TCL Group plans to change its name

China business daily / China business network (reporter zushuang) appliance companies are still changing their names. On January 13, TCL Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TCL Group) announced that it planned to change the company name to TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd. and the securities abbreviation to TCL technology. In recent years, the renaming of household appliance enterprises is common. What is the reason behind this phenomenon?
TCL Group plans to change its name to TCL Technology
According to the data, the predecessor of TCL group is Huiyang area electronic industry company. In 1985, TCL communication equipment Co., Ltd. registered under the name of “TCL” was invested and established. It was officially changed into TCL Group Co., Ltd. in 2002 and has been used up to now. After 38 years of development, TCL group covers TV, mobile phone, home appliances and other terminals and supporting businesses, semiconductor display devices and materials, industrial finance, investment and venture capital and other businesses.
It is reported that the renaming of TCL group is directly related to its major asset restructuring in 2019. In 2019, TCL group completed the delivery of major asset restructuring, divested the intelligent terminal and related supporting businesses from the listed company and handed them over to TCL Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. At the beginning of 2019, TCL Group announced that TCL Group plans to divest the consumer electronics business with 4.76 billion yuan and focus on the display panel business of csot. In November 2019, csot officially changed its name to TCL csot. It is mentioned in the announcement that the name “TCL Group” is no longer applicable because the business scope of the company has changed substantially.
Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, once said that TCL Huaxing optoelectronics accounted for more than 70% of the total fixed assets of the company. Industrial restructuring is one of the main reasons why TCL group changed its name to TCL technology group, which means that the company will pay more attention to the characteristics of its high-tech industry. Since then, the company has changed from a diversified traditional household appliance enterprise to a high-tech company focusing on semiconductor display and material industry, and Developing Industrial Finance and investment business. “In the near future, the company will continue to reset the remaining enterprises to make the business more focused,” said Li.
In the announcement, TCL Group disclosed that TCL Huaxing will focus on large-scale LCD high-end products through mini led on TFT and 8K technology, and take the lead in layout and printing OLED technology research and development and commercial application. The company will also seize the opportunity of industrial adjustment and industry reshuffle, accelerate the vertical extension and horizontal integration of the industrial chain, especially the investment layout in the fields of basic materials, next generation display materials and key equipment in new process.
In fact, in recent years, the phenomenon of renaming household appliance enterprises is common. On June 5, 2019, Qingdao Haier announced that the original name “Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd.” is to be changed to “Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd.”. After the change, “Haier smart home” will focus more on the accelerated development of smart family ecological brand; on July 8 of the same year, Skyworth Digital said that the company name had been changed from “Skyworth Digital” to “Skyworth Group”; on December 20 of the same year, Hisense Electric released a notice that the name was officially changed from “Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.” to “Hisense Video Technology Co., Ltd.” “
Why are appliance giants keen to change their names? Zhang Jianfeng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China household electrical appliances business association, told China Business Daily that from the perspective of industry, at present, the household electrical appliances industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and technology; from the perspective of the enterprise itself, the original name of the enterprise has certain limitations and is not suitable for the current development needs of the enterprise.
“Like with the name of” group “, it can reflect the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but it can not highlight the main business. At present, TCL Group has focused on panel, integrated circuit, chip and other high-tech fields. After the name change, TCL group can more reflect the company’s science and technology and innovation. ” Zhang Jianfeng told China business daily.
Hong Shibin, an industry observer, said, “the trend of renaming household appliances enterprises is an ecological fission based on household appliances. In addition, most of the companies involved in the renaming trend are listed companies. One of the important reasons for these listed companies to “go home electrification” through renaming is to pursue market value to improve their share price and leave more imagination space for the capital market. “.

Sukhola’s MV is open

People’s Daily News 13, South Korea’s late singer sukhola personally participated in the composition of the song “hello” MV open, the song to express gratitude to fans ballad.
“Hello” is a sad lyric song, which highlights the delicate voice of sukhola. The MV is based on the night view of Tokyo like by sukhola. In the black-and-white MV, the performance of sukhola’s eyes is amazing. Light interlaced, color conversion, meaning from dark to light.
In addition, it is regrettable that sukhola died on November 24, 2019.

US cities strengthen vigilance

The U.S. military drones launched air strikes on Baghdad, Iraq. At present, the U.S. cities have strengthened their vigilance! The Spring Festival holiday is coming. If you are abroad, in case of emergency, please contact the global consular protection and service emergency call center of the Ministry of foreign affairs in time, Tel.: + 86-10-12308.
U.S. drones launched an air strike on Iraq’s Baghdad International Airport in the early morning of the 3rd, killing several people, including the commander of Iran’s special forces, Kasim Sulaimani. After that, U.S. cities have stepped up their vigilance. Washington, D.C., is on alert. The mayor of Washington, D.C., reminded the public to contact law enforcement immediately if any suspicious activity is found.

Ratings of cross year party

On the evening of December 31, 2019, six cross year galas were broadcast at the same time, including CCTV and Beijing Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV. From the perspective of kuyun data, the ratings of Hunan Satellite TV’s new year’s party ranked first.
Hunan Satellite TV’s new year’s party ranked first with 3.8% live coverage and 23% market share, CCTV ranked second, Oriental TV and Jiangsu TV ranked third and fourth, Beijing TV ranked sixth, and Zhejiang TV ranked bottom. Hunan Satellite TV is the first to hold a new year’s party. It has been 15 years so far, and most of the time it has the highest ratings.
This year, Hunan Satellite TV’s new year’s party is full of stars, with more than 100 stars participating, 16 hosts, and a lot of traffic stars and strength singers. Not only the TV ratings are high, but also there are many hot searches on Weibo. Thanks to “the host of Xie Na”, Xie Na is on the top of the hot search on Weibo.
Oriental satellite TV has collected five top-level traffic, namely Xiao Zhan, Li Xian, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Yixing and delireba. Zhang Xinzhe, Liang Jingru, Li Keqin, Na Ying, Li Jian, a yunga, Zheng Yunlong, Zhou Shen, Liao Changyong and Mao Beiyi will join in, but the audience is still accustomed to watching Hunan Satellite TV.
In the 2018-2019 cross year party, Jiangsu Satellite TV beat Hunan Satellite TV. Over the years, Jiangsu Satellite TV has been adhering to the tradition of “only invite singers, not traffic”. But this time, Cai Xukun was invited. Maybe that’s the reason why their ratings dropped. It’s a bit “out of place”. The ratings dropped compared with last year.
In fact, the lineup of Jiangsu satellite TV’s new year’s Eve party is also very strong. Besides Cai Xukun, William Chan, Li Yuchun, Zhang Jie, Joker Xue, Emil Chau, Nicholas Tse, Nicholas Tse, and so on. However, Jiangsu Satellite TV’s new year’s party, including the host, has only 22 stars, the least of the six parties.
CCTV and Beijing TV are both recorded and broadcast, with a little discount on the visibility. However, CCTV’s audience base is too broad, so it still ranks second. The reason why Beijing Satellite TV didn’t come to the bottom – Zhejiang satellite TV also broadcast the new year’s party. Because of the incident of Gao Yixiang, Zhejiang satellite TV was boycotted, so the audience rating is very normal, it is a miracle to be able to broadcast.
In fact, the star lineup of Zhejiang satellite TV’s New Year party is not weak. Because Jackie Chan is here, other stars dare to come, including Li Chen, Zheng Kai, fan Chengcheng, Zhong Chuxi, Hu Yanbin, Wu Jinyan, Cheng Xiao, Wang Ju, Chen Xuedong, Zhong Hanliang, Yuan Yawei, Wang Sulong, Liu Xianhua, Phoenix legend, etc.

Sudden death of driver

As in many cases of sudden death, the driver died of overwork. According to the survey, this is an online car Hailing driver on didi platform. He intended to make more money to support his family when the cross-border business was good, but this tragedy happened unexpectedly.
New year’s day across the big, the family should be happy to spend the reunion, to meet the new year, but to live, but also have to rush to work. In the adult world, the pressure is unimaginable. No matter ordinary working people, middle-class white-collar workers or rich bosses, they are all working for life and career, but in different forms.
Adults have too many responsibilities, old and young. All the hard work is just to make their families live better. Even if they have too much pain, they don’t want to say it. They always feel that swallowing is what an adult should look like. How many people look strong on the outside, but silently shed tears on the inside. All the images of invulnerability and inviolability are false in fact.
Therefore, as a loved family, we should pay more attention to the figure paid for the family and touch his mental fatigue. In our daily life, we should respect and understand each other’s strangers. In this society, it is not easy for us. The person you despise may be a family day. If everyone can respect, be considerate and give a smile that can be easily done, then all the suffering may be alleviated~

Tencent is compensated 45.24 million yuan

Tencent was compensated 45.24 million yuan, and the Court confirmed that the amount of compensation for the infringement of the right of reproduction of six game maps and the right of information network dissemination of Tencent’s “cross the line of fire” game was 45.24 million yuan.
Legend is coming.
Recently, Shenzhen intermediate people’s court made a first instance decision on Tencent’s case of suing seven companies, including Changyou yunduan and yingyinghuiyi, for infringing the copyright of online game “cross the line of fire” game map by six game maps of mobile game “gun battle of the whole people” issued by yingyingyinghuiyi, and ordered seven defendants to stop the infringing act immediately and jointly compensate Tencent for its economic losses And the reasonable maintenance cost exceeds 45.24 million yuan.
“Crossing the line of fire” is a first person shooting online game launched by South Korea’s Xiaomen company in 2007. Tencent has the exclusive agent operation right of “crossing the hot line” in mainland China from 2012 to 2021. “Crossing the line of fire” is very well-known in China, with a very wide range of game players.
“Gun battle of the whole people” is a mobile game developed by Changyou cloud (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of hero Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. of the new third board company. “Gun battle of the whole nation” pioneered the game control mode of left-hand mobile role, right-hand mobile lens and shooting, so that when there is no peripheral equipment such as mouse, keyboard and game handle on the mobile phone end, it can also give players high-quality shooting control experience.
Tencent sued that the artistic images of many game maps, small maps and props and firearms in the national gunfight are the same or substantially similar to those in the operation structure, layout, color matching and modeling design of the cross fire line, as well as the game design it carries. Tencent is suspected of infringing the copyright of the cross fire line game, so it will develop and transport it Seven companies operating “gun battle for all” filed a lawsuit to the court.
According to the judgment obtained by 21st century economic report, Tencent sued for plagiarism of six game scene maps of “crossing the line of fire”, including transportation ship, new year square, railway station, street battle, border trade city and giant city ruins. Ai Rui’s consulting report shows that the utilization rate of the players of the six maps accounts for 62.3% of the total scene maps of crossing the line of fire.
Taking the “transport ship” of the two games as an example, the court found that the plane outline and structure, object position arrangement, object shape and object quantity of the “transport ship” small map in the “gun battle of the whole people” were the same as those of the “transport ship” small map in “crossing the fire line”.
In terms of game scene map, the court found that the same points of the two “transport ship” cabin maps are: one cabin is set at both ends of the map, and two exits are set in each cabin, one of which is equipped with L-shaped curtain wall. In the cabin, the path entrance to the opposite position on both sides of the map is set behind the L-shaped curtain wall. The difference is: the scene color decoration art appearance is different.
In the case of map of the cabin scene of the transport ship “gun battle of the whole people”, both parties applied for expert support personnel. According to the judgment, the expert assistant of the plaintiff said that shooting game is a very sophisticated game for map structure. There are seven stages in making a shooting game map, with an average production cycle of three months. White box design is the most important. In the white box state, the design of shelter and path is used to achieve the preset goal. After the completion of the white box iteration test, you can attach any artistic effect to the white box. On the other hand, this process is reversible. You can directly strip the art resources of the game map, remove the art effect, get the white box, and then give the white box to the art to change the skin again, which saves the steps of designing the white box.
In the first person shooting game, the operation mode and shooting mode are the most important, and the scene map of the game is a very small part of the game design, said the expert assistant of the defendant.
The court held that the game scene map conforms to the type of “schematic diagram” in the “copyright law” on “explaining the principle or structure of things” in graphic works, and should be protected by the copyright law. In terms of the basic expression of the overall composition, internal combination structure and layout of the six game scene maps accused of infringement in the “gun battle of the whole people”, they are the same or substantially the same as those in “crossing the line of fire”. In case of infringement of Tencent’s right of reproduction and information network communication, Tencent shall be liable for the infringement.
For the determination of the compensation amount, the judgment shows that the court estimated the net profit of Changyou cloud’s “gun battle of the whole people” from 2015 to may 2017 to be more than 572 million yuan based on the data disclosed in the hero entertainment announcement. The judgment also shows that the life cycle of “gun wars for all” is designed to be 5 years, which will be online in 2014, growing in 2015 and 2016, and declining in 2017 and 2018. The growth rate of recharge income in 2017 has been – 17.7%.
In addition, the court determined the contribution rate of the game map to the first person shooting game as 20% according to the claims of the plaintiff and the defendant. The court also combined the evidence of both sides, taking 39.53% as the contribution ratio of six game maps in this case in all game maps.
Finally, the Court confirmed that the compensation for the infringement of the right to copy six game maps and the right to spread information on the Internet by the national gun battle was over 45.24 million yuan (572 million X20% x39.53%).

Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway opens today

On December 30, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway will be officially put into operation. We will help the integration and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and provide transportation service guarantee for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The total length of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is 174 kilometers, with 10 stations including Beijing North, Qinghe, Badaling Great Wall, Huailai, Zhangjiakou, etc.
On December 30, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway was put into operation.
The Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway starts from Beijing North Station, passing Qinghe station, Shahe station (without passenger transportation), Changping Station, Badaling Great Wall Station, donghuayuan north station, Huailai station, Xiahuayuan north station and Xuanhua station, and finally arrives at Zhangjiakou, another host of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.
The fastest running time from Beijing to Zhangjiakou will also be reduced from the current 3 hours and 7 minutes to 47 minutes! Hohhot to Beijing will also be compressed from 9 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 9 minutes at most, and Datong to Beijing will be up to 1 hour and 42 minutes at most.
On December 30, passengers took g8811 train to Chongli Prince city station. On the same day, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was put into operation, and the Chongli railway was put into operation simultaneously. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (Photo by Peng Ziyang)
On the day of opening, passengers got a limited edition of “customs clearance notice” of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway.
With the simultaneous opening of two high-speed railway lines, Dazhang (Datong Zhangjiakou) and Huzhang (Huhhot Zhangjiakou), into the Beijing Tianjin Hebei high-speed railway circle, it is more convenient for Beijingers to go skiing in Chongli, see Yungang Grottoes in Datong and eat mutton in Hohhot on weekends, and the radiation range of Beijing Tianjin Hebei metropolitan circle is further expanded.
Li Guoping, President of the Capital Development Research Institute of Peking University, told the 21st century economic reporter that the simultaneous opening of the three railways means that another major channel connecting the northwest of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has been established, which is conducive to promoting the connection of talents, technology, culture and tourism resources between Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the northwest.
One way skiing for an hour to Chongli
“I can take the high-speed rail back to Beijing in the afternoon.” At noon on December 30, Ms. Dong, a white-collar post-90s Beijing worker who was skiing in Chongli, told 21st century economic news that she spent four hours on a bus from Beijing to Chongli last Friday. Fortunately, she was on her way back to Beijing Zhang high-speed railway for the first day of opening, which could save nearly three hours.
On December 30, g2505 train stopped at Zhangjiakou station of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway. On the same day, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was put into operation, and the Chongli railway was put into operation simultaneously. Photo by Mou Yu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency
Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is an important part of Beijing Lanzhou channel, the main channel of “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway in the national medium and long-term railway network planning. It is an important transportation infrastructure for the coordinated development of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Beijing Tianjin Hebei. The line starts from Beijing North Station in the East and ends at Zhangjiakou station in the West. The total length of the main line is 174 km. The construction started in December 2015.
When the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is put into operation, the Chongli railway, a branch line of the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, is put into operation at the same time. The Chongli railway is led from the Xiahuayuan North Station of the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway to the Winter Olympic village of Chongli Prince city.
According to China National Railway Corporation, the fastest operation time of Beijing North Station to taizicheng station is one hour and four minutes, and the intelligent EMU Fuxing is 350 kilometers per hour.
21st century economic reporter noted that the tickets of Beijing high-speed railway sold out or only a few first-class seats remained. The opening of the high-speed railway has excited skiing enthusiasts in Beijing. The tickets for the high-speed railway in Beijing are also in short supply at the snowy weekend. Many skiing enthusiasts are preparing to grab tickets.
Miss Dong introduced that most of them would choose to leave Beijing for Chongli on Friday afternoon and return to Beijing on Sunday. There are many people skiing in Chongli this weekend. There are also many young people skiing winter camps in Chongli, where children usually stay for a week.

Wang Yangming announces to be a father

On the Christmas night of December 25, Wang Yangming announced that his wife Cai Shiyun had been safely produced in a microblog. He said: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us.”
In fact, Wang Yangming’s wife’s due date was at the end of December. It seems that her daughter couldn’t help it, so she came out so quickly. But from the picture. His wife and children are very safe. Wang Yangming also exposes a picture of holding hands with his wife and daughter.
According to Wang Yangming, the baby is 48 cm tall, 2800 cm in weight, with eyes like a mother and nose like a father. Because Cai Shiyun has a quarter of Russian blood, they choose katiya, a Russian pronunciation for their daughter, which is similar to “Cartier”.
Wang Yangming also recorded the whole process of his wife’s birth. It is reported that he wept with joy when he saw his daughter at first sight.
On the evening of December 23, Wang Yangming posted a photo of her pregnancy with her wife Cai Shiyun on the social platform, adding: “this is the most beautiful moment for her. Women are really great. How much they need to pay and sacrifice for the birth of a new life.”
Speaking of Wang Yangming, we should all be familiar with him. He is Xiao Yaxuan’s ex boyfriend. Many people’s initial impression of him may have been that they had a relationship with Xiao Yaxuan in 2004, but they broke up after only two years. Later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun came together. They also experienced separation and combination, but finally got married in 2015.
However, some people say that Wang Yangming, 37, is now a father. Xiao Yaxuan, 40, is still in love with her 24-year-old boyfriend. Will Xiao Yaxuan find another boy one day and finally find out that his father is a former boyfriend when he gets married?
It’s not unreasonable for netizens to say that. Although the two have been in love for a long time, Wang Yangming chose to take charge of one person in 2015, while Xiao Yaxuan talked about more than ten boyfriends.
Wang Yangming, as the most handsome man in Taiwan, has a very high face value. Although he spent time with Zhang Li through a variety show, the two soon broke up. And his wife is Wang Yangming’s lover who had been in love for eight years before Zhang Li. After breaking up with Zhang Li, Wang Yangming quickly reunited with his predecessor and got married in four months. Now she has another daughter. It’s still Christmas. No wonder Wang Yangming is so happy.
Wang Yangming wrote on the Internet last night: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us. The arrival of my daughter is probably the most amazing gift of Christmas Eve. Wang Yangming has two photos, one with three hands in one family, and the other with Wang Yangming touching his daughter’s head and lying on the edge of his wife’s bed. Cai Shiyun’s skin is really good. Even after the birth, the skin is still white to shine.
It is reported that Cai Shiyun gave birth by caesarean section and chose Christmas Day specially. It is understood that it has a special meaning. Because Cai Shiyun’s grandfather is Russian, she is a mixed race baby, and her name is Cartier because she has Russian pronunciation in English, so she chose this name.
Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun in 2007, and then broke up because of long-distance love. In 2014, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun were reunited. Then on April 7 of the following year, Wang Yangming announced that he had been engaged to Cai Shiyun. In December of the same year, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun held their wedding at the manor in Sydney, Australia. Into the palace of marriage. In September this year, Wang Yangming announced on social network that Cai Shiyun was pregnant. Three months later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun’s daughter, Cartier, were born.
Before the actor Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun, he had a two-year relationship with singer Xiao Yaxuan. Later, when he broke up with CAI Shiyun, he also had a relationship with actress Zhang Li. They had been on the program together and attended the activity.

Death penalty for sexually assaulted children

Jiang Qibo, a member of the judicial committee of the Supreme People’s court, said on December 18 that from January to November this year, 4159 cases of child molestation were tried in the first instance by courts across the country. In July this year, a criminal who raped a young girl to death was sentenced to death.
In view of the frequent situation of sexual assault on children, such as rape and indecency, the people’s court insists on the position of zero tolerance, and resolutely punishes the death penalty according to law for the cases of sexual assault on children with extremely bad nature, circumstances and serious consequences.