New crown has spread for decades

According to Robert Garry, a professor at Tulane University School of medicine, that seafood market in Wuhan “is not the source of the virus” and has an earlier origin than that.
According to a recent study on the new coronavirus by US scientists, the virus that causes the global pandemic is a natural product, not built in the laboratory, foreign media reported. In addition, Robert Gary, a professor at Tulane University School of medicine, one of the authors of the paper, said that the seafood market in Wuhan “is not the source of the virus” and has an earlier origin than that.
According to reports, research published in the journal Nature Medicine shows that the new coronavirus “is neither constructed in the laboratory nor purposefully manipulated by human beings”. However, the study did not give the exact answer to its natural source.
In an interview with novel coronavirus, Gary said in an interview with American Broadcasting Company (ABC) that in view of the current conspiracy theory spreading widely on the Internet, he thought it necessary to use the whole team’s strength to study the origin of this new coronavirus.
The researchers found that the new coronavirus was not created by human beings because it did not have the “previously used virus backbone structure”, so it may be a virus found in bats and a virus carried by another pangolin.
The researchers say the new coronavirus is 96 percent similar to the one found in bats, but some variation explains why it is so infectious. Gary said mutations in the surface protein may have triggered the pandemic, allowing it to infect human cells.
Gary said mutations in the surface protein may have triggered the new coronavirus pandemic, but the weaker version of the virus had been circulating in the population for years, or even decades, before accumulating.
Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of health, also supported the article on his personal blog. He said the study made it difficult to argue that the new coronavirus did not come from nature.
He also said that according to the research, another possibility that triggered the pandemic is that the virus spread from animals to humans as early as several years, or even decades ago, and finally gained the ability to spread between people, leading to serious diseases.
In addition, Gary said that many people think the virus originated in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, which may be a misunderstanding. “Our analysis and others point to an earlier origin than that.” “There must be some cases in that market in Wuhan, but they are not the source of the virus.”

Four more imported cases in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was imported from 12 to 24 March 26th, including 3 cases in Britain, 2 in France and 1 in France. A total of 4 confirmed cases and 3 suspected cases were imported from abroad yesterday. As of 24:00 on March 26, 153 cases of confirmed imported cases and 12 cases of discharged cases were reported.
From 12:00 to 24:00 on March 26, no newly confirmed cases were reported. As of 24:00 on March 26, 416 locally confirmed cases and 394 discharged cases were reported, with a cure discharge rate of 94.7%.
There are 15 districts in the city that have not reported new confirmed cases locally for more than 14 consecutive days, specifically Pinggu District has not reported cases since the epidemic, Yanqing District 63 days, Mentougou District 53 days, Huairou District 49 days, Shunyi District 47 days, Miyun District 44 days, Shijingshan District 42 days, Daxing District 42 days, Fangshan District 39 days, Changping District 38 days, Xicheng District 36 days, Tongzhou District 36 days, Fengtai District 23 days, Chaoyang District 22 days Days, Dongcheng District 20 days.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was imported from abroad from 0 to 12 March 26th, and 1 cases were imported. One case was cured and discharged. As of 12:00 on March 26, a total of 150 confirmed imported cases and 12 discharged cases were reported.
From 0:00 to 12:00 on March 26, no newly confirmed cases were reported, and 2 cases were cured and discharged. As of 12:00 on March 26, 416 locally confirmed cases and 394 discharged cases were reported, with a cure discharge rate of 94.7%.

Eric and his wife record video

Actor Eric showed a video on the social platform. His wife, Chen Meishi, rarely appeared in the mirror. The couple were close together and looked very kind. Eric and Chen Meishi took two pairs of underpants and put them on their heads directly, covered half of their faces, and made Superman gestures to the camera.
Many netizens have said that as a public figure, Eric’s behavior will cause a bad demonstration to the public. Also has the netizen to be frank, wraps the underpants on the face, the taste is too heavy!

Zhao Benshan responds to immigration

Due to the recent policy of restricting foreign stars from shooting films and TV plays in China, star immigration has become a hot topic again. In the morning of March 23, a “star immigration record” appeared on the Internet. In addition to “exposing many star immigrants such as Zhang Tielin and Jiang Dawei,” Zhao Benshan’s family immigrated to Canada “also attracted people’s attention. Whether Zhao Benshan has emigrated or not has become a hot topic.
Cover reporter immediately called Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan exclusively responded to the reporter and denied the immigration rumors: “no, it’s a fake. I have never immigrated. My family’s registered permanent residence is now in Liaoning! “
According to the cover news reporter, rumors about Zhao Benshan’s emigration have been passed on for many years. As early as June 2011, media reported that Zhao Benshan had been approved to immigrate to Canada and intended to settle in Toronto.
Later, the reporter learned from interviews with relevant people in Liaoning that Zhao Benshan’s family accounts are all in Liaoning.
Zhao Benshan said that I have not immigrated to any country. I love China, white mountains and black soil in the northeast, and Lianhua village, the hometown of Tieling. Why should I immigrate when our country is developing so well? I will always be Chinese!
Cover reporter interviewed Liu Shuangping, artistic director of Benshan media by telephone, he said: “old rumors! Mr. Zhao did not immigrate. His registered permanent residence and ID card are still in Liaoning.

Why not wear masks in Italy

Up to March 21st, novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy has been diagnosed in 53578 cases. After the proclamation of the closure of the state on March 10, it became one of the difficulties for the government to gather people outside without permission. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not serious in the eyes of the ordinary people, who was interviewed by the video on the eve of the outbreak.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 5560 cases in Italy within 24 hours as of 18 hours local time 22, and 59138 cases were diagnosed nationwide, 5476 cases died and 7024 cases were cured. Of the 46638 confirmed cases, 3009 were severe and 23783 were isolated at home.
The earliest outbreak occurred in October last year or in Italy. Why is no one paying attention to it? Expert response
According to, Giuseppe ramuzi, a well-known Italian medical expert, said that the first family doctors carefully found that the severe pneumonia they were exposed to was different from the common flu. They saw the virus in October, November and December, so it’s been around for a long time.
When asked why no one is aware of the dangers of the virus, experts say, for one reason: it’s a new thing; for another, experts disagree.
It is worth noting that Giuseppe ramuzi is the director of the famous Mario Negri Institute of pharmacology in Italy and even in Europe. Previously, in an interview with the national public broadcasting network (NPR), the statement was made when asked why Italy was “caught off guard” after the outbreak on February 21 was revealed.
“Ramuzzi said he heard from the doctor now. “They remember seeing this strange pneumonia, very serious, especially in the elderly, in December and even November,” he said. “This means that the virus has spread at least in northern Lombardy, Italy, before we know about the outbreak in China.”

List of collapse accident personnel

At about 19:00 on March 7, there was a building collapse at Xinjia hotel in our district, involving 71 people. After intense search and rescue, as of 16:38 on March 10, 62 people had been rescued (42 of them were injured and 20 were killed). At present, 9 people are still trapped. We express our deep condolences to the victims of the accident and sincere condolences to the injured and their families. We are still trying our best to search and rescue those who have lost contact, and we will make a hundred times effort as long as there is a glimmer of hope.

Infection of French culture minister

[global network reporter Zhao Jiandong]

according to AFP news agency, French culture minister Frank Riester’s new coronavirus test results were positive and in good condition.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in France on March 9th night, and 1412 cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in France, up from 286 cases in the previous day, and 25 cases died.

When will the turning point of Wuhan come

Liang Wannian, Chinese leader of the China World Health Organization, said at a Beijing Conference on the evening of the 24th that the current situation in Wuhan is still grim. Although the rapid increase of cases in the early stage of the outbreak has been improved, new patients are still emerging, and the epidemic situation as a whole has not been contained. According to the epidemiological law, the follow-up decline rate of new confirmed cases in Wuhan may be faster and faster. If the daily number of new confirmed cases can be controlled within a few weeks, it means that the situation has been completely controlled.

Astronomy leader’s infection

Grandpa Han Tianqi is 98 years old. Due to the infection of coronary pneumonia, the hospital issued a critical notice, hoping to find the recovered plasma. A type. ” Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported on the evening of February 23rd, which was worrying about the plasma of the new champion pneumonia. The writer’s name is Han Shijun. According to her confirmation, Grandpa Han Tianqi, an astronomer, won the medal of the Republic on the 70th anniversary of the National Day in 2019.
Han Shijun revealed that his grandfather, Han Tianqi, had a fever on February 10. On February 12, he was diagnosed and admitted to Wuhan Xiehe cancer hospital. In February 23rd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was suddenly called by the hospital, and organ failure was expected.
Although Han Tianqi is nearly 100 years old, he can walk on his own and take care of himself. “I don’t know. It’s all of a sudden these days…” Han Shijun said.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Han Shijun released a news report on the A plasma of the new crown pneumonia patient in February 23rd at 18:10.
At 19:49, Han Shijun once again said through her circle of friends that she had been contacted by friends who had recovered, but she still had to ask about the process at the hospital. Because the blood products had to be processed first, she had to wait and listen to the doctor.
As of the press release, Han and her family were also waiting for further information from Han.
According to the public information, Han Tianqi is an astronomer and a cartographer. One of the founders of astrogeodesy in China has made an important contribution to the theory and practice of astrogeodesy. One of the pioneers in the study of astrogeodynamics in China has made important achievements in the research of world time service, earth rotation and constellations.