Yuanmingyuan horse head home

November 13 – on November 13, the donation ceremony of horse head bronze statue of Yuanmingyuan was held in the National Museum. In 1860, the Old Summer Palace was looted and burned by the British and French forces, and 12 bronze statues with animal heads were lost overseas. Up to now, seven animal heads, such as rat head, rabbit head and horse head, have returned. In 2018, a product suspected of losing dragon’s head appeared on the set; the whereabouts of snake head, sheep head, chicken head and dog head are still unknown ​​​​

Bangladeshi train collision

At least 14 people were killed and 40 injured when two trains collided in Eastern Bangladesh earlier Thursday, Reuters reported.
At 3 a.m., a train bound for the port city of Chittagong collided with another train bound for the capital Dhaka in the northeastern city of bramanbaria.
Khan, who was in charge of the scene of the accident, told Reuters by telephone that the collision caused serious damage to several carriages of two trains.
“So far, 14 bodies have been found,” Khan said. He said the death toll could rise as the search begins.
“More than 40 injured people have been hospitalized, some of them in critical condition,” Khan added. “
At present, the cause of the accident is not clear.

The girl’s eyes were covered with paper.

Ms. Li’s heart was broken when her daughter suffered such a big crime.
School President Wang admitted that on September 28, three children did put paper in Ms. Li’s daughter’s eyes.
How much hatred is it? How many children in grade two can bear to put paper in their classmates’ eyes?
The most painful thing for Ms. Li is that at present, her daughter’s eyesight is seriously reduced. Will her children’s eyesight further deteriorate in the future? How much paper is left in your eyes? All this is unknown.
At a young age, he was so hard hearted and made incredible moves!
I also hope that my family will do more psychological counseling in time to let my children get out of the shadow as soon as possible.

70 year old Wenger abdominal muscles

70 year old people, still have six clear abdominal muscles, what level is this? This is a level that you can’t accept!
On the beach in Dubai, the 70 year old Wenger let people know his figure. Some fans recognized the professor and took photos with him. The kind Wenger came to take photos with the fans. Photos posted on the Internet, people marvel that the professor’s six abdominal muscles are not inferior to the young man!
After taking photos with the fans, Wenger continued to relax on the beach. He was seen relaxing in a reclining chair and reading a book. It seems that the professor enjoyed his leisure time and was not disturbed by the rumours of Bayern Munich.

Ma Yun talks about Huichuang Ali

In November 8th, according to foreign media reports, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba group, attended the sixth Kiev International Economic Forum and said he regretted creating Ali.
“If you give yourself another chance, you will try not to make the company so big,” Ma said. But it’s growing so fast that I can only try to make it a big and good company. I thought about stopping, but later I found that I couldn’t stop at all. “
“When I was a small man, I thought that if I became a big boss, I would smoke cigars, watch movies and do business simply. But now the company is really bigger, but I am busier and need to deal with more problems. “
Ma Yun said frankly that if you want to enjoy it in a small company, a large company doesn’t mean you have more money, but you have to shoulder more responsibilities. I do regret it, but many people just don’t want to admit it. Everyone tries to say what others want to hear. But as entrepreneurs, if you want to be a consultant mentor, please tell them that life is not easy.
In fact, it’s not the first time for Ma Yun to regret creating Alibaba in public. Now, Ma Yun has retired to do something he prefers and loves more.

Beijing Fangshan restaurant deflagration

At about 11:30 a.m. on November 6, a restaurant in Liangxiang, Fangshan District burst out with liquefied gas. According to a person familiar with the incident, the restaurant’s liquefied gas leak, encountered an open fire, triggered a “flash explosion”, but did not cause a fire. Two to three people were injured in the accident and immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

Wang Jianlin’s wealth shrank

On November 7, Forbes Chinese released the 2019 China rich list. Ma Yun (270.11 billion) topped the list, followed by Ma Huateng (254.55 billion) and Xu Jiayin (19.56 billion). However, we found that there was a familiar name, which seems to disappear in general, that is Wang Jianlin, the boss of Wanda Group. There is no name for Wang Jianlin in the top ten. This time, Wang Jianlin ranked 14th with a wealth of 88.39 billion.
As you know, Wang Jianlin once topped the rich list before, but now he is so far behind, falling from 156.63 billion last year to 88.39 billion, a total decrease of nearly 68.2 billion, almost half of the original. In the early years, Wanda Group, as a giant in real estate and film industry in China, has come to this point step by step, which is also lamentable.
In addition, a series of recent events of Wang Sicong also make us think: what’s the matter with Wanda Group? Is it related to Wang Jianlin’s decline in wealth value that the 500 million shares of “price capital” under Wang Sicong’s name were frozen and listed as executors? Indeed, over the years, we can see that Wanda Group continues to decline, many cinemas are closed, and Wanda Plaza is also inaccessible, almost no one has visited.
In an interview before, Wang Jianlin once said that he would retire if he achieved 100 billion yuan, but he didn’t expect to achieve 100 billion yuan so soon. Later, he said that he would retire by 2020. Now it’s more than a month before 2020. It’s time for Wang Jianlin to retire, but his wealth has fallen by 100 billion. I wonder if he will change his mind again this time.

RMB breaks 7.00

With the announcement by the European Central Bank on Thursday of a 10 basis point cut to – 0.50%, the RMB exchange rate surged by more than 500 points, breaking the 7.08 level, and continued to rise by more than 300 points on Friday, breaking the 7.04 level. The next step is to target the 7.00 level against the U.S. dollar. It seems that it will recover 7.00 soon and return to the era of six again, but this is only the normal fluctuation of the exchange rate market. Although the strength of the RMB is clearly seen, it is It will not break the 7.00 level for the time being, but will fluctuate around the 7.00 width.
This time, the European Central Bank not only announced to cut interest rates, but also announced to restart the QE policy. It bought 20 billion euros of bonds every month, and continued to release liquidity to the market. It also lowered its economic growth expectations for this year and next years. The difficulty of the euro area economy is obvious. In fact, not only Europe, but also the United States are not there. Trump urged the Federal Reserve to reduce the interest rate to 0, which is obviously what the European Central Bank has seen Negative interest rate means that even if the United States does not adopt negative interest rate, it should also implement zero interest rate. Once it had full confidence in the U.S. economy, it did not know where to go. It actually wanted to save the U.S. economy with zero interest rate.
From a global perspective, many central banks have cut interest rates, while China has implemented a comprehensive and targeted reduction of interest rates together, which is also a significant release of liquidity. However, China’s benchmark interest rate is still maintained at 1.75%, which belongs to the level of conventional interest rates. Obviously, China’s economy is more resilient, and there is more room for monetary policy. China has more tools to ensure that the economy operates reasonably In order to speed up the economic transformation and upgrading, China’s economy is more stable and flexible compared with other countries. This is also reflected in the exchange rate. Although the RMB broke seven pieces of exclamations and the United States also listed China as a currency manipulator, China was not moved. This sharp rise in the RMB exchange rate shows that the RMB is still a strong currency.
As for the fluctuation of RMB, at present, it will not be interpreted in depth after breaking 7. That is to say, RMB will fluctuate in the range near 7.00. In a short time, although there is a great momentum to recover 7.00, it will fluctuate above 7.00 for the time being. There is no great incentive to recover 7.00 quickly. Since it has already broken 7, it will fully digest the short position Factors, complete a long time of circuitous fluctuation above 7.00, even do not exclude the deep deduction in the direction of 7.30.
RMB is a strong currency, which has been clearly seen all over the world. The wide fluctuation of RMB is also clearly seen all over the world. RMB is becoming a mature currency in the global foreign exchange market, with balanced fluctuation in a wide space. Therefore, when the RMB falls sharply in a short term, it does not cause capital outflow. On the contrary, China’s attracting foreign investment continues to grow, which is in the official public interest According to the data of the first eight months, the world’s expectation of wide fluctuation of RMB has not aroused the anxiety and uneasiness of global appreciation or devaluation of RMB. Global investors are still optimistic about RMB for a long time, and continue to flow into China’s financial market, and invest heavily in bonds and stocks, which has become an irreversible historical trend.
As RMB bonds are included in the international index, China’s stocks and bonds are favored by international investment institutions. China’s treasury bonds are particularly popular. Many foreign investors buy a lot of China’s treasury bonds, and China’s stock market and bond market open to the outside world at a faster speed. China’s foreign exchange administration has announced that it has liberalized the quota limit of QFII and rqfii, which means that foreign investors have bought China’s stocks and bonds There is no scale restriction, the opening door of China’s stock market and bond market is completely opened, and China’s stock market and bond market has become a truly global stock market and bond market.
These bold and forward-looking decision-making measures constitute an important long-term support for the RMB. The RMB exchange rate is no longer distinguished by appreciation and depreciation, but defined by wide fluctuations. The RMB asset position held by global investors has also been included in the category of long-term asset allocation. The short-term fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate has not become an obstacle to the global capital flow into China RMB assets have become an important global asset, and the era of RMB has officially come.
Although the RMB will not recover the 7.00 pass in the short term, it is bound to maintain the expectation of stable appreciation in the medium and long term. Recovering the 7.00 pass is only a technical problem, and there is no big obstacle. This requires the foreign exchange market to recover the 7.00 pass through full game and long-term trading practice. Finally, in the wide oscillation, the RMB will not only recover the 7.00 pass, but also continue to do so Move in a stronger direction.

20 fugitives wanted by the Ministry of public security

On November 4, the Ministry of Public Security issued A-level wanted order, which publicly wanted 20 major criminals. The list is as follows——
Recently, the public security organs in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan and other places are investigating and handling a number of major black and evil crimes. The suspects are Gao Fuxin, Jia Weiwei, Chen Fuhua, Ma Xiaomin, Zhang Tonggang, Lin Jianchen, Wang Haitao, sun Baijiang, Yang Wei, Liu Zhenwei Liao Faye, Su Wei, Jiao Xiaolin, Mou Zhenyu, Yu Fanxiang, Zhou Yingjie, Li Xinjian, Zhang Licang, Ou Xingyun and Tang Yulin are now fleeing.

  1. Gao Fuxin, male, Hui nationality, born on March 3, 1973, about 170 cm tall, Mandarin speaking, registered in 902, unit 5, building 3, No. 73, Beisihuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, ID card No.: 1102281973030018.
  2. Jia Weiwei, nicknamed “Lao Wei”, female, Han nationality, was born on January 24, 1987. Her domicile is Room 201, unit 1, building 18, Jiazhuang village, Qiaoxi District, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. Her ID card number is 130503198701242726.
  3. Chen Fuhua, female, Han nationality, born on August 12, 1980, registered in No. 1102, unit 2, block a, No. 7, hanximen street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, ID card No.: 142327198008125824.
  4. Ma Xiaomin, male, Han nationality, was born on May 29, 1963, with a height of about 183cm. His registered address is Zhaocun, Longju Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. His ID card number is 142701196305292177.
  5. Zhang Tonggang, male, Han nationality, born on April 8, 1979, domicile: room 402, building 12, oufenglijing community, Kundulun District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, ID card No.: 15020719790408119.
  6. Lin Jianchen, male, Han nationality, born on October 30, 1988, with a height of about 172 cm, registered in No. 3, Lane 6, South Jiangbin Road, Fuding City, Fujian Province, ID card No.: 352203198810300514.
  7. Wang Haitao, male, Han nationality, born on April 4, 1972, with a height of about 172cm, square face, sparse hair (bald or bald), moderate posture, Jilin accent, registered address: No. 4-6-128, Cainan community, Chuanying District, Jilin City, Jilin Province, ID card No.: 220204197204404331x.
  8. Sun Baijiang, male, Han nationality, born on February 1, 1969, about 185cm tall, round face, fat body, Jilin accent, domicile: Group 4, 4th committee, Baishan street, Songjianghe Town, Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province, ID card No.: 220621196902010236.
  9. Yang Wei, male, Han nationality, born on August 11, 1983, about 180cm tall, square face, medium posture, Hubei accent, domicile: No.59, group 9, Xinhua Village, old town, Songzi City, Hubei Province, ID card No.: 42108719830811234.
  10. Liu Zhenwei, male, Han nationality, was born on January 8, 1991, with a height of about 175 cm and a fat body. He has an accent of Bengbu in Anhui Province. His registered address is No. 10, Dongliu group, xinchengkou village, Macheng Town, Yuhui District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province. His ID card number is 340321199101081493.
  11. Liao Fufang, male, Han nationality, born on December 15, 1989, registered in Hongcun community, Qianjin village, Houxi Town, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, ID card No.: 35021119891215315.
  12. Su Wei, male, Yi nationality, born on July 16, 1988, domicile: Gaofeng group, Guodi village, Xueshan Town, Weining Yi and Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province, ID card No.: 522427198807163014.
  13. Jiao Xiaolin, male, Han nationality, born on February 10, 1977, 170 cm tall, medium height, yellow eyes, Henan Hebi accent, registered address: No.14 Xiangyang Street, Dongtou village, Hebi Town, Heshan District, Hebi City, Henan Province, ID card No.: 41061197702100015.
  14. Mou Zhenyu, male, Tujia nationality, born on July 16, 1976, registered in room 1003, 39 Heping South Street, office of duting street, Lichuan City, Hubei Province, ID card No.: 422802197607165433.
  15. Yu Fanxiang, male, Han nationality, born on November 13, 1980, registered permanent residence: No. 182, Lieshan Avenue, Dongcheng office, Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, ID card No.: 421302198011130893.
  16. Zhou Yingjie, male, Han nationality, born on September 2, 1982, domicile: No.37, Chang’an Middle Road, Qiaotou community neighborhood committee, Wulipai sub district office, Linxiang City, Hunan Province, ID card No.: 4306821920902517.
  17. Li Xinjian, male, Han nationality, born on January 19, 1973, with a height of about 167 cm, registered in No. 515 houlizhuang, Cuizhuang village, Fengqiao Township, Suiyang District, Shangqiu City, Henan Province, ID card No.: 41232197301198431.
  18. Zhang Lichuang, male, Han nationality, born on December 8, 1985, registered permanent residence: No.11, Wenguang village group, shangkeng village committee, feng’an Town, Zijin County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, ID card No.: 441621198512084839.
  19. Ou Xingyun, male, Han nationality, born on February 13, 1984, domicile: No.23, Gaotang village, Changpo Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, ID card No.: 460002198402134111.
  20. Tangyulin, formerly known as Tang Weishan, male, Han nationality, was born on October 1, 1990, registered in No. 732, Shutai village, zengkou Town, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, with ID card No. 513701199010011757.
    Please the masses of the people actively report to the public security organ after finding the clues of the above fugitives. For the personnel who provide effective clues and play a key role in the arresting work, the Ministry of public security will give a reward of 50000 yuan to each person who is arrested at large.
    In order to implement the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, punish criminal acts according to law, maintain social stability, protect the safety of people’s lives and property, and also give the fugitives the opportunity to reform and strive for leniency, recently, under the unified deployment of the national anti crime Office