Security Inspection Upgrade of Jinjing Express for Safety

According to the Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Delivery Goods during the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary issued jointly by the State Post Office, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Security Department, the security inspection of express delivery to Beijing has been upgraded in an all-round way since September 15.
“Notice” requires that delivery enterprises should strengthen the safety inspection of delivery items during celebrations, implement the responsibility of the main body of safety management, strictly abide by the regulations prohibiting the delivery of items, and conscientiously implement safety management systems such as receiving and inspecting, real-name receiving and passing security inspection.
Strictly enforce the inspection system of receiving and sending, and refuse to accept and send any articles that are prohibited from sending, which are not safe to confirm, or which the sender refuses to inspect. From September 15 to October 2, 2019, it is strictly forbidden to receive low-altitude, slow-speed small aircraft and spare parts, “remote-controlled mines” and “bomb alarm clock” toys sent to Beijing.
Strict implementation of the real-name receiving and sending system, in addition to letters and express mail sent by users who have signed security agreements, the sending enterprises shall check and register the identity of the sender and the items sent, confirming that the identity of the person’s card is the same, and that the items sent and the registration information are the same before receiving and sending; the sender refuses to produce valid identity documents, and the mail is detailed. If the identity information filled in in the service documents such as the bill of lading and express delivery is inconsistent with the valid identity document presented, or the person’s card is inconsistent, or if the information of the valid identity document is refused to be registered, it shall not be received and mailed.
Strictly enforce the security inspection system for overflights. From September 15 to October 2, 2019, all local mail delivery enterprises must pass the X-ray machine security inspection for the mail express sent to Beijing, and one by one cover or paste the inspection and overflights security labels. The security inspection labels should indicate the security inspection units and provinces. Beijing mail delivery enterprises fully implement the second security inspection of landing and City mail express, and all mail express without passing through security identification shall be returned, and shall not be forwarded or dispatched.
“Notice” emphasizes that citizens, legal persons and other organizations should abide by the provisions on the safety management of sending goods. When sending express mail, they should show their valid identity documents, fill in the details of mail, express delivery documents and other service documents truthfully, and cooperate with the sending enterprises to do a good job in receiving and inspecting the goods, and they should not hand in the prohibited items.
The notification requires that if the postal enterprises fail to strictly implement the security inspection system for express mail, strictly abide by the regulations on the management of prohibited items, and do not strictly check and register the sender’s identity and the items delivered, the postal administrative departments shall, in accordance with the Postal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Anti-terrorism Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Express Service of the People’s Republic of China. The Provisional Regulations and other laws and regulations shall be strictly investigated and dealt with.


Huang Zhifeng visited American Columbia to sing the national anthem at the international students’meeting to protest.

Following his visit to Germany, Huang Zhifeng, Secretary-General of Hong Kong Volunteers, a Hong Kong Independence organization still on bail, fled to the United States in an attempt to seek the “help” of the United States Government and intervene in China’s internal affairs.
Huang Zhifeng and Liang Jiping, a demonstrator who participated in the impact on the Legislative Council, appeared at a symposium at Columbia University in New York on Wednesday, advocating “Hong Kong independence” and singing down Hong Kong. He even tried to urge US President Trump to incorporate “human rights provisions” into “any trade agreement” with China.
At the end of the meeting, two patriotic students suddenly stood up and sang the National Anthem in protest against the “Hong Kong independence” speech.
Conference Video
According to Hong Kong’s “Orange News” on September 14, when Chinese students were singing the national anthem and patriotic songs, applause was also heard in the venue. At this time, Huang Zhifeng did not say a word, only looked down to sort out, and finally left the meeting under the escort of the school.
Reported that when Huang Zhifeng left the scene, there were still twenty or thirty people gathering outside the door with five-star red flags to express their protests and dissatisfaction reasonably. There was no conflict on the scene.
Two foreign students stood up and sang the National Anthem
More than 200 patriots held flags outside the venue to protest, the Singdao Daily reported Wednesday. Nearly 200 Columbian college students have set up the “913 Columbian University Anti-Hong Kong Independence” Wechat Group, hoping to challenge and protest Huang Zhifeng and “Hong Kong Independent” by asking questions on the spot.
Patriots hold up the national flag against “Hong Kong independence” from the “Star Island Daily”
A Chinese student told reporters that some of the Wechat group entered the meeting and tried to question Huang Zhifeng, “Why only mention that the Hong Kong police arrested the protestors, not that the protestors illegally detained, beat up journalists and citizens at the Hong Kong International Airport”, “Why should we engage in”Hong Kong independence”activities in academic places such as CUHK and instigate learning?” Student strikes bring politics to campus, or even to Columbia?”.
Previously, Huang Zhifeng claimed that what he had to do was to tell Hong Kong “concisely and concisely”, to win their “sympathy” and “support”, and to visit and meet foreign politicians to “tell Hong Kong’s story”.
Foreign media reported Wednesday that at the meeting on the same day, Huang Zhifeng also tried to urge US President Trump to incorporate “human rights provisions” into “any trade agreement” with China and to seek the support of the US government for “Hong Kong Democratic Movement”.
He deluded that if China did not intend to safeguard Hong Kong’s economic freedom and open business environment, it would also “affect and harm the global economy”. Although “Hong Kong’s democracy depends on China”, the “Hong Kong’s economy depends on the international community” and “the international community” have a voice in Hong Kong’s future.
Contrary to Huang Zhifeng’s statement, Hong Kong’s economic freedom has been internationally recognized. Hong Kong has been re-rated as the freest economy in the world by the Fischer Institute of Canada in its World Economic Freedom Report 2019. Hong Kong has maintained its top priority since the report was released.
Huang also clamoured that it was crucial to bring the issue of Hong Kong into the negotiations. Hong Kong was faced with the threat of an emergency law similar to the martial law, fearing that China would send troops into Hong Kong.
Hong Kong’s Wen Hui Bao reported on the 14th that Huang Zhifeng and others’recent remarks were condemned by some deputies to the Hong Kong People’s Congress.
Huang Youjia, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong’s citizens opposed “Hong Kong independence”, and that the flow of Huang Zhifeng to other countries to sing down Hong Kong and beg for foreign interference in Hong Kong’s affairs would only complicate Hong Kong’s situation and further intensify social contradictions. “Injuriing Hong Kong and national sovereignty will do Hong Kong and the country any good.” No.
He criticized that Huang Zhifeng repeatedly denied that he had said that “Hong Kong is a part of China”, which can reflect that he has always been a “Hong Kong independence” elements, but has not been so bold in the past, and now he has spoken out. In fact, “Huang Zhifeng” has always put forward the so-called “comprehensive autonomy” in their speech and slogan, which is completely different from the high degree of autonomy, which shows the nature of “Hong Kong independence”.
Lu Ruian, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, criticized that Huang Zhifeng flew around in Western countries, but as a Hong Kong citizen, he was willing to become the “pawn of the horse” of the United States and other countries, which could be said to be a scoundrel. Recently, his slanderous remarks in foreign countries are obviously malicious and malicious, hurting Hong Kong and his own country, “especially when he is still on bail, he still does not converge.”
He believed that foreign politicians should not read and provoke themselves in an attempt to interfere in China’s affairs even though they have little knowledge of Hong Kong’s affairs and “one country, two systems”, and that “one country, two systems” have been well implemented in Hong Kong. This is what we have seen personally and personally.”
Wu Liangxing, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, said frankly that Huang Zhifeng is now on bail to beg for mercy in foreign countries. It is clearly a “traitor” act. It is obviously a traitor and will not be supported. “Some countries may make use of it at some time, but after using it up, for these countries, Huang Zhifeng Such people become disposable garbage.”


The factories involved in spraying green on Sanmenxia Mountain have been ordered to stop production and rectify for trial.

In response, Jinjiang Mining officials said to the media that the non-ferrous liquid system was purchased from Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and its main function was “dust suppression”. According to the person in charge of Zhu’s surname of Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the product is only used for sand fixation and dust suppression, not for “satellite prevention” as the netizens questioned.
On the afternoon of the 12th, Pengmei News contacted the person in charge of Cui surname of Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the product. He told Pengmei News that the principle of the online transmission of “green-sprayed mountain bodies in a mining area of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province” was actually “ordinary dust suppressant plus color paste”, but only in ordinary dust suppressant. The color paste is mixed in, but all of them are vegetable gum. “Spraying can show that it is really doing dust suppression work, giving people a distinctive reminder. Generally in accordance with the ratio of eight thousandths, if it does not appear, appropriate promotion.
Peng Mei News noted that the State Intellectual Property Office announced in March this year that the national invention patent entitled “A Method for the Preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor” approved by Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. showed that the invention disclosed a method for the preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor, which belongs to the field of Dust Suppressor.
The announcement said that the dust suppressant prepared by the invention has the effect of absorbing water, penetrating and binding, and spraying on the road surface after mixing with water. It can not only absorb water molecules in the air, but also quickly form a wet and non-volatile water-retaining film on the road surface, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting dust flying, and quickly form a continuous and complete film. Wind and rain resistance can protect the road surface. The raw materials of dust suppressant are green and degradable, and there is no secondary pollution.
Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the incident, Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was one of its agents, responsible for promoting the dust suppressant of color paste. The cost of common dust suppressant spraying is a few cents, but the cost of color paste is about 1.1 and 1.2 yuan per square meter. Qianshan Wanshui Company took 120,000 yuan of goods from their company, but it was unexpected that it would encounter trouble as soon as it was sold and used.
This person in charge introduced the new product of “Dust Suppressor and Colour Paste”, which was previously identified as non-toxic and harmless, but because of its water-soluble characteristics, fear of rain wash, it usually rains little, heavy rain is more troublesome, so spraying it in dry and rainless places is effective for several years. Generally speaking, the actual effect also needs to consider whether the contact surface is soil or rock and cement, so the rock is more resistant to retention.
According to the official website information of Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the company is mainly engaged in the development and research of high-tech products.


The movie box office score of “Qixian” dropped to 6.1 points after breaking 100 million Douban Points.

According to the official micro-blog of the film Xixian I, the box office of the film Xixian has broken 100 million yuan on its first day of release. The official micro-blog and poster congratulated the event.
On the first day of the show, the box office was over 100 million! Mid-Autumn Festival, people and months reunion, grow up on the road, thank you for your company.
However, the popularity of the film has been declining with the increase of the audience. Up to the time of writing, the film only got 6.1 points after 73 416 reviewers, which was 0.5 points lower than 6.6 points in 19849. Compared with the afternoon, the proportion of 5 stars decreased significantly, while the proportion of 2 stars and 3 stars increased significantly.


The woman thought that 14.336 million people patted Bentley, resulting in 14.36 million transactions.

On-line bidding for vehicles, originally thought to buy a car for 1.436 million yuan, but due to their own mistakes, it was concluded with 14.36 million hammers, including commission, the bidder ultimately had to pay more than 15 million yuan.
This wonderful thing happened in Guangxi. Now bidders have destroyed their bids and are facing the dilemma of withholding a deposit of 300,000 yuan.
Second-hand Bentley jumped to more than 14 million yuan.
Or because of “skating”
The online auction took place in Beijing on August 5 this year. The object of the auction was a second-hand Bentley car. The starting price of the car was 860,000 yuan. The Nanning Customs commissioned Guangxi Public Auction Company Limited for auction.
The car was filmed from 8 a.m. on August 5 and ended at 21 a.m. on that day, with a total of 159 bids recorded.
Why would a brand new Bentley not exceed 6 million yuan be bidded to more than 14 million yuan? The reporter inquired about the car’s bidding records and found that the 139th bid for the car was “1403000 yuan”, and the 140th bid was “14300000” by another bidder.
Some second-hand car dealers who have bid for cars on the Internet for many times speculate that the bidder for the 140th bid should want to bid for 1430000, possibly adding an extra 0 to the hand-skating bid. As a result, the bidding price of the vehicles has been raised from 1.433 million yuan to 14.3 million yuan.
Strangely enough, after the price hiked to 14.3 million yuan, several subsequent bidders did not find that the car finally closed at 14.36 million yuan.
Bidders have to pay more than 15 million yuan!
According to reports, the car was auctioned twice. The first auction started at about 151,000 yuan. As a result, the car went on sale. On August 5, it was the second auction.
The “bidding instructions” for the vehicle have made it clear that the auction commission is not included in the starting and closing price of the auction. Besides the transaction price, the buyer also has to pay the auction commission at 5% of the transaction price.
In this way, the bidder will also have to pay a commission of 718,000 yuan and a total of 15,578,000 yuan.
The reporter inquired and learned that Article 39 of the Auction Law stipulates that the buyer should pay the price of the auction target in accordance with the agreement, and if he fails to pay the price in accordance with the agreement, he shall be liable for breach of contract.
If the auction target is re-auctioned, the original buyer shall pay the commission payable by himself and the trustee in the first auction. If the price of a second auction is lower than the original auction price, the original buyer shall make up the difference.
The bidder has destroyed the bid
A deposit of 300,000 yuan will go down the drain.
It is understood that the sky-high bidder is a woman surnamed Li from Guangdong, and she is not the 140 th bidder to raise the car price from 1.43 million to 14.3 million. At present, Ms. Li has destroyed the film, and her deposit of 300,000 yuan will not be refunded.
According to the person concerned who was entrusted with the auction of the car, Ms. Li has sued the court of a city in Nanning on the grounds of “major mistakes in the auction process”.


The reason why Hello’s trip was officially called technical by App Store

In the afternoon of September 11, Harold’s trip to App was taken off the shelf at Apple App Store. Officials said it was a technical reason. Communication is expected to resume soon.
Today, the media found that Harold App could not be found in Apple’s App Store and was suspected to be off the shelf, but the search was normal in Android App Store.
It has been speculated that media reports have previously reported that the majority of passengers photographed by a Hello downwind driver are female passengers, and the video is uploaded to the short video platform. Getting off the shelf or related to it.
Hello travel said that the technical reasons for the Off-Shelf is closely communicating, and is expected to recover soon. Apple has downloaded users and all other channels are unaffected.
For the specific reasons for the off-shelf, internal sources of Hello revealed that there was a hot update in the past version. Other Apps have recently been removed from Apple’s shelves on the grounds of hot updates, and can be restarted after the company resubmits for review.


Argentina wins Serbia, the biggest enemy of the United States

He has become more and more fierce in the basketball World Cup. Argentina wins Serbia in the quarter-finals. It is very unexpected that the biggest enemy in the United States is so cold!
Before the game, Serbia was the biggest favourite in the World Cup. It ranked first in the FIBA’s strength list, and the group stage played an amazing offensive and defensive dominance. This team wants to have Jokic and Bogdanovic, and the whole team has to be deep and deep.

In the face of such a Serbia, even the United States team with excellent overall strength will be dwarfed. But it is such a strong Serbia, lost to the 39-year-old veteran Scola led by Argentina, is definitely a big upset.
In the warm-up match of the World Cup, Serbia has produced an amazing dominance, arbitrarily swaying its terrible talent and depth. After the start of the World Cup, the Serbian group match was even more powerful, playing the most dominant and most gorgeous overall basketball.

Serbia’s group match 105-59 victory over Angola 46 points, 126-67 wins the Philippines 59 points, 95-77 wins Italy 18 points. At this time, Serbia is the team with the strongest momentum. It seems that the World Cup champion has already been booked.

After the start of the semi-finals, Serbia’s first game was very smooth, but it was quickly taken by Spain and the World Cup first defeat. Serbia did not learn from the game lost to Spain. They are still slow in the game against Argentina and pay a price for it.


What happened in London?

London broke out again in London

On Saturday (7th), hundreds of “Anti-European” organizations and people marched in various landmark buildings in London. Among them, Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s official residence is located, became one of the main battlefields of the protest. The people gathered on Downing Street. In the hand, there are slogans such as “welcome immigrants” and “opposition (Johnson) coup.”
However, in the process of gathering, the “League” organized by the “Democratic Youth Football League” (DFLA) supported the parade. The “Democratic Youth Football League” is an organization formed in 2017. According to The Times, the organization has extensive contacts with the extreme right-wing movement. The Premier League has warned the club that “the organization is using fans and stadiums to promote the anti-Muslim agenda.” .
According to “Russia Today”, the “Democratic Youth Football League” approached the parade and yelled at them. Then they threw a can to the crowd supporting the “Brexit”, which officially opened the conflict between the two sides. And attracted the intervention of the police.
The Huffington Post reported that in order to prevent conflicts between the two sides, the police deployed a large number of police forces on the scene to form a wall of people, separating the two groups of people. After the official start of the parade, the police also sent a large number of personnel to surround the parade, and from time to time confronted the anti-parade.


Late Night K Song Update of Liu Xiang’s Ex-wife

Speaking of Liu Xiang, I believe that we are all familiar with him. When he was brilliant, he could be said to be the pride of Asia. But recently, it suddenly spread the news of “Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song”, and for a time netizens had a lot of comments. So what’s the reason for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song? Let’s take a look.
Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
On September 8, a recent photograph of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife Ge Tian was taken by the media. After her flash marriage and divorce, Ge Tian had no new love. Recently, she appeared late at night to have dinner with her friends. After the dinner, she was sitting alone in the street, looking lonely, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.
Ge Tian was black look, long hair, low-key and lazy that night. Although she was not outstanding in the Performing Arts circle, her temperament and figure were very good. She walked on the street side by side with a female friend and looked at the relationship very well.
Although it is late, it can still be seen that Ge Tian made up a very delicate look that day, especially the big red lips are very eye-catching. Looking at the face of melon seeds from the side, it seems beautiful after divorce!
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After dinner, Ge Tian did not leave in a hurry, but stood at the door of the shop and chatted. He stood in the crowd, tall and distinguished, and was very glamorous.
After Ge Tian made a phone call, he got into the car, but the party did not end there. He drove to a KTV and a group of people continued to revel.
After the K song, Ge Tian appeared again, her face was flushed and slightly worn. Her long hair had already been laid down and scattered at will. She was sitting alone on the roadside, looking very lonely, and then she stood up with a silent sigh.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Ge Tian and Liu Xiang fell in love in 2014 and got married quickly. After the marriage, Ge Tian also made fun of how he didn’t know he was going to get married. When interacting with netizens, he said he would join hands with Liu Xiang to get old.
However, in May of the same year, Liu Xiang held a retirement ceremony at 80,000 stadiums in Shanghai. Ge Tian did not show up. On June 25, Liu admitted on Weibo that he had divorced Ge Tian and ended the marriage of less than a year.
Now Ge Tian, who has been divorced for four years, is drunk at night on KTV and sits alone on the roadside. She looks very lonely. Maybe she also wants to have dinner and drink with her friends. It’s her lover, not the driver, who is waiting for her.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Reasons for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
Speaking of Olympic champion Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone is very familiar with him. As an “Asian flying man”, I believe that Liu Xiang’s achievements have been well-known in the history of spectators and Chinese sports. However, in terms of emotion, Liu Xiang has had two emotions, and the first emotional entanglement with actress Ge Tian is more deeply remembered.
Before marrying Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone should be very unfamiliar with the name Ge Tian. The fame in the circle is only a 4th and 5th line actress. However, after the exposure of his love with Liu Xiang, Ge Tian was more familiar with the public, and his fame and popularity flew with each other.
It is reported that Ge Tian and Liu Xiang met at a gathering of friends. At that time, Liu Xiang was troubled by injuries and was at a low point in his life. At that time, just like a sunshine, Ge Tian was shining on Liu Xiang in the haze. With the frequent interaction between Ge Tian and Liu Xiang, the relationship between them quickly warmed up, and then in 2012 they decided on a love relationship.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Then they entered the marriage hall happily, but after marriage, they were often heard of disagreement. Until June 25, 2015, Liu Xiang Weibo announced their divorce from Ge Tian. The reason for their divorce was personality discord. From marriage to divorce, Ge Tian and Liu Xiang’s marriage lasted only 227 days, and the two people who had been divorced by flash marriage did not. Don’t make people feel sad.
Now that they have divorced for three years, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha are living happily, but Ge Tian’s situation is distressing. After his divorce from Liu Xiang, Ge Tian put all his thoughts on his acting career. There has been no new love affair in his heart. He is single. On September 8, a media friend exposed a group of pictures of Ge Tian sitting alone on the street with a lonely look, which attracted public attention.
Ge Tian, who appeared late that night, attended a dinner party hosted by his friends. He was wearing a tight black dress in front of the camera that day. His figure was vivid and convex. His long black hair was high behind his head. His delicate face and three-dimensional features were particularly prominent.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
The day Ge Tian dressed up, will be delicate makeup, although it is already late at night, and the lights are dim, but even in this case, Ge Tian’s big red lips in the late night crowd is still dazzling. Ge Tian, who seldom gathered with his friends, was also very excited on that day. He was directly shoulder to shoulder with his friends. As if he were a big man, he could see the deep friendship between them.
After a group of friends gathered for dinner, the public was still in the mood, and then turned to KTV to continue the late night carnival. Ge Tian stood on the street and chatted with his friends during the waiting time of KTV. Although Ge Tian was not very tall among the female stars in the circle, he seemed to stand out from the crowd among the ordinary people. His tall figure and exquisite facial features were definitely the most beautiful children in the evening’s friends’gathering.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After the K song, all the friends left and found themselves alone.


Zhang Zetian Abandoned Entrance Qualification

On September 6, Zhang Zetian took pictures of the University of Political Science in Paris and wrote: “I got an offer, but I didn’t go to the school in the end… It’s still my favorite school, and I’m sure to learn when I have the chance.” He renounced his admission to the University of Political Science in Paris.
In the middle of last month, some netizens reported that they had seen Zhang Zetian’s student ID card at Cambridge University and suspected that Zhang Zetian went to Cambridge University for further study. Later, Zhang Zetian, a sister of Dairy Tea, paid close attention to three Cambridge University accounts, Cambridge_mba and kings. college.
In addition, some netizens said recently that they met Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian in Switzerland, and that they had a good feeling of laughing and talking. It seems that the Zhang Zetian family of Liu Qiangdong is traveling around Europe.