Li Randi’s Chinese opera test

Li Randi challenges the gold in the wilderness in the final exam of the middle drama. He has a shrewd personality and a wild style of action. Li Randi has mastered it very well and made great progress. Of course, the most important thing is that Li Randi is thin! The gold itself is full of wildness and has the temptation of rebellious women. Especially when he forces Jiao Daxing to say “drown your mother”, he raises his hand and throws his foot. His eyes are small and his body is small It’s amazing to watch! Your mother and your daughter-in-law fall into the water, who can you save? The end of the term is coming! Li landi’s character, personality and pungent style are shown on the scene of the Chinese drama examination. In the whole 30 episodes of the TV drama, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng are not dissatisfied with many CP fans in a kissing drama.
Later, netizens revealed that Li landi held Zhang Xincheng from behind in the elevator, and the suspected love affair was exposed! Zhang Xincheng and Li landi were photographed for an intimate date, and the suspected love affair was exposed, but after the news was exposed, the woman’s agent said that it was just a good relationship, not a relationship, but because of the intimate behavior of the two people, it was still hard for everyone to believe. If it was just a good relationship, it would be too exaggerated It’s such a good relationship, and as a public figure, I should pay great attention to it. Even some netizens speculated that the two were in love. Although Li landi denied the love, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng also took part in “I am an actor” one after another. The performance of the two people in the program was also excellent, and the two people have always met in the entertainment circle.

Increasing income gap between men and women

December 17, Geneva, Switzerland – the world economic forum released the global gender gap report 2020. According to the report, in 2019, the time required to completely eliminate the gender gap will be reduced to 99.5 years, a slight progress compared with 108 years in 2018, but it still reveals the following facts: in the fields of health, education, career and politics, it is difficult for men and women to achieve gender equality in their lifetime.
According to the report, much of this year’s progress is due to a significant increase in the number of women in politics. It will take 95 years to close the gender gap in politics, compared with 107 in the previous year. Worldwide, women occupy 25.2% of the lower house of parliament seats and 21.2% of ministerial government positions, compared with 24.1% and 19% in the previous year.
However, politics remains the slowest area to date. Men and women are close to achieving gender equality in the fields of education and health / survival, accounting for 96.1% and 95.7% respectively. In the field of economic participation, efforts to pursue gender equality are also facing great challenges: the gender ratio has retreated from 58.1% in 2018 to 57.8% in 2019. In 2006, the world economic forum began to assess the situation of gender gap for the first time. Judging from the progress made so far, it will take 257 years to eliminate the gender gap in the economic field, compared with 202 last year.
According to the report, there are many reasons for the gender gap in the economic field, including the low proportion of women in management or leadership positions, stagnant wages, low labor participation and income level. Women face three major disadvantages: first, the proportion of women is higher in the positions most vulnerable to automation, such as retail and white-collar clerks.
Second, in industries that are often dominated by technology, wages are rising the most, but there is a lack of female employees. As a result, women are usually in low – and middle-income jobs and wages have stagnated since the financial crisis a decade ago.
Thirdly, deep-rooted factors such as the lack of family care services and financing channels also limit women’s career opportunities to a large extent. In countries where data are available, women spend at least twice as much time caring for their families and volunteering services as men; a lack of access to finance inhibits women’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which is another important determinant of income.
Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, said: “supporting gender equality is essential to building a strong, cohesive and risk resilient society. For businesses, gender diversity is also essential to help them demonstrate the guiding principle of stakeholder philosophy. That’s why the world economic forum, together with political and business stakeholders, is speeding up its actions to constantly narrow the gender gap. “

Poisoning of 100 people in Vietnam shoes factory

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, at least 110 employees in Taiwan funded shoe factories in northern Vietnam have been poisoned in a row recently. They have vomiting and coma symptoms and need to be sent to a doctor for treatment. Vietnam’s military has sent chemical guards, but the cause of the accident is unknown.
The accident occurred in Lishi County, Yongfu Province, about 70 kilometers northwest of Hanoi, Vietnam’s Qianfeng Daily reported Tuesday.
The Taiwan enterprise named Lixin Lishi Co., Ltd. employs about 4200 employees in the local area, specializing in the production of leather shoes and other products. From the 14th to the 18th, 110 local employees were poisoned and had to be sent to a doctor for treatment.
On the 21st, Lishi leather shoes company, about 1km away from the factory, also suffered from collective poisoning. Several poisoned people also suffered from coma, vomiting and fainting. The two companies belong to the same boss and use the same equipment, machines and raw materials.
After the incident, the local government has asked two factories to shut down and sent police and other units to investigate the accident.
Yongfu provincial government held a press conference on the 23rd, local officials said the patients had recovered. The police’s investigation failed to find out the cause and has been handed over to the Vietnamese military chemical defense forces for further inspection and evaluation.
In October, golden victory, a Hong Kong shoe factory in Nanding Province, also suffered collective poisoning, causing nearly 200 people to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. After investigation by the military chemical defense forces, it was found that some chemical raw materials for shoemaking contained organic ingredients, which melted and evaporated into the air. After inhalation, the employees fainted and were poisoned.

Mayi retro feather skirt

On November 24, Ma Yili’s Retro feathered skirt appeared at the Golden Rooster Film Festival. Bulingbuling’s Retro feathered skirt is very eye-catching. Ma Yili’s figure can be seen at a glance. He is super upright, slim waist, concave and convex, full of femininity and quite sexy.
The design of big V-neck makes swan neck more sexy. There is no trace of age left on Ma Yili’s body, but only the self-restraint and femininity added by time. It can be seen that the state of Ma Yili after the divorce is getting better and better. There are two meters of elegant atmosphere. No one should argue with it. From her, I can see that she is free and easy, generous and confident. Many fans said that Ma Yili’s winning looks were beautiful.
His representative works include:
My first half of life, struggle, Huanzhugege 3, beishangguang distrust tears, Qiao family courtyard, Chinese style relationship, marriage defense war, find you, etc. Born in 1976 in Shanghai, graduated from the 94 level performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy. It can be seen that Ma Yili has been excellent since he was a child. Up to now, every work has been loved by the audience.
Finally, I hope that the latter half of his life can meet a confidant who knows how to protect his other half, protect his innocence and happiness forever.

Sun Yang post hearing

Thank you to the arbitral tribunal and all the friends who have come all the way to the hearing. Today, I’m here to tell you the truth through a public hearing, to tell you that I didn’t hide anything! It’s very important to fight against doping, and more importantly, everyone, including the doping organization, should abide by doping regulations.
If sports organizations do not respect their own rules, how to achieve fair competition? If the basic rights of an athlete cannot be guaranteed, how to achieve the highest dream of the Olympic Games, stand on the podium. Last year, this doping test was a night when I asked the inspectors to abide by the rules and protect the athletes. Unfortunately, it became the reason why Wada tried to sanction me. I’m very confused about that.
Less than a month after the fina ruling, the ruling, which should have been kept secret, was leaked and reproduced by the media. How did this happen? The ruling was only disclosed to Anti Doping organizations. However, there are also cases where the confidentiality of fina’s rulings has been completely ignored. During the world swimming championships in Guangzhou, South Korea in July this year, Australian media disclosed the verdict report in detail A “black hand” is manipulating the media, misleading public opinion and blackening the facts!
From the night of September 4, 2018 to today, a total of 438 days, which has brought great damage to my body, mind, reputation and my team! Of course, it is also a difficult time for my family. Here, I’d like to ask you to think about how to protect my personal information when the inspectors illegally bring irrelevant strangers into my house late at night? How to protect my portrait right when the inspectors secretly take photos and videos of me from the moment they see me? When the lack of qualified escorts supervise my urination, the chief prosecutor competes But how can my privacy be protected when I propose to let my mother stand behind me for supervision? Why don’t I have the right to ask the inspectors to show their legal qualifications? When I propose to wait for a qualified prosecutor to carry out inspection, I can wait until dawn, why does the chief prosecutor say no to me?
On the night of September 4, I was shocked by the disregard of the law and rules by three inspectors. Although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve gone through countless doping tests. I know that the inspectors are absolutely forbidden to take photos and video the athletes during the inspection. I know that inspectors must show valid qualification certificates to show that they are authorized to carry out inspection. I know that the integrity of the test sample must be guaranteed. It is clear that the inspectors’ behaviour shows that they are not trustworthy.
To my great puzzlement, IDTM’s inspectors ignored Wada’s regulations while Wada accused me of violating them. Is that how you treat athletes? Is this the right way for the world’s most authoritative sports organization to safeguard the inherent value of sports, create fair competition and pursue sports spirit
Since I became a swimmer 20 years ago, I have been working hard to win honors. I have received hundreds of doping tests, and I strictly abide by the regulations and actively cooperate with them every time. I believe that every athlete has the right to ask doping inspectors and Anti Doping organizations to abide by the Anti Doping rules. If, as Wada said, their mistakes are not serious, then all the audience here today can easily become doping prosecutors.
Finally, thank you again to the arbitral tribunal and all of you here. You have worked hard today. I am sure that the arbitral tribunal will make a fair decision and I am innocent. Thank you.

Yuanmingyuan horse head home

November 13 – on November 13, the donation ceremony of horse head bronze statue of Yuanmingyuan was held in the National Museum. In 1860, the Old Summer Palace was looted and burned by the British and French forces, and 12 bronze statues with animal heads were lost overseas. Up to now, seven animal heads, such as rat head, rabbit head and horse head, have returned. In 2018, a product suspected of losing dragon’s head appeared on the set; the whereabouts of snake head, sheep head, chicken head and dog head are still unknown ​​​​

70 year old Wenger abdominal muscles

70 year old people, still have six clear abdominal muscles, what level is this? This is a level that you can’t accept!
On the beach in Dubai, the 70 year old Wenger let people know his figure. Some fans recognized the professor and took photos with him. The kind Wenger came to take photos with the fans. Photos posted on the Internet, people marvel that the professor’s six abdominal muscles are not inferior to the young man!
After taking photos with the fans, Wenger continued to relax on the beach. He was seen relaxing in a reclining chair and reading a book. It seems that the professor enjoyed his leisure time and was not disturbed by the rumours of Bayern Munich.

Wang Jianlin’s wealth shrank

On November 7, Forbes Chinese released the 2019 China rich list. Ma Yun (270.11 billion) topped the list, followed by Ma Huateng (254.55 billion) and Xu Jiayin (19.56 billion). However, we found that there was a familiar name, which seems to disappear in general, that is Wang Jianlin, the boss of Wanda Group. There is no name for Wang Jianlin in the top ten. This time, Wang Jianlin ranked 14th with a wealth of 88.39 billion.
As you know, Wang Jianlin once topped the rich list before, but now he is so far behind, falling from 156.63 billion last year to 88.39 billion, a total decrease of nearly 68.2 billion, almost half of the original. In the early years, Wanda Group, as a giant in real estate and film industry in China, has come to this point step by step, which is also lamentable.
In addition, a series of recent events of Wang Sicong also make us think: what’s the matter with Wanda Group? Is it related to Wang Jianlin’s decline in wealth value that the 500 million shares of “price capital” under Wang Sicong’s name were frozen and listed as executors? Indeed, over the years, we can see that Wanda Group continues to decline, many cinemas are closed, and Wanda Plaza is also inaccessible, almost no one has visited.
In an interview before, Wang Jianlin once said that he would retire if he achieved 100 billion yuan, but he didn’t expect to achieve 100 billion yuan so soon. Later, he said that he would retire by 2020. Now it’s more than a month before 2020. It’s time for Wang Jianlin to retire, but his wealth has fallen by 100 billion. I wonder if he will change his mind again this time.

ICBC clarification


On October 29, there were online rumors that ICBC was testing the digital currency wallet and also took a screenshot of the “ICBC Digital Money Wallet Service Agreement”. The Beijing News reporter told ICBC that ICBC did not introduce digital currency.

Chen Mancai, deputy general manager of ICBC’s Finance and Technology Department, told the Beijing News that ICBC has not launched digital currency at present. Any information about digital currency is subject to the information of the People’s Bank of China. At present, ICBC does not need to publish information.

Chen Mancai also said that ICBC has begun to apply blockchain to many fields, such as digital Xiong’an and poverty alleviation.

In 2018, ICBC released an enterprise-level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the platform has achieved more than 60 core technological breakthroughs and submitted 41 patents. The technology is applied to fund collection, fund clearing, fund disbursement, and silver. More than 60 scenarios such as enterprise interconnection.

For example, ICBC and the Guizhou Provincial Government jointly created a blockchain platform that serves the precise poverty alleviation. At present, the poverty alleviation fund allocates nearly 5,000 and the disbursement amount exceeds 7 billion yuan. ICBC also used the blockchain technology to launch the ICBC e-mail network financing financial service platform to realize the trust transfer and circulation of the core enterprise accounts receivable among the suppliers. The first month of the online registration has been registered, including more than 500 suppliers including China Railway and China Merchants. Chain enterprises have issued a total of 610 million bank loans, and the transaction turnover amounted to 500 million yuan, helping to solve the problem of SME loan risk control. In the construction of Wisdom Xiong’an, ICBC cooperated with the Xiong’an government to launch the Xi’an Relocation Fund Blockchain Platform, which was put into use in the “Millennium Xiulin” project and the Tanghe Sewage Reservoir Ecological Management.

The first case of electronic cigarette

Following the recent occurrence of lung disease or even death in consumers in the United States, there have been cases of suspected liquid e-cigarette causing lung disease. On the 23rd, the South Korean government said it would speed up research to decide whether to completely ban liquid electronic cigarettes, and suggested that people immediately stop using related products.