanjin prison is located in Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province. A police officer in Hanjin prison was given a serious warning in the party for failing to truthfully report his life path, Hubei Daily reported.
On February 24, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, went to Hubei Provincial Prison Administration to supervise the epidemic prevention work of Hubei prison by video. According to Chang’an Jian, more than 20 relevant personnel in Hubei Province have been punished for the prison epidemic. In addition to the removal of the Secretary of the Party committee and the prison director of Wuhan women’s prison, another one has been put on file for investigation. Chen Yixin made it clear in his supervision that we should fully understand the health status of the policemen and their relatives,

Another earthquake in Jinan

According to the determination of Jinan seismic network: at 09:32 on February 19, 2020, an earthquake with m 0.6 occurred in Changqing District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (36.49 degrees north latitude and 116.61 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 7 km. The earthquake is the aftershock activity of m4.1 earthquake in guide sub district office of Changqing District at 17:07 on February 18.
According to the measurement of Jinan seismic network, at 17:07 on February 18, 2020, m4.1 earthquake with focal depth of 10 km occurred in guide sub district office of Changqing District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (36.47 degrees north latitude and 116.64 degrees east longitude). Jinan earthquake monitoring center organized the earthquake information consultation as soon as possible, and conducted joint consultation with the national and provincial earthquake departments. According to the comprehensive analysis of experts, it is believed that the possibility of larger earthquakes in the central region of the original earthquake is relatively small in recent days. Jinan earthquake monitoring center will closely track the development of earthquake sequence and regional earthquake situation, make tracking judgment on the post earthquake trend and timely release relevant information.

No newly confirmed cases in many provinces

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Hainan, Qinghai, Ningxia and Tibet at 0-24 hours in February 15th. No new confirmed cases of pneumonia were found in Gansu from 20 to 15 on the 14 th, 14. Among them, there were no new cases in Tibet for 17 consecutive days, and the only confirmed case was cured and discharged in the afternoon of February 12; there were no new cases in Qinghai for 10 consecutive days, and there were 5 confirmed cases in hospital.

Resignation of the Russian government

According to CCTV news, Medvedev said that the constitutional amendment and other contents mentioned by President Putin in his state of the Union address will have a significant impact on the balance of power and the administrative, legislative and judicial fields after being discussed and approved. Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation should give the president the opportunity to make all necessary decisions. In this case, Medvedev believes that the current government of the Russian Federation should resign in accordance with Article 117 of the constitution of the Russian Federation.
Russian satellite network reported that Putin expressed his gratitude to the members of the government for their joint efforts, “although not everything has been resolved.”.
Russian satellite network said Putin then nominated Medvedev as vice president of the Russian Federation Security Council, in charge of national defense and security.
Agence France Presse just released the news.
Before Medvedev announced the resignation of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued this year’s state of the Union address in the State Duma.

Cut a flat head for 1500 yuan

A few days ago, Mr. Zhan in Hangzhou went to the Armani shop to have a haircut. As a result, a flat head cost him more than 1500 yuan. Mr. Zhan said that it was still discounted. The original price was 1888 yuan. Mr. Zhan took out his photos of the previous period and compared them with the current ones. He spent 30 yuan on the flat head, slightly longer than the 1500 yuan this time. Other differences were not obvious. But why does Mr. Zhan spend so much money on this flat head?
Things have to start a few days ago. At that time, he went to the beauty salon of Armani Xuan Hangzhou Wangjiang shop to have a haircut. For his own requirements, he said four words: let it be. But I didn’t expect that after “let it be” finished, the haircut turned into a perm. Mr. Zhan couldn’t tell what kind of potion he was using. The final bill showed that three potions were used for shaving and two for washing hair. The total cost was 1888.
Mr. Zhan originally had a 20 yuan haircut three times discount card. On the recommendation of the clerk, he added 2500 yuan to apply for a membership card. In this way, he can get a discount. It is understood that Mr. Zhan actually paid 3200 yuan for his haircut, added 2500 yuan to his membership card and bought more than 700 yuan of liquid medicine. According to Armani Xuan’s explanation, the cost of haircut, membership card and potion can be swiped, which need to be paid extra. In this way, Mr. Zhan paid 1500 yuan for the haircut.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhan thought that the money had been spent unjustly. He was fooled by the barber shop. So, is this mandatory consumption in barbershop? Did you ask Mr. Zhan for permission before perming your hair or using the potion? Manager Zhao of amanihuan gave an explanation. Mr. Zhao said that these potions protect the scalp, and Mr. Zhan agreed when they were applied. But when the reporter asked to see the price list, manager Zhao refused. The two sides couldn’t settle the dispute. Manager Zhao said that at that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his hair and apply the liquid medicine. But Mr. Zhan said he had made it clear that he didn’t need a perm, but the potion went on his head in a muddle.
After negotiation, manager Zhao said he had suffered a loss and refunded Mr Zhan 2500 yuan.

14 year abacus beads in ear

14 year abacus beads in ear
Yu Ming, a 24-year-old (pseudonym), dug his ears with an ear spoon and found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear. After he went to the Department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, the doctor took out an abacus bead hidden in his right ear. Yu Ming recalled that the abacus bead should have been “hidden” in the ear canal for 14 years.
On the night of January 2, Yu Ming (pseudonym), 24, pulled out his ears with an ear spoon after taking a bath at home. He found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear that could not be pulled out. He asked his family to help him look at it and found that a dark yellow hard object was faintly visible in his ear.
In the morning of the next day, Yu Ming came to the outpatient department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University. According to Yu Ming’s self-report and preliminary examination of his right ear, the doctor suggested that Yu Ming should have further otoscopy examination to make sure the hard object was removed.
Zhou Fang, head of Otolaryngology and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, said that according to the image seen under otoscope, doctors found a dark yellow round foreign body in the right deep of the right external auditory meatus, and there was yellow brown cylindrical scab adhesion around the foreign body, showing obvious inflammation.