Governor of New York thanks China

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference Thursday that 1000 Chinese donated respirators will arrive at New York’s Kennedy Airport on the same day. At the meeting, he thanked the Chinese government, Huang Ping, Consul General of China in New York, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba, and Cai Chongxin for their help. On the 3 day, Como once Tucao the United States even make complaints about masks, and also look for China’s imports.

American milk drain

According to reports, novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in the United States, there was a surplus of milk in the United States, and Wisconsin farmers were forced to pour one hundred thousand gallons of milk. Wisconsin authorities are urging USDA to buy surplus goods and redistribute them to charity programs.
Indeed, middle school textbooks refer to “capitalists would rather pour milk out than give it to the poor”, but in fact, a series of milk pouring events happened in the 1930s during the great depression in the United States may not be the same as those described in the textbooks and as you think.
Having made it clear who “capitalist” is, let’s analyze why “capitalist” should pour milk. In the 1920s, with the development of technology, the output of American dairy industry gradually reached a very high level. In 1929, the United States produced 11.052 billion US gallons of milk. When the great depression began, the serious overproduction of dairy industry was inevitably exposed.
According to the law of supply and demand, when the demand is certain, the increase of commodity supply will reduce the price of products. That is to say, the more milk is supplied, the lower the price of milk should be when the demand for milk of the American people remains unchanged. During the depression, milk production, which was heavily oversupplied, greatly depressed the price of milk. In 1930-1933, the price per 100 pounds of milk was $3.48, and the price of milk purchased directly from dairy farmers was lower. According to records, the average purchase price of 3.5% milk fat content in New York state was $0.99 per 100 pounds in April 1933. What kind of concept is this? Yao’s weight is about 300 pounds. It was only $2.97 to buy a portion of Yao’s weight milk at that time.
In the market economy, participants always follow a simple rule, that is, when they carry out market activities, the benefits they get must be greater than the costs they pay. For farmers during the depression, as the price of milk fell, they gradually found that there was no need for milk trading.
In the market, the cost of completing a transaction is not only the cost of commodity production, but also the cost of transportation, information search, time and other costs. In economics, we call these costs for achieving an exchange as transaction costs. We will use this concept to explain the problem.
To be sure, milk has been produced and is not easy to store. If it can’t be sold, it will go bad. But that doesn’t mean dairy farmers can accept any price for milk. Because there are transaction costs in the process of transaction. Specifically, in the transaction of milk, the transportation cost of milk and the time spent by dairy farmers looking for purchasers can be included in the cost of completing the transaction of milk, and this cost is not fixed or once and for all, but the cost of each transaction.
Therefore, when the dairy farmers find that the income from selling all the milk is less than the cost of transporting the milk, the dairy farmers naturally lose the power of trading. In addition, the cow does not want to produce milk to produce milk. If it wants to stop producing milk, it will stop producing milk. When it reaches the point, the dairy farmer has to milk the cow, otherwise it will do harm to the body of the cow. And milk storage also needs to pay extra costs, so at this time, dairy farmers seem to have no other way than pouring milk. In January 1934, thousands of desperate dairy farmers in Chicago, Illinois blocked roads and dumped more than 100000 pounds of milk. Similar milk pouring events occurred in California during the same period.
So we can find that when the price of goods in the market is lower than the logistics cost of goods, the goods lose the significance of transaction for the producers. Because of the existence of transaction costs, it will lead to one side that the poor can’t afford milk, and the dairy farmers will pour the milk at the same time.

Faye Wong’s party

“Queen of heaven” Faye Wong stepped into the age of 50 last year, and her life style became more Buddhist. In the past, as long as every other month or two, fans had the chance to meet Faye Wong. However, since the beginning of the year, Faye Wong’s whereabouts have been mysterious and disappeared. It is said that she and Nicholas Tse went skiing in Japan at the beginning of the year, but only Nicholas Tse appeared in the fans’ lens.
Since I can’t meet Faye Wong by chance, fans can only search all over the web to find her clues. As a result, her efforts are not inferior to those of her heart. Faye Wong finds the photos of Faye Wong at the beginning of this year. The photos were taken in January, but they haven’t spread.
The shooting place is a square in Beijing. At that time, the Faye Wong family attended the Liyan auction, including former husband Li Yapeng, Zhou Xun, Dou Jingtong, Zhou Jie and others. In January, their photos were exposed one by one, just to avoid suspicion, they did not have the same frame.

Forest fire in Wutai Mountain

Xinzhou, China, March 21 (Li Tingyao, Lu Qi Guo) on March 20, baiyun temple in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province was threatened by a mountain fire. The fire was only fifty or sixty meters away from the temple building. More than 120 officers and men of Taiyuan fire rescue detachment carrying out the task of remote reinforcement rushed up the hillside with a slope of more than 70 degrees to fight against the open fire for more than 10 hours, ensuring the safety of baiyun temple.
At 18:10 on March 19, a fire broke out near the beautiful cableway parking lot of fomudong in Taihuai Town, Wutai Mountain scenic spot. Baiyun temple was about 1km away from the fire point in a straight line. The fire threatened baiyun temple and baiyun temple village nearby from the south, West and North.
At about 11:30 on March 20, when more than 120 officers and men of Taiyuan fire rescue detachment and more than 20 fire trucks arrived at baiyun temple for remote assistance, there were open fires on both sides of the north and south sides of the temple. Among them, a fire on the North hillside is only 20 meters away from the temple wall, and another fire is close to the peacock breeding site on the west side of the temple.
After the emergency reconnaissance of the fire, Taiyuan fire rescue detachment determined to take baiyun temple as the core, the south side of the temple from baiyun temple to the East-West Road along the Buddha mother hole as the main battlefield, deployed 13 large tonnage water tank fire trucks to set up water guns and water cannon positions, adopted the operational policy of combining fighting with separation and wetting the mountain to stop the fire, and immediately carried out open fire blocking.
At this time, Shen Guangting, the leader of the special service brigade of the detachment, has led two squadron commanders to climb the hillside on the north side of baiyun temple for further fire detection. At 12 o’clock, 12 firefighters of two fighting groups climbed up the hillside, laid more than 100 meters water belt, and shovel and other fire fighting tools, and began to block open flames.
Taiyuan fire rescue detachment takes baiyun temple as the core, the east-west road from baiyun temple to Buddha mother cave as the main battlefield, and 13 large tonnage water tank fire trucks are deployed to set water guns and water cannon positions. Photographed by Li Tingyao
The fight was extremely difficult. The slope on the north side of baiyun temple is more than 70 degrees, so it is difficult for people to stand naturally, and the pressure of fire hose is very high. A little carelessness may cause firefighters to fall down the slope. In order to ensure safety, some firefighters kneel on the hillside, some lie on the hillside, some use the fire rescue rope to tie themselves to the tree, and work together to hold the fire water gun and continue to shoot water.
At the same time, another group of firefighters from Taiyuan fire rescue detachment rushed to the south slope of baiyun temple to block the open fire.
After the initial control of the open fire on the north and south sides of baiyun temple, firefighters began shovel the fire to clean up, and then transferred to the fire field guard.
Reporters at around 1:00 on the 21st saw that there are still firefighters clinging to the hillside on the north side of the temple.
The slope on the north side of baiyun temple is more than 70 degrees, so it is very difficult to fight. Photographed by Li Tingyao
At about 8:00 on the 21st, the reporter came to baiyun temple again and found that there was no open fire on the North hillside, only sporadic fire and smoke spots on the south hillside. From time to time, the helicopter could be seen in the air sprinkling water on the fire spot. After the Inner Mongolia forest fire brigade and the local people put out the fire together, many sporadic fire spots were put out.
So far, the fire threat of baiyun temple in Wutai Mountain has been completely eliminated.

Petition to send trump to space

The situation of epidemic prevention and control in the United States is becoming more and more serious. According to statistics, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 6331 cases in the United States at 7 pm Eastern time on March 17th, 105 cases died and 48 cases were cured.
Affected by this, the U.S. stock market is in a frenzied turmoil, triggering three circuit breakers in a week to create history, and the uneasiness has hit the U.S. economy.
On the morning of the 17th local time, according to CNN, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven mnuchin warned Republican senators that without government intervention, the spread of the new coronavirus could push the U.S. unemployment rate up to 20%. He was worried that the U.S. economy after the outbreak might be worse than that during the 2008 financial crisis.
At the same time, the U.S. government announced on the same day that it would launch an economic stimulus plan worth about $1 trillion, and expressed its intention to directly distribute $1000 subsidies to each American.
On the same day novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the US, which was 100 pages, was reported by US media. It warned that epidemic and material shortages will last for 18 months.
The report further points out that some state and local governments and key infrastructure and communication channels in the United States will be under pressure and reliability may be reduced. And these pressures may increase the difficulty of obtaining information directly from these areas, and bring challenges to coordination.
In the critical moment, trump government moves frequently, but people are not satisfied with its performance. Recently, a petition website became popular again. According to the statistics of us netizens, about 10000 people signed a petition online on the 17th asking NASA to send trump into space and stay there. At present, the total number of petitions is 110000. It is reported that this petition was initiated when trump was elected president of the United States in 2016.
However, trump was quite positive about his performance compared with the dissatisfaction of the people. Trump said in an interview on the 17th that he scored 10 points for his performance in dealing with the pneumonia epidemic.

CCTV broadcast critical treatment record

Since the army supported Hubei medical team to enter the Guanggu hospital area of Hubei maternal and child health care hospital, it has collected party members and experts with rich clinical experience from the whole hospital, set up a rescue commando team for critically ill patients, and participated in the rescue guidance and emergency response of critically ill patients in the whole hospital. Intubation, rescue, puncture, ECMO and other urgent and dangerous tasks are often in front of them. The reporters follow the commando into the red zone and fight with the God of death at close range.
Before dawn
A patient’s condition suddenly worsened
On duty members of the commando for the treatment of critically ill patients
Come to the scene quickly
Emergency rescue, close to you, close to the virus
Lu Zhijie, a member of the commando team for the treatment of critical patients in Guanggu District of Hubei maternal and child health care hospital: I was a little nervous about the patient’s heart rate of 145 and oxygen saturation of 76.
Lu Zhijie: this patient needs emergency intubation. We put on protective clothing, put on positive pressure ventilation mask and then enter the infection ward. At the same time, we inform them to prepare first-aid drugs, anesthetics and consumables.
Liu Xiaoyu, CCTV reporter: because today’s rescue needs to lean down in front of the patient and face the open airway, so we now wear a positive pressure ventilation head cover on the basis of protective clothing, which can effectively protect the patient in close contact.
In the face of high concentration of virus, life and death are instantaneous
Looking at the oxygen saturation, Lu Zhijie found that the patient’s blood pressure and oxygen saturation had no value and was ready to intubate at any time. However, the intubation time of critical patients must be grasped well. The time is a little slow, and the patient is prone to cardiac arrest due to lack of oxygen.
After inhaling sputum for the patient, Lu decided to start intubation.
Lu Zhijie: as soon as I put the mask on, the laryngoscope opened, and I wanted to send the pipe in. But when I saw the screen, I could see nothing. There was a lot of thick phlegm stuck together in the throat of the patient.
Although the sputum has been inhaled once, at the moment when the airway is opened, the patient has a large amount of thick sputum, and at this moment, due to lack of oxygen, the patient’s heart rate begins to drop rapidly.
Lu Zhijie: put it in front of me at this time. What should I do? Life is in this moment, I think it’s necessary to insert this pipe to solve his lack of oxygen, so as to save his life.
Lu Zhijie decided to inhale sputum, intubate the patient again, open the mouth, face to face with the high concentration virus, and the distance between Lu Zhijie and the patient face to face was less than 10 cm.
Lu Zhijie: as a doctor, I will never consider how dangerous I am. What if the patient’s pipe doesn’t plug in? How can I help you? If you really go to the battlefield and get to the ward, don’t think about these problems. How to insert the tube as soon as possible, can put him on the ventilator, save lives is what you have to do.
Lu Zhijie: when the oxygen is available, he has a point in his heart. He immediately goes to the bedside of the patient to defibrillate him. Turn around and see that the patient’s monitor has P wave. There is sinus rhythm. There are more and more sinus rhythm. More and more sinus rhythm. The patient’s heartbeat is back.
At present, the emergency team for critical patients
The hospital has completed more than 30 emergency treatment tasks
There are 25 critical patients in the hospital
Transfer from ICU to general ward
38 critical patients
Be successfully cured

Xiao Zhan turns against advertisers

Not long ago, the ao3 website was banned due to the report of “archive of our own” (hereinafter referred to as ao3) by Xiao Zhan fans, causing collective anger in the same or even greater subculture circle.
To this day, even though Xiao Zhan’s studio and the support association apologized one after another, the storm between its fans and ao3 incident has not subsided, but intensified. Every reporter noticed that the anger of netizens has spread to the brand that Xiao Zhan spoke for. Among them, Olay (Olay), a brand that supports Xiao Zhan, is the most severely bombarded.
Olay’s anchor not only supported Xiao Zhan in the live broadcast, but also said that “those who boycott Xiao Zhan can’t become the climate”, which thoroughly intensified the contradiction between the brand and the netizens. As a result, the netizens who boycotted Xiao Zhan and Olay fell in love with each other and asked for a supplementary invoice, even dating back to a few years ago “3.15” is coming, after a large number of netizens complained to Olay, the tax department was alarmed.
The “rice circle culture” under the traffic mode is a double-edged sword. This Xiao war event has spread to the whole entertainment circle, and the butterfly effect has intensified. So, how many brands does Xiao Zhan endorse, and will they all face a huge crisis?
On February 29, after ao3 was sealed, the angry value of netizens in the circle gradually soared, and they pointed to the brand that Xiao Zhan endorsed, saying that they would boycott all the products that Xiao Zhan endorsed, and would not buy without changing the spokesperson, and @ the brands that he endorsed, such as Estee Lauder and real fruit grain.
Even some netizens specially look for brands to confirm one by one, whether the spokesperson is Xiao Zhan or not. It is reported that in June 2019, jewelry brand Qeelin announced that Xiao Zhan was its first male brand friend, and Xiao Zhan also wore Qeelin Bo series pendants when recording “happy base camp” last August. However, in the face of netizens’ inquiries, Qeelin said that only Ma Sichun was the spokesman.
At the same time, the “real fruit grain” that was supposed to be endorsed by Xiao Zhan on March 1 was also silenced due to the ferment of the event; crest changed the top spokesperson to Lu Han on the official microblog; when the reporter inquired about the spokesperson of Budweiser’s beer Xiao Zhan as a consumer, the customer service responded that “Xiao Zhan only spoke for soul’s product, but no other products” As of around 13:00 on March 6, the topic reading of Chen boycotted Xiao Zhan reached 360 million.
Just as most of the brands that Xiao Zhan represents are avoiding suspicion, Olay goes the opposite way. A few days ago, an Olay anchor supported Xiao Zhan in the live broadcast, saying, “we know Xiao Zhan better than you, he is worth our choice”, “what kind of climate can a little black powder form?” and the owner of the brand also wired in the live broadcast, saying that he will continue to cooperate with Xiao Zhan.
All of a sudden, let the netizens all focus on Olay. Since then, a large number of netizens have asked Olay to supplement the invoice. “Invoicing is the legal obligation of the operator, and there is no time limit for supplementary invoicing.” Wang Ti, a lawyer from Beijing Weiheng law firm, told reporters. This means that consumers can make up invoices whenever they buy goods.
With the increasing topic of Olay invoice, many netizens said that they had complained about customer service’s non response to the issue of invoice to the consumer association and tax department. To this end, every reporter called the tax service hotline 12366 on March 6. After the call, the customer service personnel said, “Xiao Zhan has contacted the company’s competent tax authority for the product invoice reporting incident. At present, the competent tax authority is investigating, verifying and interviewing this enterprise. After the appointment, you will get the corresponding invoice. “
Under this circumstance, the event that fans of powerful traffic backfire on stars has evolved into a star backfire advertiser.
“Olay is just one of Xiao Zhan’s endorsements, and other endorsements will face more or less the crisis of being boycotted by fans.” Zhang Yi, founder and CEO of aimedia Consulting Group, spoke frankly in every interview with reporters.

Huoshen mountain has been cured for thousands of years

At about 14:00 on March 5, another 88 confirmed patients in huoshenshan hospital were cured and discharged. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 1009 patients.
The reporter learned that huoshenshan hospital insisted on moving forward the critical treatment gate. After the patient was admitted, the director of the Department first organized doctors to assess the patient’s condition, consult the critical patients, and put forward the treatment plan. For patients with complex conditions, the expert group of the hospital was invited to consult and discuss, forming consultation opinions and optimizing the treatment plan. The critically ill patients confirmed by consultation were transferred to the Department of critical medicine for treatment at the first time.
In addition, the hospital also carries out personalized treatment according to the characteristics of the disease, uses the remote consultation system, organizes the training of physical treatment and nursing technology of chest and lung, and strives to improve the treatment rate and cure rate, and reduce the infection rate and death rate.

Where do hundreds of new additions come from in Wuhan

The prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan continued to take strict measures, with some positive changes in the epidemic situation. However, there are still hundreds of newly confirmed cases every day in Wuhan recently. Where do these newly confirmed cases come from? Reporters from “Xinhua perspective” followed up.
It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia related groups are mainly investigated and managed in Wuhan, including suspected cases, close contacts, etc. So, which group is the main source of newly confirmed cases?
First, the suspected population is the main source of newly confirmed cases. Liang Wannian, head of novel coronavirus pneumonia coping group, recently introduced 80% to 90% of the newly confirmed cases in Wuhan, which is suspected of being transferred, the national health and Health Committee said recently.
Taking February 28 as an example, 420 new confirmed cases were found in Wuhan, among which 336 to 378 were transferred from suspected cases. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia control command of Wuhan, 788 suspected cases were suspected in Wuhan in February 28th, and 114 suspected cases were added on that day.
According to a person from the disease control department in a main urban area of Wuhan, 83% of the new cases in the area turned over from suspected cases on February 29.
Secondly, some of the close contacts were transformed into newly confirmed cases. China World Health Organization Joint Expert Group tracking survey found that about 1% – 5% of close contacts were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Taking February 28 as an example, there are 13728 close contacts in Wuhan. According to the above proportion, the number of people who may be infected with the virus is between 137 and 686.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still relatively high in some isolated areas, according to a survey. According to a disease control official in a major urban area of Wuhan, the proportion of people who are closely connected to the area who have been diagnosed is about 6%.
The reporter got the statistical data of two isolation points in a main urban area, which showed that the first isolation point had 170 visitors, 26 of whom had been transferred out, accounting for 15%; the second isolation point had 270 visitors, 27 of whom had been transferred out, accounting for 10%.
According to the analysis of the managers of the close contact isolation points in a main urban area of Wuhan, recently, due to the expansion of the detection scope of nucleic acid to the close contact population, some asymptomatic infections that had not been found before were also detected, so the number of confirmed cases increased significantly. In the statistical table of this area, the first isolation point has a total of 22 positive transferred nucleic acids, and the second isolation point is 16. Managers say many of these are asymptomatic infections.
In addition, a number of Wuhan disease control personnel said that a considerable part of the new cases in recent days were asymptomatic infections found in special places such as detention centers. According to the data, as of 24:00 on February 29, 233 people in the special field were newly added 565 on that day.
In February 11th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia control command of Wuhan released the No. twelfth circular. In order to further strengthen the source control and minimize the flow of personnel, it was decided that all residential areas in the city should be closed up from now on. For novel coronavirus pneumonia patients or suspected patients, the building units must be strictly managed.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia incubation period is 1-14 days, mostly 3-7 days, according to the sixth edition of the treatment plan.
Reporters found that individual community epidemic announcements showed that in recent days, there have been new confirmed cases. On February 28, a community in Wuchang District reported that one new confirmed case was found in four communities of the community on that day; on February 28, a community in Qingshan District reported that one new confirmed case was found on that day. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in February 28th in a unit of Hongshan District, a unit of workers living in a community in Jiangxia district.
According to the epidemic announcement of a community in Hongshan District on February 28, from February 24 to 12:00 on February 28, four of the seven grids announced had no new confirmed cases for five consecutive days, and the other three grids had new confirmed cases within five days.
According to the notice, no new confirmed cases were found in the second grid for 4 consecutive days, no new cases in the seventh grid for 1 day and no new cases in the eighth grid for 2 consecutive days. That is to say, the three grids are between 24 and 28 days, with new cases.
In addition, some communities have also announced new suspected cases. On February 28, a community in Dongxihu District reported that there were 0 newly confirmed cases and 1 newly suspected case on that day; on February 28, a community in Qingshan District reported that there was 1 newly suspected case.