Mom sends dumplings set meal

Children, so now this mother choose to send dumpling packages to her son, so that his son also feels the warmth of home. Dumpling filling is children’s favorite three fresh filling. The oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar have been mixed, and the package is the most authentic “mother’s taste”. Now the event of sending dumpling packages has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens call “grandma” online. In fact, the dumpling package costs 665.7 yuan, because the cost of cold transportation, postage and cooking utensils are also relatively expensive, but family affection is priceless. If you are free in the new year, you can go home and have a look at everything at home.

Hukou waterfall ice sculpture

In winter, Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River, located at the junction of Shanxi and Shaanxi, is a unique landscape in Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area, attracting tourists to watch. The splashing waves condense on the rocks on both sides of the waterfall to form an ice waterfall and ice sculpture. The natural beauty is so spectacular!

Fine 500 for one time of being late

The special prize of this year’s 360 company’s annual meeting – a free “cut” coupon, which is regarded as a gold medal of “death free”, can offset a layoff. The coupon is valid from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and is only for personal use, and cannot be traded on the dark network.
After the news was released on the Internet media, it quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens speculated that 360 might implement the layoff plan this year.
In response, 360 replied that 360 has no layoffs or plans. Zhou Hongyi’s article is humorous, in fact, to encourage innovation and make bold mistakes.
Coincidentally, at the beginning of the new year, personnel measures of another Internet company also attracted attention. According to the e-mail of “new rules on attendance” sent by Sohu to employees, the new rules require employees to arrive at work before 9:30. If they are late for work, they will be fined 500 yuan at a time, with a maximum penalty of 1000 yuan. This is also Sohu company since its inception about late the most serious punishment. According to Sohu’s internal staff, Sohu had previously imposed a single fine of 5 yuan for latecomers.
This triggered a lot of Internet users’ Tucao: “how much is overtime? Is it more than one second overtime?” “when a company starts to catch attendance, it’s the time to go downhill.” “Is it 500 yuan to work overtime for one minute?”
In response, Sohu said that the punishment for attendance has been greatly enhanced. Its core is to hope that employees can keep passion and ambition for their work, remain highly sensitive at all times, actively participate in discussions, and work more professionally, diligently and efficiently.

Bucks 18 wins in a row

On December 15, Beijing time, the Bucks won the Cavaliers 125-108 at home in the NBA regular season. After that, the Bucks won 18 games in a row, which is two games short of the longest winning streak in the history of the bucks. In this game, adeto Kunbo got 29 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists; the Cavaliers were swept in three games of the two teams this season, and lefo only got 12 points and 10 rebounds.
This is the longest winning streak since tomb raiding this season. Before this season, the longest winning streak was Celtic’s 10 consecutive victories and Lakers’ 10 consecutive victories. Although the bucks are the third team’s 10 consecutive victories, they do continue to win longer. After this game, the bucks are 21-3, ranking first in the league. The Lakers play one game less and rank second with 23-2 , so why can the bucks go all the way, not only to win 19 straight wins, but also the first in the league?
First, the Bucks’ offensive firepower ranks first in the league. The Bucks averaged 121.2 points per game, ranking first in the league. The Bucks can maintain a sustained fire attack is the basis for the bucks to achieve 18 consecutive wins. It is 10.7 points higher than the league’s average score of 110.5 points, which can be said to be a high-density shell output.
Second, the Bucks’ rebounding ability won the league. The Bucks averaged 51.3 rebounds a game this season, the first in the league. Compared with the league as a whole, 45.1 rebounds per game can be 6.2 rebounds higher, so as to ensure more times of mobile phone out and better under basket protection ability, which enables the bucks to maintain a long winning streak in the league.
Third, the bucks are also very good at sharing the ball. More ball right sharing can make teammates more involved in the attack, and can better unite the team to form a stronger joint force. The Bucks rank seventh in the league with 25.8 assists per game, which is actually a very high assists data. Compared with the 28.4 assists of Phoenix Suns, which has the highest assists per game in the league, it is less than three assists, but the Bucks’ player structure construction is actually very reasonable.
Fourth, excellent defense ability is the most powerful weapon of bucks. Most fans will pay more attention to the offensive ability of the team and often ignore the defensive achievements of a team, especially a team with super offensive firepower like bucks. It has been said that the Bucks’ rebounding ability is the best in the league, which is a strong defensive side.
The bucks are not very good at snatching. They can only be regarded as medium level in the league, with 7.8 steals per game, ranking 13 in the league. 5.8 caps per game is an excellent performance, ranking sixth in the league. So combined with Bucks’ rebounds, steals and blocked shots, the defensive strength of this team is very strong, and it is still the top five in the league.
Bucks attack and defense strength is very balanced, attack and defense are absolutely good. The statistics of Bucks’ various data have been improved compared with last season, only the number of caps per game dropped from 5.9 last season to 5.8 this year, and other data, including the hit rate, have been improved compared with last season, some have been improved a lot. This is also the adjustment made by the Bucks after being bullied by the Raptors in the playoffs last season, especially in the defensive regular season.
As the arrow letter brother on Bucks’ attack, his physical talent is still clearly visible on the small screen. As long as he can expand the offensive area, it will greatly increase the defense difficulty of the opposing team, and bring great richness to the tactics and playing methods of the team, so that the nightmare of other teams will come. At that time perhaps alphabet elder brother will be the MVP big popular candidate every season, will he then become the international player’s new benchmark?

Sichuan dialect in Colleges and Universities

The reporter learned from the aviation and Tourism Vocational College of Tianfu new area of Sichuan Province on the 27th that the school recently opened an elective course of Sichuan dialect. What students learned in the class will appear in the final exam paper, and they can get credits after passing the exam.
For the first time in China, colleges and universities offer elective courses of Sichuan dialect. Cui Yayi, a teacher of Sichuan dialect elective course, introduced that the main purpose of setting up Sichuan dialect elective course is to let students better understand Sichuan traditional culture. At present, the course uses textbooks independently developed by the school, with a total of 16 class hours.
The reporter saw in the class that in addition to introducing the history and dialect of Sichuan, Cui Yayi would also let students come to the platform to play a little game of Sichuan dialect. A classmate from Shaanxi demonstrated Sichuan Dialect on the stage. When the teacher pointed to the back of the head, he said “back claw”. When the teacher pointed to the knee, he said “guest knee bag” There was applause and laughter.
“Sichuan dialect is very charming. It represents the local characteristics of Sichuan and is very fun.” Tan Hanxue, from Guangdong Province, said that she was most interested in the word “old man” in Sichuan dialect. “When she first heard it, she thought it meant old people, but it turned out to be dad. I want to test my old man when I go back this winter vacation. “
Wang tingchun is a girl from Xinjiang. She studies hard in class. She said that Sichuan dialect is very kind and interesting. “For example,” dodge “, in Sichuan, it’s called” shuttle edge “, and” board eye “means” variety ” Wang tingchun said that when she first came to Sichuan, she didn’t know anything. The school opened an elective course of Sichuan dialect, so that she could better communicate with Sichuan students.
Ji Dahai, academic member of the Chinese education society, said that with the development of social economy, many traditional dialects have disappeared in daily life. Chinese culture is composed of a variety of regional cultures. There is no contradiction between the protection of dialects and the learning of Putonghua. The protection of dialects is of great significance to the protection of traditional culture and Sichuan history. (end)

Xiamen tour guide threatens tourists

The official micro blog of kulangsu cultural and tourism development center of Xiamen, Fujian Province @ Tianfeng Haitao kulangsu released a report on the investigation and handling of “a tour guide threatens tourists in kulangsu” on November 25. After the investigation organized by the Management Committee of kulangsu, Xiamen, tourism, public security and other departments, the basic facts have been found out: on the morning of November 21, the tour guide Fang and Xu were appointed by Xiamen jiyoumei travel agency to take Lead the tourists to some scenic spots in Xiamen. The two sides had a dispute over shopping in a shop in Xiamen, and another dispute occurred during a visit to kulangsu. One of the tour guides threatened the tourists with words.
According to the report, the relevant responsible departments have investigated and obtained evidence for the tour guides involved, and the tour guides involved have admitted their illegal acts.
Two tour guides and related travel agencies involved have been listed in the “list of subjects of comprehensive punishment for kulangsu” in violation of the regulations of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on the protection of kulangsu world cultural heritage and have been disqualified from taking the tour to the island. As for the illegal behaviors of tour guides and travel agencies involved, such as increasing tourism projects and inducing consumption without authorization, the relevant municipal authorities have filed a case for investigation and will strictly investigate and deal with according to law, and the handling results will be released as soon as possible.

Zhang Yimou comments on Zhou Dongyu

The reason for the selection of star sea actors in the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival was announced. As Zhou Dongyu’s recommender, Zhang Yimou said: “Zhou Dongyu is not a little girl, she is very talented, and she cries first-class. When she tears, she has a rich inner level. She was born for the big screen!”
In 2010, Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yimou cooperated in “the love of hawthorn trees” as “the girl of intrigue”.

Rainstorm caused by artificial rainfall

In order to alleviate the hot and dry conditions in Dubai, the National Meteorological Center of the United Arab Emirates continued to make artificial rainfall recently, but unexpectedly caused heavy rain, resulting in a large area of water accumulation, traffic congestion and road paralysis in Dubai
In Dubai’s shopping mall, rain poured down from the ceiling, staff struggled to save inventory, and customers walked on the shimmering floor. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2019, there have been about 181 artificial rainfall in the UAE.

Tiankeng group discovered in Guangxi

Recently, a large-scale Tiankeng group was found in the southwest border of Guangxi when the Institute of karst geology of China Geological Survey of the Ministry of natural resources and Chinese and foreign experts carried out the survey of karst geological relics in Southwest China. The Tiankeng group consists of 19 tiankengs, which are mainly distributed in Chengxiang town and Longhe township of Napo County. It is another world-class Tiankeng group found in China after Dashiwei Tiankeng group and Hanzhong Tiankeng group. These tiankengs have a volume of more than one million cubic meters and are well preserved. They are of high value for scientific research and tourism development.
According to the survey, Napo Tiankeng group was formed in Dingye underground river basin, with a catchment area of 486 square kilometers, a total length of 60 kilometers and a drop of 292 meters. Some of these tiankengs are developed on the plateau with an altitude of more than 1000 meters, and some of them are distributed like beads along the track of the underground river. The discovery of the Tiankeng group in Napo is of great scientific value to improve the theory of Tiankeng evolution. In addition to Tiankeng group, there are many types of karst geological relics in Dingye underground river basin, especially rich and colorful karst caves, karst canyons, Fuliu and waterfall landscapes.
Napo Tiankeng group has well preserved original vegetation communities, such as Dong palm, Ophiopogon japonicus, reptile, Manglietia, palm trees, etc., among which Dong palm community of national second-class protected plants is more than 30 meters high, such a tall wild Dong palm forest in Tiankeng is the first discovery in China; the height of Xiang manglieshu in the center of Tiankeng is 50 meters, next to that in Dashiwei Tiankeng.
Napo County, located in the southwest border of Guangxi, is one of the main channels to ASEAN trade area in Guangxi and even the whole country, and also one of the four extremely poor counties in Guangxi. The Tiankeng group and many karst geological relic landscapes discovered by the Institute of karst geology of China Geological Survey are of great significance for Napo County to develop the border geological tourism economy and achieve accurate poverty alleviation.
This survey is an integral part of the implementation of the international big scientific plan of “global karst dynamic system resources and environmental effects”. The international organization for standardization karst Technical Committee officially settled in the Institute of karst geology in September this year. The major findings of the Guangxi natural landscape resources survey will further enrich and expand the samples for formulating relevant international standards for karst.

Beijing Fangshan restaurant deflagration

At about 11:30 a.m. on November 6, a restaurant in Liangxiang, Fangshan District burst out with liquefied gas. According to a person familiar with the incident, the restaurant’s liquefied gas leak, encountered an open fire, triggered a “flash explosion”, but did not cause a fire. Two to three people were injured in the accident and immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.